DMASUN Indoor Cycle Review And Specs


The DMASUN Indoor Spin Bike takes your spin experience to new heighs through a sleek and aerodynamic format that prioritizes comfort and high-performance. With a performance that works as hard as its other components do, this top-rate cycle from the DMASUN brand turns your daily spin rides into innovative and speed geared workouts that build muscles and cardiac strength in moments. The DMASUN spin cycle provides a classy spinning experience at a budget price that is affordable and practical for any user. The DMASUN Spin Bike offers a practical and performance driven design combined with high-tech belt and drive parts for a cutting-edge spin experience, and the best part is that anyone drawn to the high performance of this spin bike won’t have to empty out their bank account in order to pay for it.

The DMASUN spin bike is a fantastic option in large part due to its personalized and powerfully aesthetic and ergonomic spin design that will let you keep up with any spin class or workout. The striking black and red streamlined appearance of this bike boasts confident, powerful design elements that offer a sturdy, heavy-duty, and long-lasting performance no matter how often or how hard you ride it. Having a top-quality spin bike in your home is a privilege many don’t get to experience, but the benefits of having your own personal piece of equipment, especially for busy or hardworking people who aren’t able to get to gyms on a regular basis, are incredible and cannot be overstated. The DMASUN promises a gym-quality bike at affordable, personal prices that ensure premium quality machinery for all budgets and access to good workout equipment for all riders.

Beyond its striking and aesthetic appearance, the technical performance of the DMASUN cycle is also strong. Built with a heavy 40 pound front-mounted fixed flywheel that integrates seamlessly with a reliable magnetic resistance while maintaining the same consistent drive of an outdoor bike, this spin cycle provides an effortless drive and powerful spin for maximum workout sweat, drive, and gains. The securely positioned transmission belt drive ensures a smooth and hard-working spin, integrating effortless resistance and power into your workout. All levels of spinners will be able to appreciate this effortlessly sleek and powerful bike that brings your passion for spinning to new levels when combined with the ease of use and maintenance throughout your experience riding the DMASUN.

Built with a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing black and red commercial-grade solid steel frame that’s designed for maximum performance, strength, and sweat protection, the DMASUN bike is packed full of high-quality components. The heavy duty yet completely quiet transmission and resistance system promote gentle impact on the body but huge gains in your fitness, pairing well with the ergonomic armrest, handlebar, and seat positioning on the DMASUN to create a high-performing and high-energy workout that puts minimum strain on your body. Visually striking and top-performing, the DMASUN spin bike measures 41″ L x 21″ W x 46” H and is a beautifully elegant statement piece of fitness equipment in any gym or studio space.

DMASUN Indoor Spin Bike Review And Specs

Cycle Specifications:

  • Width: 21”
  • Length: 41″
  • Height: 46”
  • Max User Weight: 330 Pounds
  • UserCompatible Size Range: 5”0” to 6’6”
  • Transportation Wheels

Digital LCD Monitor:

This high performing DMASUN spin bike features a surprisingly simple and affordable cycle monitor built right into your bike for maximum efficiency and feedback. The DMASUN electronic console turns on easily and the LCD screen offers clearly visible feedback for every ride. The direct ride measurements achieved through immediate tracking built into the cycle include time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse or heart rate, all designed to help you track and adjust your exercise plan in real-time.

There is no Bluetooth or ANT+ connectivity, so tracking and saving cycle data to apps like Zwift, Peloton, or any other leaderboard system isn’t really an option. You can track heart rate through the console and connected pulse sensors, another helpful tool when it comes to monitoring your performance throughout the ride. A built-in tablet mount holds phones or tablets for easy entertainment while riding, so you can turn on an episode of your favorite show or movie or follow along to a spin class for maximum power and convenience during your rides. You can purchase power pedals or Wahoo sensors to track and transmit your ride speed via Bluetooth to apps like Zwift or Peloton, but that’s an added expense you’ll need to commit to.

Caged Equipped Pedals:

  • Metal anti-skid pedals have toe cages and buckles for additional security
  • Not SPD compatible
  • Unstated Q-Factor

The pedals included on the DMASUN bike are fairly standard: simple bike pedals with included toe cages to keep your feet from slipping off the pedal mid-stride. However, they are not SPD compatible, which could be a big issue for more experienced riders who are used to the benefits SPD pedals can provide.

Most SPD pedals are double-sided and allow you to clip or cage into pedals on either side. Some riders prefer the additional security that comes from being able to secure on either pedal side, making SPD pedals even more of a compelling option. For beginning riders, not being able to train with SPD compatibility won’t really help you increase your spinning abilities, but if you’re just looking for a standard indoor bike these pedals will do the trick. You can also invest in SPD-equipped replacement pedals; the pedals on the DMASUN screw onto a standard 9/16 thread, so replacements will fit them easily. The pedals unscrew easily to replace, making swapping out for better versions simple though an additional and unnecessary expense.

The Q-factor on the DMASUN bike is not directly released by the manufacturers; however, it looks to be not more than 180mm, a q-factor stance that’s just barely wide. These wider pedal stances can create a problem for smaller spinners with narrow hips who need a very specific and ergonomic position known as a “narrow” pedal size that positions the feet and knees in a line that drives smoothly downwards, allowing maximum drive on the pedal. However, wide pedals can still create mostly ergonomic positioning for legs and knees that reduce strain on joints and other muscle functions. By positioning the powerful drive to move straight down without bending inward or setting the rider in too wide and unstable of a position, this bike can create a good drive mechanism for powerful spinning with almost no impact on the body, though you probably need to be a little taller or heavier set to experience the maximum ergonomic benefits from this pedal stance.

DMASUN Spin Bike Flywheel:

  • 40 lb fixed flywheel
  • Front-mounted fixed flywheel
  • Silent drive belt and magnetic resistance system

Magnetic resistance systems are standards of the spin industry and with spin users alike because of their ability to quietly work with both the flywheel and the transmission to create seamless and gentle, yet hardworking resistance. The DMASUN flywheel is made up of an intense and roundly weighted magnetic resistance system that provides easy, smooth pedaling and braking for all riders. The front flywheel helps you drive forward through your workouts, pushing yourself faster and harder with every ride, but can also expose it to greater wear and tear issues, such as contact with sweat or spilled water.

The heavy-duty DMASUN belt drive system, front mounted heavy weight flywheel, and strong steel frame mean this bike performs at a highly durable caliber with every ride. Your heavy-duty flywheel and transmission system will stand the test of time regardless of how many times you hop on for a ride. Just like the rest of this solid bike, the flywheel is built to withstand any amount of use, so you can ride or transport it from place to place for years to come. Your flywheel is also coated and chromed to protect people from injury should they bump into it, while sealed bearings prevent further damage or broken parts or injuries anywhere in your home.

DMASUN Spin Bike Resistance:

  • The DMASUN Spin Bike offers powerful variable magnetic resistance that specifically delivers a layered resistance level for a more powerful workout
  • Variable adjustment resistance knob cranks up resistance before or during rides with just a few rotations that instantly transition resistance difficulty

The DMASUN spin bike uses the combined power of reliable magnetic technology and gradual resistance rotation. The magnetic resistance knob reacts instantly to a spinner’s requested magnetic increase or decrease adjustments, creating a silent yet responsive adjustment. Instead of having a preset level adjustment approach to resistance levels that you have to click through to find the right fit like many other pieces of exercise equipment, this spin bike features a resistance knob that offers endless variations until you find the perfect customized resistance level.

The biggest benefit here is the ability to easily click through resistance levels with a delicate and specific approach. The clearly defined resistance variability is an advantage especially if you’re in a workout or class that demands a fast resistance transition you can’t achieve through slow clicking through levels with a traditional resistance lever. With these manually adjustable and personalizable resistance levels, you can tweak them quickly and instantly for an immediate response, making your workout much easier to manipulate to your needs.

Handlebars and Seat:

  • Height adjustable elongated handlebars
  • Four-way adjustable padded seat

The handlebars on the DMASUN are elongated and multi-position for comfortable extended use and functional flexibility between riding stances. The handlebars are easily vertically adjusted, so you can pull a lever and slide them up or down with ease each time you want to switch up your handlebar adjustments. The handlebars feature the included electronic console for ease of access and come equipped with a tablet or phone mount. Located alongside the mainframe is a conveniently located water bottle holder that you can access quickly during your ride.

The padded and comfortable race-style saddle on the DMASUN indoor spin bike is slightly more personalizable. Featuring height adjustments, this bike can fit a variety of different rider heights. Most sizes of riders will feel comfortable on this bike with this bike saddle that shifts up and down as needed. You can also tweak the fore and aft positioning of the saddle, making it an even more versatile machine. For riders who need flexibility with their spin cycles, this feature is a huge bonus that also makes it easier to switch between users of different sizes, so it’d be a good fit for a home where there are multiple people using the same bike.

Sleek Belt Transmission and Gear Ratio:

The DMASUN spin bike’s transmission drive system features a sleek, low maintenance belt for effortless drive. This high-performing and low maintenance belt works overtime to provide a smooth and issue-free for every user. Belt systems are designed to improve on the standard chain system that road bikes feature. Oiling, adjustment, tightening, stretching, and rust-prevention are no longer necessary with belt systems mostly because belts stay in top shape for a long time without needing a lot of work. The exact material of this belt drive is a smooth poly belt drive that can provide a superior drive experience, including a tight fit to the gears and the gentle overall ride. You won’t ever feel your pedals slip or catch with the DMASUN poly belt, leading to a consistently smooth ride that will feel like you’re pedaling on air.

Poly belt drives are also known for their silent and soft performance. Pedaling this bike is a quiet yet tough workout experience. Your belt maintains a strong drive and tough resistance that will challenge you during any workout without the clanking or creaking you’d expect from a typical chain. The low-noise component of these belt drives is the best: when combined with the DMASUN magnetic resistance system this bike is silent, meaning you can go for a spin anywhere, anytime without worrying about creating a lot of noise or disturbing your roommate.

DMASUN Spin Bike Price and Warranty:

  • The DMASUN spin bike is currently priced at around $350 depending on the retailer and the sale opportunities
  • The DMASUN spin bike’s warranty includes twelve months on the frame and all parts

For warranty questions or parts replacement, you can contact the DMASUN manufacturers by email at their Amazon Seller page.

The price of this bike in comparison to the range of features it offers and the range of other bikes available is fair, but not great. Though there are a few key features missing (like SPD pedals), the cost of buying this bike and replacing those features would still be less than the overall price of another bike that came with those features included, which makes it an overall net win. There are absolutely higher-quality bikes out there, but the DMASUN manages to perform highly at a low overall cost and would be perfect for someone who’s ready to fully commit to the world of spin but needs a budget entry piece of equipment.

Assembly and Shipping:

  • Shipped in one package, with partial assembly required
  • Takes eight to ten days to arrive depending on shipping location and Amazon service

Assembling your DMASUN spin bike is easy straightforward. Following the included manual will help you put everything together very quickly, though if you find yourself getting lost you can always search online for assembly assistance videos. The more complex inner-working type parts, such as the flywheel and the belt drive system, come pre-assembled, so you won’t need to worry about how to assemble the challenging technical components of the bike. Shipping timeframes will depend on the carrier, but if you have concerns about getting it into your house you can call ahead and arrange assistance with your local delivery system.

DMASUN Spin Bike Pros:

Aesthetic and Portable:

The DMASUN manages to pair both aesthetic design and ergonomic performance to create the ideal exercise equipment for spinners ready to commit to hard-working fitness. The DMASUN bike delivers a tough performance that will leave riders excited and ready for their next workout but doesn’t take up half your living room to do it. Easily portable via transportation wheels into a closet or side room for storage and excitingly flashy, the appearance of this bike is a great feature on any spin bike, but especially the beginner-friendly DMASUN.

Silent Front-Mounted Resistance:

The magnetic resistance system is a compelling advantage on the DMASUN. The no-contact braking system and no slip drive belt work in tandem with the heavy flywheel to power a virtually silent yet hardworking workout, and the resistance knob provides a unique touch that allows for simplistic and perfect customization, creating a truly personalized workout. The magnetic system is also highly durable, meaning that your bike’s lifespan is longer than normal and can stand up to years of regular and intensive use without sacrificing any of the performance quality of your ride or resistance over time.

DMASUN Spin Bike Cons:

Wider Q-Factor:

The wider Q-factor on the DMASUN is perhaps the biggest disadvantage to the cycle. It’s most likely just on the verge of being a wide q-factor and it can be a really uncomfortable fit for many riders. For riders who prefer a narrow and ergonomic drive from pedal to push, this bike is likely not the best fit for you.

No SPD Pedals:

The lack of SPD-integrated pedals is a similarly large issue. SPD is a huge component of spin and cycling, so not having pedals that are compatible with cleats or other elements of the SPD pedaling system feels like a major miss. Though you can easily replace your pedals with third-party options, it would definitely be easier to not have to immediately upgrade your bike and simply be able to use the included pedals.

Last Word On The DMASUN Spin Bike:

The DMASUN Spin Bike is a solid spin bike that will work well for beginners or budget-based elite spinners. The versatile design and customizable resistance mean this bike can fit a variety of needs from a variety of users, making it a great selection for homes with multiple spinners. The DMASUN offers a lot of high-end performance capabilities for a phenomenal price, especially when it comes to its drive, resistance, and flywheel, and its stable, tough build makes it a long-lasting investment that will prove itself worthy of its price tag in weeks.

The DMASUN indoor spin bike is an affordable bike and value-driven investment into a future of dedicated spinning and indoor cycling, but it does have a few negative features to note. Its strong resistance system ensures repeatedly intense and heavyweight workouts that will build your intensity up and allow you to scale up your workout intensity time after time, but the wider q-factor could make pedaling painful for you if you’re not careful, especially when you’re pedaling against higher resistance levels and on the wider set pedal. The non-SPD pedals are another major negative that leave the DMASUN just a few steps behind its competitors. Though there are a few small drawbacks, overall the DMASUN is a solid all-around bike for all kinds of spinners.

9.5 Total Score
Solid Overall Performance

The DMASUN Spin Bike offers high-quality magnetic resistance, drive, and spin exercise at one of the best prices on the market. The simple and low-maintenance belt paired with the infinitely variable magnetic drive make for a powerful spin and a challenging workout, while the basic digital LCD monitor provides instant and pared-down feedback for immediate workout adjustment. The ergonomic and sturdy frame provides durable and stable workouts, while included wheels mean you can workout anywhere without needing to lug a heavy machine around. The fixed front-mounted flywheel increases your drive and resistance capabilities while protecting your bike from riding damage and increasing its overall durability, but the q-factor and lack of SPD pedals can be a major issue for riders looking for the perfect fit. The DMASUN promises plenty of powerful and standard use, and given the amazingly affordable price tag, it is definitely a great purchase for bargain hunters everywhere.

DMASUN Indoor Spin Bike
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