PYHIGH S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Over the years, the fitness industry has witnessed many indoor cycling bikes in every shape, price, and form. Among the best-selling budget category is the PYHIGH S2 indoor bike. PYHIGH might be one of the lesser-known fitness brands in the sports industry, but their stationary bikes attest to the company’s commitment to quality and stellar service. The PYHIGH S2 indoor cycle is only second to the PYHIGH S7, which exhibits an upgraded spec-sheet. This bike is such a fantastic steal─ for under $400, you can get a pleasant gym-quality spinning experience in your home!

A 12-month warranty backs the PYHIGH S2 exercise bike and 100% satisfied customer service. Does this warranty convey enough confidence? Definitely not! Do we think the warranty needs revision? Absolutely! On second thoughts, the bike’s look and feel promise years of quality servitude, so its meagre warranty may not be of much consequence. You might score free shipping if you purchase this bike directly from Amazon. The same can’t be said for other vendors. If assembling a bike is your least favourite thing to do, you can opt for an assembly service to set up the bike for you, but of course, this isn’t free; it costs about $70 or so. But to be honest, the PYHIGH S2 assembly isn’t so complicated as to demand a paid assembly service. Just follow its well-written assembly manual, and your bike will be ready for use in about 30-40 minutes.

This PYHIGH S2 indoor cycling bike review highlights everything worth knowing about the budget-friendly indoor bike. So now is the time to decide if this bike is for you or not!

PYHIGH S2 Spin Bike Review and Technical Information

Cycle Specifications:

  • Q-factor: N/A
  • Pedals: Toe cages
  • Flywheel: 35lbs
  • Resistance: Felt Fabric Brake Pad Resistance System
  • Transmission: PK belt transmission
  • Weight capacity: 280lbs
  • Height capacity: 4’9”-6’3”
  • Bike weight: 79lbs
  • Bike dimensions: 40× 21.7 × 46 inches (L×W× H)
  • Monitor: LCD without backlit
  • Connectivity: N/A
  • Applications: N/A
  • RPM Tracking: No
  • Watt Tracking: No

Bike Monitor

As with the vast percentage of budget indoor bikes, the PYHIGH S2 spin bike has limited monitor features. Be that as it may, its spin bike monitor is not an absolute screw-up. You get a simple LCD screen that tracks speed, scan, time, distance, and odometer. Note that speed and distance are displayed in metrics and not miles.

This display is as primary as it gets; it lacks the innate powers to track pulse, watt and cadence. Plus, it misses ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity. In other words, it is next to impossible to pair the bike with a tracking device or an app. Not to mention its conspicuous lack of a backlit. If RPM and pulse readings are crucial to your exercise routine, we advise you to consider its sister-model, the PYHIGH S7 or other alternative indoor cycling bikes. Otherwise, the PYHIGH S2 spinning bike is just ideal.

All its limitations aside, the monitor has a user-friendly interface, and it is easy to navigate. A single button switches the scan mode from on to off and vice-versa. When the scan mode comes on, the statistics are shown in rotational order. If you are partial to a particular value, you can set that value to be displayed permanently or until it is no longer needed. The scan button also doubles as the re-set button ─ when you press the button and hold it for a few seconds, all values will be erased and replaced with zero. Granted, the PYHIGH S2 monitor is far from the best, but it still serves the average exerciser’s essential needs.

Resistance and Transmission

Unsurprisingly, the PYHIGH S2 is equipped with a friction resistance system. Given its price, one shouldn’t and wouldn’t expect a unique resistance system like magnetic resistance. Its resistance system features a felt pad affixed to the frame’s central bar. The brake pad connects to the tension knob and makes contact with the bike’s flywheel. This means you’d have to tolerate some level of noise. Plus, a friction resistance system, unlike a magnetic one, is prone to wear and tear.

Because this bike has no pre-set resistance settings, you will have to turn the tension dial/knob clockwise until you achieve your desired tension or pedalling difficulty. The tension knob also functions as the emergency brake, so when you spin out of control, you can press down on the knob to stop the flywheel’s motion.

The PYHIGH S2 indoor cycling bike utilizes a PK belt transmission system for a smooth, reliable and low-maintenance cycling experience. The bike is made of a heavy-duty rubber material. In addition to needing minimal lubrication, it generates lesser vibration than a chain drive. Finally, the pedalling motion it initiates is near-silent.

Pedals, Q-factor and Flywheel

The pedals on the PYHIGH S2 indoor cycle are adequate at best. They include feet-friendly semi-plastic toe cages that are large enough to accommodate different shoe sizes. The toe cages are only compatible with traditional athletic shoes and do not support clipless spinning shoes. Considering that dual-sided and SPD-compatible pedals are a crowd-favourite, the PYHIGH’s toe cages may fall below expectations. But the good thing is, it has the standard 16/9” pedal thread size, so replacing its cages with SPD pedals is a viable option.

Q-factor is defined as the distance between pedals. Indoor bikes that feature a narrow distance between their pedals are highly recommended. This is because they provide a healthy and natural feet-and-knee alignment, thus reducing the chances of injury and strain while making each spinning session enjoyable. Some brands specify their bike’s Q-factor value, which indicates how narrow or wide it is. However, PYHIGH is an exception as the PYHIGH S2’s Q-factor is undisclosed. We can only hope that the bike’s Q-factor is narrow enough to suit every user, whether short or tall.

A bi-directional, 35lbs flywheel completes the drive and resistance system of the PYHIGH S2 indoor cycling bike. The flywheel is perimeter-weighted and produces a smooth momentum with high inertia. Because it is bi-directional, it allows reverse pedalling. Additionally, the resistance remains consistent with reverse pedalling. By all standards, the PYHIGH S2 aces standard flywheel expectations; heavy, smooth and all-around efficient.

Specifications and Accessories

The PYHIGH S2 Spin bike features quality craftsmanship. It has a triangular frame composed of double-coated, heavy-duty steel. It is relatively lightweight at 79lbs. The weight combined with its adjustable stabilizers and TPI bearing makes the bike sufficiently stable. Thus its 280lbs maximum weight support is believable (but a tad average, no less). The PYHIGH bike is not a good fit for users that weigh more than 280lbs. For height recommendations, it can support users that are 4’9″-6’3″ tall.

At 40 inches long, 21.7 inches wide and 46 inches high, the PYHIGH S2 spinning bike is considerably compact and should find a nice cosy corner in your house to lodge. As expected, a bottle holder is included to meet users’ refreshment and hydration requirements. A device mount is also made available to help secure users’ mobile devices and maximize workout entertainment.

The PYHIGH S2’s seat and handlebar fabrication is a pleasant surprise. Its handlebars feature a contemporary multi-gripped design with anti-skid elements (no chance of your sweaty hands falling off the handles mid-workout). You can also adjust the handle up and down to suit your comfort and height. The spin bike seat integrates comfortable and breathable cushioning and offers 4-way adjustability (forward/backwards and up/down). Lastly, it integrates transport wheels for easy mobility.

PYHIGH S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Pros

  • Its frame is considerably sturdy and can support users within a 280lbs weight limit.
  • It offers multi-gripped handlebars with 2-way adjustability and anti-skid properties; they are sweat and slip-proof.
  • Its saddle is wide, well-cushioned and offers 4-way adjustability to fit a wide range of athletes with different body and height types.
  • Includes a smooth-sailing, low-maintenance and near-silent belt-driven transmission system
  • Features a heavy, perimeter-weighted flywheel that delivers a smooth pedalling motion
  • It is easy to assemble; includes an easy-to-follow assembly manual and tools.
  • The LCD screen gives a readout of vital workout metrics to stimulate motivation and enhance performance.
  • Includes a tablet and water bottle holder for optimum hydration and workout entertainment
  • It is super affordable; priced at about $300

PYHIGH S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Cons

  • The monitor has limited functionality; it does not track pulse, cadence and watts.
  • The friction resistance system emits noise and is prone to damages
  • It lacks dual-sided, SPD compatible pedals

Final Verdict

With the PYHIGH S2 Indoor bike, you can get a decent quality workout without stretching your budget too thin. The PYHIGH S2 indoor cycling bike is one of the best budget-friendly at-home exercise bikes. It is replete with performance-improving and goal-reaching features. It details a sturdy construction that can support many light and moderate-weight users. Its seat and handlebars are adjustable, so you can find the best-fitting position to make your ride comfortable and pleasurable.

While its monitor’s functionality isn’t the best out there, it will satisfy the average exerciser. We wish its warranty can be more extensive, but it is pretty up to par for the price. The bike’s friction resistance system is another issue, but a little noise won’t hurt. It would be best to consider indoor cycling bikes with a quieter magnetic resistance system if it will.

There you have it; the complete and authentic PYHIGH S2 indoor cycling bike review for your purchasing pleasure!

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