Women’s Health Men’s Health Eclipse Bluetooth Indoor Bike Review

If you are looking to invest in an affordable yet bona fide indoor cycling bike, consider giving the Women’s Health Men’s Health indoor bike a shot. Since its launch in 2020 by Women’s Health Men’s Health fitness brand, the magnetic bike has met and is still meeting customer satisfaction and applause, with the majority of customer reviews attesting to its remarkable build quality and overall functionality. The fact that you can get this spinning bike at a price of less than $600 on Amazon is simply astounding ─ who would have thought that an affordable bike can harbor this much value!

From its bulky (89.5 pounds) weight, you can tell that the manufacturers dedicated ample resources and efforts to its construction. This weight, however, may pose a bit of a problem when transporting the bike from the point of delivery to its permanent location. On a good note, its easy-as-pie assembly and porting wheels make up for the minor transportation inconvenience. Plus, the included comprehensive instruction manual makes sure you get every step right. Women’s Health Men’s Health expresses a ton of confidence in their bike, as shown by the solid warranty ─ 5 years on frame and 3 years on all parts, including electronics and seat. Depending on location, Amazon may ship the WHMH indoor bike for free or at a discounted rate.

Read our Women’s Health Men’s Health eclipse bike review to gain an eye-opening insight into the technicalities and features of this brilliant stationary bike!

Women’s Health Men’s Health Eclipse Bluetooth Spin Bike Review and Technical Information

Cycle Specifications:

  • Q-factor: N/A
  • Pedals: Adjustable toe cages
  • Flywheel: 17.6 lbs
  • Resistance: 14-level magnetic resistance
  • Transmission: Poly-v belt
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Height capacity: 5’0”-6’4”
  • Bike weight: 89.5 lbs
  • Bike dimensions: 42.5’ L × 7.9” W × 32.7” H
  • Monitor: N/A
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Applications: MyCloudFitness
  • RPM Tracking: Yes
  • Watt Tracking: Yes

Bike Monitor

The Women’s Health Men’s Health indoor bike tracks your workout statistics and provides many fitness programs without a screen. Confused? Don’t be. What we mean is that the cycle does not have the standard LCD screen for spin bikes or a modern touchscreen monitor; instead, it is equipped with an in-built Bluetooth module that pairs with a wide range of smartphones and tablets via the MyCloudFitness app (hence, the name “Eclipse Bluetooth” indoor cycling bike)

The MyCloudFitness app is undoubtedly the be-all and end-all of the WHMH spin bike’s monitor-oriented capabilities. It doubles as a tracking and performance app. The best part is you can access the app with or without a subscription; users can choose either the free (Basic) version or the subscription-based (Premium) version. With the basic model, you can pre-set time, distance, and calorie goals for your workouts. It gives a detailed report of your workout history and performance results at the end of each workout session.

The premium version, like the basic version, tracks all workout statistics, including watts and cadence. But guess what? It does so much more than track your performance progress! It is a super-intelligent app technology loaded with premium fitness features, including instructor-led coaching classes and breathtaking virtual world tours (that take your ride from “blah” to “oh my gosh”). And no two workout sessions are the same; users are treated to a variety of engaging content every month. You are also allowed to test-drive the premium features for 30 days to see if it is worth the extra cost (be warned: there is an 80% risk of getting addicted). One last thing, the WHMH spinning bike has this cute “tech” feature called smart knob technology that automatically changes your speed, distance, calories, and watts to complement the resistance level you are riding on.

Resistance and Transmission

The WMHM indoor cycling bike features magnetic resistance that will leave you more pleased than dissatisfied. For transmission, a high-quality poly-v belt does the job perfectly. The magnetic resistance coupled with belt-driven transmission makes an enjoyable, hitch-free, and super-silent ride. You can decide to use the spin bike in the middle of the night, and no one will tender a noise complaint. This combined feature also means you spend less money and time on maintenance.

Unlike most magnetic bikes, the WHMH spin bike offers multi-resistance levels (14) with enough challenge to produce a pool of sweat. It is so challenging that some users find it uncomfortable. The first few levels present minimum difficulty and are best-suited for beginners and warm-up pre-exercise activities. The mid-range settings jack the difficulty level to moderate, while the numbers 12-14 will pump your muscles and heart rate to the extreme. As such, only seasoned cyclists or challenge-fanatics are advised to use these settings. It is worth noting that you cannot make automatic adjustments to the resistance level.

In cases where you pedal beyond your standard speed limit, you can stop the bike by using the magnetic brake. The brake is fixed to the resistance dial at the bike’s front frame, with shield covers protecting it. Turning the knob causes the brake to cover a more significant portion of the flywheel, resulting in increased pedaling difficulty.

Pedals, Q-factor and Flywheel

It is no secret that optimum pedal fabrication is crucial to maintaining the proper body ergonomics and prevents injuries to the knees and hip. That said, The WHMH indoor bike’s pedal configuration is quite impressive. The crankset is made up of industrial steel arms and oversized aluminum alloy pedals. The pedals are equipped with standard adjustable toe cages that can adapt to different foot sizes.

However, the pedals lack SPD cleats for spin shoes. This may or may not constitute a problem, depending on your pedaling preference. Whatever the case, you can ditch the original pedals for SPD-friendly shoes as the WHMH pedal threads are a standard 9/16″ which offers many replaceable options of SPD spin bike pedals. Unfortunately, the bike’s Q-factor (the length between the pedals) is not specified, but we’d presume it is relatively narrow and ergonomically correct.

In the flywheel department, the WHMH indoor bike stacks up reasonably well. Its flywheel weighs 17.6 lbs (which is a little average according to the 20-pounds industry benchmark for flywheels). To enhance inertia, it is perimeter-weighted. We love that the flywheel is beautifully constructed with a chrome finish and protected by ABS covers.

Specification and Accessories

Construction-wise, the WHMH spinning bike ranks solid. Its triangular frame comprises steel which equals enhanced sturdiness and durability. The quality craftsmanship justifies its specified 300-pounds maximum weight capacity. The bike can effectively support users within that weight range without a hitch. You shouldn’t be bothered about space, because frankly, the bike doesn’t consume much space. Its dimensions are; 42.5’ L × 7.9” W × 32.7” H.

The WHMH spin bike seat is larger and more comfortable than a traditional race or spin seat. It is furnished with thick Polyurethane foam with a groove in the middle ─ making it highly-breathable. Its seat can be adjusted in four different directions in tune with user-preference; up and down, front and back. As a result, the WHMH exercise bike can accommodate users that are about 5’0-6’4 tall.

The bike also integrates two-way adjustable, multi-gripped handlebars that allow users to maintain different grips like climbing grip, race grip, and standard grips. On the downside, it does not integrate pulse grip sensors. The two significant accessories on the WHMH indoor bike are a tablet holder and bottle holder. The tablet holder stands in as the bike’s monitor, and it is height and angle adjustable ─ for good visibility. The bottle holder is just like any other bottle holder, but some users complain it is too small (you want to note this).

Women’s Health Men’s Health Pros

  • Users can access many workout programs, scenic tours, and seamless performance tracking on the MyCloudFitness app.
  • It is well-built with steel and aluminum materials and can support a 300-pound maximum weight capacity.
  • The seat is ergonomically designed with four adjustability settings that maximize user comfort and riding experience.
  • The handlebars are padded, multi-gripped, and offer two adjustability settings.
  • Combines magnetic resistance technology and a belt train drive to deliver a friction-free, noiseless, and fluid motion
  • Pedals are made of durable aluminum alloy with toe cages that secure the feet on the pedals.
  • Its assembly is relatively easy and time-saving.
  • It is equipped with intelligent knob technology that analyzes workout metrics in line with the user’s resistance levels and RPM.
  • Offers 14-levels of intense resistance for the maximum workout challenge
  • It is furnished with a tablet and bottle holder to enhance app usability and workout hydration.

Women’s Health Men’s Health Cons

  • Does not include pre-set workout programs and a bike monitor
  • Does not integrate pulse sensors which place heart rate tracking at a disadvantage.

Final Verdict

The women’s Health, Men’s Health eclipse Bluetooth indoor cycling bike is a fully optimized indoor bike with a stellar specification sheet. It is a cost-effective, value-packed spin bike that helps users meet their defined goals. Its overall engineering borders on quality and precise attention to detail, further reinforced by a strong warranty. Its rock-solid build can accommodate users that fall within a 300-pound weight limit ─ which is a wide span.

Both beginners and experienced cyclists can use this bike without any qualm; its high-tension, 14-level magnetic resistance is more than sufficient. Although it is devoid of a conventional bike monitor and onboard programs, it syncs perfectly to MyCloudFitness app with or without a subscription fee. The app has all the functions of a built-in monitor and much more, so you will likely not miss having a console.

With this review, you can gauge the Women’s Health, Men’s Health indoor cycling bike’s suitability to your needs and preferences.

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