Best Treadmills Under 200 – Cheapest Running Machines

Reach your fitness goals sooner without spending too much with a top inexpensive home treadmill

Home fitness is a popular but crowded industry. These days it seems everyone’s got a service to sell you or a new fitness routine you simply have to get started with. Whether it’s fad diets or hot new fitness crazes, there’s an ever-revolving door of new things to try. However, sometimes sticking to the classics can be a good thing. Treadmills are some of the most iconic and the most popular pieces of fitness equipment on the market. They’ve been sold for years as a way to introduce running and walking into your indoor life on days when you just can’t get outside for a run. Home treadmills take the many benefits of treadmills and bring them from the gym into your personal life in moments. While here we are listing the budget treadmills under $200, if you can afford to spend more, check out our guides to the best running machines for home under $300, the treadmills under $500 and even the best home treadmills under $1000.

Luckily for fitness fans, there are many great home treadmill models on the market that are all extremely affordable. You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars to invest in good home fitness anymore, you can find great budget treadmills for under $200 easily. Each treadmill is portable, small, and functional, making it easy to set up and use anywhere. Treadmills help you run or walk at your own pace consistently, developing your own personalized fitness routine. With one of these top treadmill models, you’ll be able to find a good fit for your home and your fitness needs that’s one of the best treadmills under $200.

Best Budget Treadmills Under $200 For Home

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Folding Treadmill

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

The SF-T1406M treadmill is built to emulate the perfect, simple, yet straightforward workout experience that fits anywhere and is compact and portable. At just $150, the SF-T1407M combines simple ergonomic exercise that increases blood circulation, increased bone density, strengthened muscles, improved balance and mood, and coordination. The durable belt and treadmill machine means it can withstand power-walking and light jogging, making it easy to set up anywhere. It’s also non-electric, so you can use it anywhere and you’re not tied to a power outlet or other power source.

The SF-T1407M lets you work at your own pace by walking and rotating your own running belt, meaning you can feel safe and secure on a sturdy, non-slip running surface that’s still supportive and reliable. The running surface on the treadmill belt of 42 x 13 inches allows for a smooth and gripping running surface that responds comfortably to your impact without sliding out from underneath you. The included LCD monitor tracks speed, time, and calories burned, and you can also select the scan mode to help yourself click through different monitor modes without having to manually adjust on each monitor. As one of the best budget treadmills under $200, this is an extremely affordable and reliable non-electric monitor.

Pros: Non-electric, compact and ergonomic design, simple to use and set-up, non-slip belt
Cons: No Bluetooth connectivity, no motor for speed variety, no incline variety, no Bluetooth connectivity

Specs: 49 x 23 x 50 inches, max user weight of 220 pounds, 90-day warranty. Max user weight 220 pounds, two-year warranty protection, item weight of 46 pounds

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MaxKare Space-Saving Inexpensive Home Treadmill

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

Versatile, compact, and great for any home or personal fitness space, the MaxKare Folding Treadmill is an ergonomically designed lightweight mechanical treadmill designed for men & women. With multiple design elements that offer full-body benefits, including shock absorbing treadmill belt and deck, a foam padded handlebar and non-slip running surface, a space-efficient folding design that prevents your treadmill from taking up too much room in your house, and a lightweight overall design, the portable and user-friendly folding MaxKare Treadmill is the best treadmill under $200 for all levels of fitness fans.

The adjustable speed tracking on the treadmill monitor lets you see at a glance exactly how fast you’re running. You can also scan through different view modes such as time, distance, and calories burned, all features that let you better maintain, record, or track your data and make your workouts more effective and more accurate. The simple mechanical treadmill is manually driven, so you don’t need a motor or plug to drive your workout. At the price of $155, the MaxKare Folding Treadmill is a bargain and budget performing treadmill that’s great for runners or walkers looking for an intuitive piece of home fitness.

Pros: Affordable, lightweight, scan mode on display, handlebars for support
Cons: No incline range, no speed altering, no motor, no Bluetooth connectivity

Specs: 50 x 23 x 45 inches, max user weight 242 pounds, unit weight 46 pounds, included two-year warranty

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Aceshin Cheap Folding Treadmill For Home

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

Excellent quality at a bargain price, the Aceshin folding treadmill boasts a compact footprint and a fast folding design complete with convenient transportation wheels that help you move your treadmill around without hassle. Thanks to the multifunctionality of this machine, personalized home exercise is more accessible and functional than ever. Designed to be intuitive and user friendly, the Aceshin Folding Treadmill machine offers performance, drive, and motivation in every workout. It’s also easy to use around others, boasting a level 6 damping system, high strength, high density, high elasticity double deck running board and belt and a dampened motor for quiet but powerful use.

Your Aceshin Treadmill offers a small but useful speed range of 0.5 to 6.0 miles per hour that you can use to adapt your workouts to your preferred level of intensity. The digital monitor lets you track your workout performance on the go, watching speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burned feedback pile up in real time and adjusting your work accordingly. You can also select from twelve preset training modes that are designed to target different areas of weight loss, cardio fitness, and overall health stamina building. Between the foldable design, the shock absorption tread deck, and the multifunctional performance monitor functions, you’ll find it easier than ever to support an affordable and high-tech treadmill under $200.

Pros: Heart rate monitoring, Under $200, shock-absorbing tread deck, preprogrammed workout modes
Cons: No Bluetooth connectivity, small speed range, no adjustable incline range

Specs: Weighs 57 pounds, Max user weight of 220 pounds, and two-year protection plan available at extra cost, 49 x 23 x 42 inches.

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Unbran Folding Shock Home Running Machine

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

With road-focused design and a natural, four-in-one workout focus, the Unbran Folding Shock running machine tackles all kinds of fitness goals at once. The machine itself features multiple incline levels, a gently padded foam surface for power walking, and a handy LED monitor that tracks time, distance, speed, and calories burned on every workout. Your mechanical treadmill powers itself (no need for cords or electricity) and responds to your speed and needs, making it easy to set up and use anywhere.

Besides being a handy running machine, this machine also doubles as a sit up machine, twisting machine, and a rope training machine. Build a full body workout out of one inexpensive machine under $200 and use the included sit up tools and ropes to create an extensive calisthenic or aerobics based workout that uses your energy and effort to drive exciting and innovative exercise. With so many fitness benefits, it’s hard to believe this machine is so inexpensive, but this is easily one of the best treadmills under $200 because of its inexpensive price and overall affordability. Easy to install and suitable to use for all ages, this is a great fitness machine option for everyone to use.

Pros: Space-efficient design, multipurpose machine, included additional fitness tools, LED monitor
Cons: No incline or speed adaptability, no Bluetooth connectivity, no motor to drive belt

Specs: Weighs 42 pounds, max user weight 440 pounds, belt size of 27 x 14 inches, two-year warranty available for additional purchase

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Fitness Reality TR1000 Budget Manual Treadmill

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

Take your personal fitness routine up a notch simply and intuitively with the Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill. Built to make your exercise routine simple and straightforward, this powerful and variable treadmill stabilizes firmly in the ground while offering multiple incline levels for a handy height-centered workout experience. Designed to provide seamless exercise on a powerful and smooth treadmill, the Fitness Reality treadmill generates steady and reliable manual driven running and walking exercise with ease. With a strong, durable, and slip resistant tread belt, the Fitness Reality Treadmill is designed to withstand anything.

Other handy user-centered innovations in the Fitness Reality TR1000 Folding Treadmill include the twin cast iron flywheels that make it easy to roll the treadmill belt while you walk on it. Without a motor, the TR1000 is powered entirely by your motion, meaning you want a smoothly rolling belt that responds to your gait. The built-in LCD computer digital display allows you to track your exercise progress easily, tracking time, calories, distance, heart rate, and speed with ease. At $116, this is a great budget priced treadmill under $200 you’ll enjoy for years to come without needing to repair, replace, or upgrade..

Pros: Computer screen display, lightweight and compact yet powerful, smooth-rolling belt
Cons: No Bluetooth connectivity, no motor to power speed

Specs: 47 x 23 x 51 in, weighs 54 pounds, max user weight 230 pounds, two-year warranty available for purchase

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1 HP Under-Desk Walking Treadmill from CEspace

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Sleek, chic, and budget friendly, the CEspace treadmill pairs fitness tech with intuitive design to create the ideal folding treadmill. An affordable and reliable indoor cardio machine that’s designed to keep you active and focused throughout your exercise plan, the CEspace folding treadmill features a large and clearly readable LED display that accurately displays speed, distance, time, and calorie count. Convenient touchable buttons on the monitor mean you don’t have to fiddle with remotes or dials to get your settings where you want them to be.

Your treadmill is built to be quiet, reliable, and easy to move, helping you commit to consistent and smart exercise that’s easy on your joints and consistently pushing you to new fitness heights from wherever you want to go. You can also use this machine in your office for quiet and convenient under desk exercise. With an adjustable speed range of 0.5 to 4 MPH, you can customize your workout however you choose to help meet your fitness needs. The CEspace overall features handy LED technology and useful jogging functionality, making it one of the best treadmills on the market under $200.

Pros: Shock-absorbing design, LED touchable design, lightweight and compact design
Cons: Limited incline options, limited speed range

Specs: 51 x 23 x 6 inches, Max user weight of 220 pounds, two-year warranty available for additional fee, product weight 55 pounds

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TANGNADE Folding Treadmill For Small Apartment

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

Take your cardio training to new heights with the TANGNADE Folding Treadmill. Designed to be a non-electric solution to fitness needs, the TANGNADE folding treadmill brings you a compact and lightweight running machine that’s supported with a shock absorbing running belt and a responsive treadmill ride despite having no motor to power it. The user-friendly design and safety features are designed to work with you to create a great fitness experience. This flat treadmill also makes a great walking desk with a large handlebar that’s easy to install another shelf around, meaning you could easily turn this into a work desk.

The TANGNADE gets its speed flexibility from the motion of the user, so everything naturally adapts to the needs of your body mid workout. A simpler treadmill, the TANGNADE is perfect for getting back into the swing of walking or working out without pushing yourself into an overwhelming fitness routine. Track workout progress with the simple LCD monitor built into the treadmill that’s designed to show real-time speed, distance, time, and calories during your workout. As a simple, streamlined, and user-friendly treadmill, the TANGNADE is designed to make home fitness easy for one and all.

Pros: Shock absorbent flat running deck, LCD display
Cons: No motor, no incline range, no speed range, no Bluetooth connectivity

Specs: Max user weight 220 pounds, Two-year warranty available for additional price, 53 x 37 x 20”, product weight 36 pounds

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ZANFUN 4-in-1 Budget Foldable Treadmill For Home

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

With athlete and fitness junkie-focused design and a versatile four-in-one workout focus, the ZANFUN 4-in-1 Foldable Treadmill creates a multipurpose fitness equipment design that accomplishes every part of your fitness routine at once. The machine boasts a patented running device design that’s hands-free and comfortable, building on foam belts and built in springs to create a soft and comfortable workout experience. The LED monitor that tracks time, distance, speed, and calories burned on every workout to add additional support to your fitness routine. Your mechanical treadmill powers itself without the need for power cords or other electricity, making it easy to set up anywhere.

Besides being a versatile running machine, the ZANFUN running machine also serves as a multifunctional mechanical treadmill that supports walking, running, twisting, sit-ups, massage wheels, and other handy functions. Designed with a cast steel resistance wheel and a functional device design, the ZANFUN running machine provides smooth sliding belt movements and a beneficial overall, full-body workout experience. As a multipurpose weight loss tool, the ZANFUN continues to amaze and support people in their fitness journeys, especially with the incredible price of just $134.

Pros: Multipurpose machine, smooth cast-iron belt wheels, LED monitor
Cons: No incline or speed adaptability, no Bluetooth connectivity, no motor to drive belt, no included fitness tools to use with multipurpose functions

Specs: 42 x 23 x 6inches, 37 pounds, max user weight 330 pounds, delivery guarantee but unclear warranty

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WowTowel Reasoncool Cheap Treadmill For Running

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

Sleek, portable, and flexible, the WowTowel Reasoncool treadmill is designed to be used anywhere and anytime for top-quality exercise. Designed for compact home or office use, the WowTowel Reasoncool Treadmill powers top-quality performance features that keep your comfort and performance in mind all while prioritizing ergonomic and economic design. The sleek and efficient motor works with a large, shock absorbing tread belt designed to smoothly cushion your steps and promote easy running and walking. A preset speed range allows users of all fitness levels to select the workout intensity that works for them all while using one of the highest rated and best treadmills for under $200.

Your flat and powerful treadmill can fit anywhere, making it great for under desks or in offices as a walking desk set up. The touchable LCD display tracks distance, speed, time, and calorie and is also controlled by wireless remote control for when you’re walking hands free. Lightweight and flexible design means it’s easy to move and transport, and the rubber feet absorb excess vibrations and make your machine powerful and consistently reliable to use day or night.

Pros: Motorized belt drive, hands-free usage, remote control start, touchable LCD display, fits under desks, decent speed range
Cons: Limited incline functions, no Bluetooth connectivity

Specs: 48 x 24 x 48”, max user weight of 250 pounds, two year protection plan available at extra cost

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Uublik Mechanical Budget Running Machine

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

Running is simple, easy, and straightforward with the multifunctional ultra quiet mechanical treadmill from Uublik. Designed to replicate your own personal home gym station the uublik mechanical treadmill features adjustable inclines and a calisthenic exercise seat and arms on the front of the treadmill for versatility. Adjust your treadmill between three different inclines and create goal specific workouts that target different parts of your fitness training. Mechanical and non-electric, you won’t need to plug this treadmill in to get good use out of it, making it handy to have in smaller apartments with less outlet access.

This sleek and reliable treadmill is designed to adapt to your needs, made of tough steel and foamed cotton that comfort and absorb your body as you work out. The wide walking belt is designed to be easy to run, walk, or jog on, making your treadmill an ergonomic and versatile piece of fitness equipment you’ll turn to time and time again. Its versatile, compact, and portable design means your Uublik treadmill will likely be a staple in your home or personal gym for many years, and it remains one of the best priced treadmills under $200 online.

Pros: Multifunctional machine, intuitively driven belt design
Cons: No Bluetooth connectivity, limited incline options, manually driven

Specs: 100 x 35 cm, max user weight 120 kilograms.

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Budget Treadmills

When you’re looking for the perfect new treadmill, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind to ensure you’re picking out the best machine for you.

Insulated or Shock Absorbing Tread Deck

The major way people work out with treadmills is by running or walking on the tread deck, the flat surface that rotates with the motor or as you walk on it. It’s important to make sure your tread deck is properly insulated or designed with shock absorbing materials. Having an insulated tread deck will reduce the impact and potential damage to your joints that often results from long running or training marathons. It can also help cushion the impact of your body on the treadmill itself, ensuring a longer life for your machine and a better overall experience as you run.

Motorized Belts

Not every treadmill automatically comes with a motor. Many lower end or less expensive treadmill models are actually non-electric, meaning they’re manually powered by the friction caused by your shoe hitting the belt and moving it. Both can be useful depending on your fitness needs, but motorized belts generally offer better speed options and overall better long-term performance on your machine. In that case, you’ll want to spend time looking for a good motorized treadmill; you can find one at almost every budget point.

Treadmills remain an enduring staple of home fitness machines and will likely remain a part of home gyms and personal workout plans for years to come. Each treadmill we’ve reviewed provides high-quality exercise that’s available to you at incredibly bargain prices and comes with its own array of special features that will help you get on top of your fitness game. Put your feet to the ground confidently today and purchase one of the best treadmills under $200 to get started with your new treadmill journey.

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