Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle Review And Specs

The Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle brings the power and precision of German innovation to the spin experience. With a performance that works as hard as its design does, the latest development in the technology of exercise bikes streamlines the spin experience and adds innovation after innovation into its design process to create one of the best spin bikes on the UK market. The Sportstech Elite SX600 spin cycle offers a spinning experience unlike any other all from the comfort of your own home. The Sportstech Elite SX600 promises powerful ride after powerful ride that will take your fitness goals to the next level.

The Sportstech Elite SX600 indoor spin bike appeals to almost every level of spinner due to its personalized intensity and powerfully ergonomic spin design, in addition to its high-tech digital offerings and app integration that will let you keep up with any class or workout from home. Spinners from far and wide will be drawn to the sturdy yet portable build of this bike that offers a heavy-duty and long-lasting performance no matter where it’s located in your home. Having a gym-quality spin bike in your home is not only a huge convenience but also a major motivational tool that can make your fitness goals feel more achievable than ever, something that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your workout. Unfortunately, studio-quality bikes usually mean higher prices – the Sportstech Elite SX600 has a price of £1,100, definitely on the higher end of home spin bikes.

Beyond its technology-centered innovations and reliable build, the physical performance of the Sportstech Elite SX600 indoor cycle is at the top of its class. Built with a heavy 57-pound balanced flywheel that integrates flawlessly with the electromagnetic resistance while maintaining the famous inertia of the Sportstech series, this cycle provides an effortless drive and intense spin for maximum workout efficiency. The quiet and low maintenance belt drive ensures a smooth and hard-working ride without any jolts or issues, integrating both high-powered resistance and energy into your workout. Both beginner and experienced spinners will fall in love with this top-notch bike that brings the art of indoor spinning to new levels.

Built with a sturdy aluminum frame that supports riders as they stand and sit astride the Sportstech Elite SX600, as well as a powerful transmission drive and thirty-two stage electric magnetic brake system, the Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle is nothing short of an innovative masterpiece. The trustworthy transmission belt and resistance system drives load-bearing yet smooth pedaling, pairing well with the ergonomic saddle and comfort designed pedals to create a maximum workout that puts minimum strain on your body. Powerful and aesthetically pleasing, the Sportstech Elite SX600 measures 64″ L x 24″ W x 59” H, making it a bold and striking addition to any workout space.

Sportstech Elite SX600 Spin Bike Review and Technical Information

Cycle Specifications:

  • Width: 24”
  • Length: 64″
  • Height: 59”
  • Bike Weight: 167 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 400 Pounds
  • UserCompatible Size Range: 5’0” to 6’6”
  • Transportation Wheels

7” Android Console:

The Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle features one of the best computer consoles on the market that’s built right into your bike for maximum efficiency and workout feedback. The electronic console powers on through a simple plug and grants you access to a world of new support and tools to make your workout better than ever. Experience home fitness in an even more innovative way through direct technology-enhanced tools, including integration with Kinomap and other route simulations. The console also provides integrated competition modes and a heart rate tracking mode that connects automatically with the included pulse belt. Data from the bike’s pulse sensors and watt measurements help control your training. You can even stream to a nearby television for additional streaming and training visuals. The direct power measurements built into the cycle’s monitor include power, cadence, RPM, distance and time cycled, heart rate, and calories burned. The console also features Bluetooth connectivity, elevating its potential even further.

The enabled Bluetooth connectivity means that your workout data can instantly be connected and saved to apps like KINOMAP, and the inclusion of pulse sensors means that your bike could potentially work with Zwift. Of course, you’ll need to pay for an additional subscription to a service like Kinomap or something similar, which is an additional fee that adds to an already hefty price. A built-in tablet mount rests over the monitor for you to throw up a workout to follow along to or your phone for storage or watching a show while you ride. A built-in water bottle near the saddle of your bike makes hydration easy and efficient throughout your ride.

SPD-Equipped Pedals:

  • Universal SPD-equipped pedals with adjustable toe straps
  • Dual-sided pedals are compatible with cycling shoes and traditional fitness shoes
  • Narrow q-factor

As far as versatility and performance goes, the universal SPD pedals on the Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Spin bike offer everything a cyclist could hope for. The universal shape means these pedals fit most size feet and shoe configurations in addition to being dual-sided and can be clipped into on either side. The pedals also slide on and off pedal cranks easily. You can clip in and out of these shoes in seconds if need be, creating maximum flexibility for spinners whose workouts require lifting on or off the pedals rapidly or repeatedly. The SPD capabilities are another plus; the benefits of high-performing SPD pedals that can clip into cleats will prove themselves in just a few workouts. The included toe straps also allow workouts with traditional tennis or athletic shoes as well, so you have options when it comes to creating a perfect fitness experience.

The Q-factor on the Sportstech Elite SX600 is not specifically listed by the manufacturer, something rather odd for a higher-end spin bike brand. However, given the German-inspired design, it’s safe to assume this q-factor falls into the narrow category and does not surpass around 180mm. This Q-factor ratio is ideal, creating the greatest efficiency for riders by balancing out feet and knee distance and maximizing linear drive for ideal ergonomic positioning that avoids strain on joints or muscles. By positioning the powerful drive of your leg to power straight down without bending inward or setting the rider in a wide and unstable position, the bike creates the perfect drive mechanism for powerful spinning with almost no impact on the body.

Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle Flywheel:

  • 57 lb fixed flywheel
  • Aluminum balanced rear-fixed flywheel
  • Noise-optimized magnetic resistance works with transmission to ramp up intensity

Magnetic resistance systems are popular with the fitness industry for a reason; their seamless ability to quietly work with both flywheel and transmission to create seamless resistance. The Sportstech Elite SX600 flywheel is made up of an intensely powerful magnetic resistance system that provides easy, smooth starting and stopping despite the heavy mass of the flywheel itself.The fixed rear flywheel works to generate internal power that propels the pedals forward as you push, meaning you work especially hard with every stride to earn a good workout. The rear fixed flywheel actually works to generate more glute and hamstring training because of its posterior positioning, requiring more toning and back driving movements in order to generate the same amount of power and resistance. The rear positioning also protects it from sweat or additional wear and tear.

The transmission belt system, heavyweight flywheel, and strong aluminum frame make this bike reliable, meaning your durable flywheel and transmission system will stand the test of time. Just like the rest of this bike, the flywheel is built to withstand any amount of use, so you’ll have no problem riding it for many years or taking it with you if you move from place to place. The manufacturer’s warranty also protects this flywheel for two years, so even if you do bump it due to its exposed positioning and lack of guard, it will stay in good condition.

Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle Resistance:

  • The Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle offers a patent-pending 32-level electromagnetic resistance system
  • Adjust your resistance level with ease through the included minicomputer

One of the best magnetic spin bikes in the UK, the Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle uses innovative, built-in electromagnetic technology to perfect a layered approach to magnetic resistance. Instead of having a variable amount of resistance levels like other pieces of exercise equipment that are tweaked through a knob or dial, this spin bike features pre-set magnetic resistance levels that automatically adjust based on the levels you select through the mini-computer.

The real pro to the spin bike’s 32 levels of electromagnetic resistance is the easy ability to quietly and seamlessly click through resistance levels without a hard jerking disruption to your workout. No more slow and painful tweaking to find an ideal resistance level that’s basically impossible to achieve through slow turning through levels. Incremental changes are usually preferred by spinners who enjoy longer cardio burn rides, and Sportstech Elite SX600 provides access to gradual yet instant resistance change through its trademark quick electromagnetic resistance adjustments that promise smooth and effortless adjustments that can help with more rapid resistance switches.

There’s also eddy current brakes on this bike that are similarly electromagnetic. These eddy current bikes are noise resistant, promising a whisper-quiet and natural training experience that stops safely and instantaneously through the electronic brake systems.

Seat and Handlebars:

  • Padded, three-in-one position handlebars
  • Four-way adjustable padded seat

Comfort and personalization reach new heights with the Sportstech Elite SX600 saddle height and fore-aft adjustments. Two series of levers control the front to back and height adjustments for the saddle, making it easy to find a good spinning position you can always feel comfortable in. The saddle adjustment angles mean that your bike saddle is infinitely adjustable in all directions, meaning that you can find your perfect fit with much greater accuracy and detail than other spin cycles offer.

The other big highlight of this bike is the three-in-one position handlebars. The handlebars offer three different shapes for gripping while you ride, all comfortably padded for your ideal use. For riders who need flexibility with positioning and stances while riding or standing up on your cycle, this feature is a huge bonus. However, the handlebars only adjust in a height direction- you can’t angle them in a specific position or move them forward and backward like you can the saddle.

Sportstech Elite SX600 Drive Belt and Gear Ratio:

The Sportstech Elite SX600 spin bike’s innovative silent drive system features the latest in spin bike transmission innovation. This high-performing and low maintenance transmission belt (likely made of polymer or a similarly smooth material) works overtime to provide an ideally gentle ride for every user. Belt systems are designed to improve on the standard chain system that road bikes feature, but the Sportstech Elite SX600 belt drive takes this a step further. Forget constant oiling, tightening, stretching, and rust-prevention: these belts stay in top shape for a long time without needing a lot of work.

The other big pro of transmission belts is their almost invisible, virtually silent performance. The low-noise component of these belt drives is a major win for busy spinners who need to fit a workout in at night or when others in your household might be sleeping: when combined with the patent-pending magnetic resistance system the Sportstech Elite SX600 bike rides like silk, meaning you can go for a spin anywhere, anytime without worrying about creating a racket or waking up the whole house. The trademarked gear ratio also contributes to your smooth and quiet ride: the ease of adjustment with the electromagnetic resistance system contributes to the overall silence of your ride and eliminates the loud cranking and creaking that some older spin bikes or outdoor chain bike models are known for.

Price and Warranty:

  • The Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle is currently priced at £1,100.00
  • The Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle offers a two-year manufacturer warranty covering frame, parts, and adjustments

For warranty questions or parts replacement, you can contact the distributors, InnovaMaxx Uk, through their Amazon profile here:

The price of this bike in comparison to the range of features it offers and the range of other bikes available is fairly steep, but the technological components may prove the price tag worth it over time, which makes it one of the best indoor cycles you can buy for around £1000. However, keep in mind that should you want to fully integrate with the Kinomap app as the developers promote, you’ll also need to pay the subscription fees to that service. Sportstech Elite SX600 cycles are definitely higher-quality bikes, but they do carry a higher price tag that counterbalances out that excitement.

Assembly and Shipping:

  • Shipped in a single box (on some occasions the heart rate band might arrive separately), with assembly required
  • Takes about two weeks to arrive
  • Package is 9 x 46 x 38” and weighs 170 pounds

Assembling your Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle is pretty standard as far as cycle assembly goes. Following the included manual will help tremendously, though make sure you grab a partner to help you move the package and stack the components. The more complicated parts, such as the flywheel and the chain system, come pre-assembled, so you won’t need to worry about how to assemble the inner workings of the bike, and needed wrenches or assembly tools are also included.

Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle Pros:

Detailed Electromagnetic Resistance:

The Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle has raised the bar when it comes to spin bike resistance quality and standards. The Sportstech Elite SX600 delivers a strong drive and tough resistance that will leave riders exhausted and ready for another workout, but the wide variety of resistance levels means you’ll never get bored with or tired of your workout routine. This cycle is designed to be sleek and strong at the same time, a powerful force of German innovation, and more tech-savvy than ever before. The integrated electronic braking system and instant resistance level adjustment only add to the technical accomplishments of this bike.

Smooth Driving Transmission Belt:

With the combination of the transmission belt and the suspected polymer consistency, the Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle transmission is an essential addition to any indoor cycle studio. Both the durability and silent performance of the drive belt mean that it performs at a high degree consistently over a long period of time, so you won’t have to worry about maintenance or performance issues for a while after you purchase it, in addition to the two years of warranty coverage the manufacturer provides. The no-slip, no-jerk drive that’s achieved through the smooth belt design is another big plus, creating an innovative and silky smooth ride that you won’t second guess or regret taking.

Silent Performance:

For such a heavy and bulky bike, you’d expect it to make a lot of noise during your workout. However, that’s not the case with the Sportstech Elite SX600. The magnetic resistance system is top-of-the-line on this model, as we’ve already discussed, but its true standout feature is its virtual silence. The sleek braking, no slip timing belt work together to make a silent yet intense workout. The magnetic system is also highly durable, meaning that your bike’s lifespan is longer than normal and can stand up to years of regular and intensive use without sacrificing any of the performance quality or quietness of your ride. This versatile piece of equipment would be great in a home with small children where parents need to sneak in workouts whenever they can.

Stream-Capable Android Console:

The best-in-class Android console on the Sportstech Elite SX600 is one of the best built-in monitors on the market. This console tracks a series of powerful performance metrics that can immediately impact your work performance with relevant feedback. The console powers on easily and connects via Bluetooth to apps, phones, and other fitness trackers, including the popular Kinomap, making it an easy choice for people who enjoy third party connectivity and functionality. The included heart rate monitor is a nice plus, as is the ability to stream to a larger television in case you want to be fully immersed in your digital cycling world.

Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle Cons:

The Price is Not Right:

The price tag on the Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Cycle is probably the biggest negative element to the cycle. At £1,100, this is likely one of the more expensive spin bikes on the market in the UK. You’re paying for high-tech components and a durable frame, but the smaller warranty of just two years throws some doubt on the longevity of the device. There’s also the added expense of a Kinomap subscription if you plan on purchasing that.

Last Word on the Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Spin Cycle:

The Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Spin Cycle is a true statement piece and shining star of spin machinery that would be well suited to any gym, studio, or workout space. The versatile design, adjustable frame, and durable build mean this bike will last a lifetime, and can withstand all types of workouts by all types of riders. The Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Spin Cycle offers a lot of spectacular performance capabilities, especially when it comes to drive, pedals, flywheel, and integrated technology, and its durability makes it a long lasting investment that will be more than worth the price tag.

At the end of the day, the Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Spin bike is an expensive bike for sure, but it is also a worthy investment into a future of dedicated spinning and indoor cycling. Its strong and durable resistance system ensures repeatedly intense workouts that will build your intensity up and allow you to scale up your workout intensity time after time through the detailed resistance level system. The initial price tag is very large, but the longevity and durability of the bike will likely make the investment worthwhile for serious spinners.

9.8 Total Score
Spectacular Features, Hefty Price

The Sportstech Elite SX600 Indoor Spin Bike offers a lot of fantastic features that justify paying the higher price tag. The sleek timing belt and electromagnetic drive make for a powerful spin and a challenging workout time and time again, and the high quality digital computer console with built in workouts and third party app compatibility provides instant and top-level feedback that can also connect to phones or other training gear with ease. The ergonomic frame provides versatile, sturdy and durable workouts without needing to lug a heavy machine around that can adapt to your preferred fitness style. Overall, the price tag is an initial hurdle, but if you can afford it, you can’t go wrong with purchasing the Sportstech Elite SX600.

Sportstech Elite SX600 Spin Bike
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