ProForm Carbon CX Indoor Cycling Bike Review

The ProForm Carbon CX indoor cycling bike is an elite member of ProForm’s studio series collection. The studio series comprises three state-of-the-art indoor cycles with a plethora of performance perks; the ProForm Carbon CX, Studio Bike and Studio Bike Pro. The series launched with the Carbon CX and was succeeded by the Studio Bike and Studio Bike Pro, respectively. All three bikes replicate nearly the same features with one or two differences. The only part that sets the superior models ahead of Carbon X is a Touchscreen display. Other than that, the bike is just as valuable as the other two. It exhibits qualities that reinvent the indoor biking experience. Our ProForm Carbon Cx indoor cycling bike review is your roadmap to purchasing the advanced spin bike.

Priced at around $1000 on Amazon, the Carbon CX spinning bike offers unbeatable value for money. It packs a full range of features that merit the price and then some. What’s more, from their website, Proform allows users to pay in monthly instalments of $16. You won’t find a more budget-conscious pricing system than this! The purchase includes a 10-year warranty on the bike’s frame and a year on parts and labour. The bike’s warranty is generous to a fault, but we can’t express the same praise for the measly parts and labour allocation. It is a good thing that the Carbon CX is shipped at no extra charge. The Carbon CX indoor cycle is relatively easy to put together. A well-illustrated and written manual is included. Some of the necessary assembly tools also come with the box.

ProForm Carbon CX Indoor Bike Review and Technical Information

Cycle Specifications:

  • Q-factor: N/A
  • Pedals: Standard bike pedals
  • Flywheel: 29lbs
  • Resistance: Magnetic resistance
  • Transmission: Poly-V belt
  • Weight capacity: 250lbs
  • Height capacity: 5’0”- 6’6”
  • Bike weight: 125lbs in-box product weight
  • Bike dimensions: 21.9” (W) × 52.5” × (L)× 51” (H)
  • Monitor: LCD
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Applications: iFit
  • RPM Tracking: Yes
  • Watt Tracking: No

Bike Monitor

The ProForm Carbon CX monitor is well-equipped to support all your fitness needs. It offers an exciting selection of onboard workouts geared towards driving high-performance and exceptional workout results, for starters. It also gives continuous workout feedback. Its manual mode alternates pedaling resistance with the touch of a button. It tracks users’ distance, RPM, time, calories, heart rate (with wireless Bluetooth) and resistance level. On the minus side, speed and power (Watts) tracking are absent. It lacks ANT+ connectivity as well.

The hallmark and most exciting part of the console is the wireless technology that enables iFit connectivity. Yes, the digital monitor connects to the iFit Coach app, a fitness app synonymous with a workout candy land. iFit Coach is one of the best workout apps you can lay hands on. It is replete with features and functions that help you maximize each spinning session to the fullest. Whether for productivity or entertainment purposes, the app has something to offer.

If you need to spice up your workout routine, you can stream on the spin bike monitor a truckload of on-demand workout videos. If you need the motivation to go all out, the app’s fitness experts are your willing guests. And if you want something outside the regular, you can virtually explore the array of breathtaking scenes and trails from all over the world. Proform was benevolent enough to include a free 1-year iFit membership with the bike’s purchase. However, you’d have to pay a subscription fee once the free membership expires. Note that the monitor is only compatible with the iFit app and nothing else.

Resistance and Transmission

When it comes to resistance set-up, the ProForm Carbon CX indoor cycling bike is ahead of the competition. While most indoor bikes within this price class offer manual resistance control, the Carbon CX is equipped with automatic resistance control. This means that you don’t have to adjust resistance yourself when needed. The bike automatically does the switching for you. For instance, if you are using any of the iFit workout programs, your resistance will automatically decrease or increase to suit your current activity. Also, your iFit instructor can prompt the bike to make resistance changes for you.

As for the type of resistance system it uses, it is purely magnetic. Magnetic resistance spin bikes need no introduction as the winning resistance technology in the fitness industry. The Carbon CX’s signature SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance) is the equivalent of a super silent and smooth ride. You will cycle without any distraction to yourself or others. There are 16 levels of pre-set digital resistance to choose from. You can adjust resistance intensity via a control on the console, and a dial on the bike’s frame provides emergency braking.

As expected, the Carbon CX spinning bike features a belt-driven transmission system, a Poly-v belt to be exact. The belt drive yields high performance and low maintenance to make every moment with the cycle a pleasant memory. Belt drives take priority over chain drives because of their ease of use. It rules out all oiling, tightening and rust-prevention maintenance practices that are oh-so-common with their chain peers. As much as we’d like to discuss the specific material used in crafting this belt, we can’t because the manufacturers didn’t tell.

Pedals, Q-factor and Flywheel

The pedals that come with the ProForm Carbon CX spin bike are your classic yet reliable standard toe cages. The toe cages work to prevent slippage and injury in addition to locking your feet in place to ensure cycling stability. Unfortunately, the pedals lack SPD elements. Beginner or amateur riders can do just fine without SPD, but it’s a different narrative for experienced riders.

SPD pedals are especially paramount for seasoned cyclists who rely on their excellent practicality to peak performance. Fortunately, you can interchange the bike’s toe cages with SPD pedals, but at a financial cost.

The Carbon CX Q-factor, which is the distance between its pedals, is not reported. But from mere looking at it, it is a bit wider than desired. This isn’t so good because wide pedals bear a greater risk of injury and discomfort. They are not on par with ergonomic standards because they make for poor body alignment between the feet, hips and knees. Conversely, narrow pedals position these body parts better, thus reducing strain and increasing comfortability ─ along with delivering maximum pedal drive.

The flywheel on the Carbon CX indoor cycle is inertia-driven and perimeter-weighted. It weighs 13kg (approximately 29Ibs) and works with the transmission belt to produce a smooth and consistent magnetic resistance. It is suitably heavy according to industry specifications and as such is highly efficient. By all standards, the Carbon CX flywheel is an excellent one, but its protective coating could use some additional layers.

Specifications and Accessories

Engineered with colours and components that please the eye and body, the Carbon CX indoor bike is rock-solid exercise equipment. It is welded with high-quality steel and some aluminium which tells (positively) on its life span and efficiency. Users below and within a 250Ibs maximum weight frame can comfortably use this bike without stability issues. Moreover, its adjustable levelling feet enhances its stability even on uneven surfaces. Though it weighs about 125Ibs, the integrated front-mounted transport wheels make it easy to move the bike from one workout location to another.

With compact dimensions of 21.9” Width × 52.5” Depth × 51” H, the ProForm Carbon CX spinning bike is a relatively portable bike with minimal space restrictions. Extras include a tablet holder, a water bottle holder and dual 3Ibs dumbbells. The tablet holder is a handy accessory that optimizes security, workout entertainment and the bike’s iFit function. The bottle holder boards your beverage or water containing bottles to facilitate sufficient workout hydration. The two 3-pound dumbbells are a thoughtful addition that promotes cross-training.

The handlebars and seat are height customizable; they offer different height adjustments to help users achieve a custom fit. You can adjust to the seat in up or down, forward and backward positions. The handlebars, on the other hand, offer just up and down adjustments. There are 9.0” (10 positions) of vertical adjustments for the handlebar, while the exercise bike seat can be adjusted in 9.0″ (10) vertical and 3.0” horizontal positions, respectively. The recommended user height capacity is 5’0” to 6’6”.

ProForm Carbon CX Indoor Cycling Bike Pros

  • It features aesthetically pleasing and solid steel construction with a 250Ibs maximum weight support.
  • It offers varying levels of handlebar, seat and resistance adjustability for a personalized cycling experience.
  • It utilizes a silent magnetic resistance system with 16-levels of pre-set resistance settings.
  • It is equipped with automatic resistance control, making it easy to adjust the resistance seamlessly.
  • It comes with a functional digital monitor that is optimized for wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The monitor provides a progress report of exercisers’ time, distance, calories, resistance level, RPM and heart rate.
  • Includes exercise maximizing extras such as an integrated tablet holder, bottle holder and dual hand weights.

ProForm Carbon CX Indoor Cycling Bike Cons

  • It does not integrate SPD pedals; you have to buy that separately (incurs an extra cost)
  • The Q-factor is not compliant with ergonomics. Some riders may find it challenging to use

Final Verdict

ProForm Carbon CX indoor bike can deliver an unforgettable cycling quality. Better than this, it makes excellent financial sense; for $1000, you get a bike with all the bells and whistles and some more. It is suitable for all classes of riders with several adjustability settings. The engineering leaves no stone unturned, featuring skilled and functionality-oriented craftsmanship. Its digital monitor, while not a Touchscreen, provides state-of-the-art technology via the iFit app. Ultimately, this bike has plenty going on (as detailed by the review). Conclusively, the ProForm Carbon CX indoor bike is exercise equipment with a difference!

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