Best Computers For Spin Bikes To Monitor Your Workout

Since you are so committed to keeping fit, monitoring your progress is not an option – You just have to keep tabs of your improvement or lapses. Exercising is a lifestyle, and with the best computer for spin bikes, you can monitor this lifestyle.

It is one thing to choose to exercise and maintain the habit, and it’s another to keep track of your statistics – both are vital to achieving your workout goals. There are rowing monitors, step counters, heartbeat monitors, and several technologies that can bring you closer to your fitness goals. Amongst them is the indoor spin bike computer console. And our list was compiled to show you the best spin bike computers.

These indoor spin bike computer monitors help monitor several stats to keep you on track, and also improve your fitness progress. The speed, cadence, time, distance, and calories burnt are just a few of the options available on these indoor cycling computer consoles. In recent times, exercising in the comfort of your home has become the safest option for your health and that of the public, plus you will fancy monitoring as much data as you progress.

As a fitness enthusiast, the significance and mountain of benefits to having spin bikes at home cannot be over-emphasized, including as many other exercise equipment like the rowing machines. Now, the question is; what are your options? How can you choose from a variety of indoor bike computer monitors if we are looking for a unique gift for indoor cyclists? Which of them fits your cycling bike best and gives you your fitness data consistently? Well, we’ve provided the answers for you.

We’ve reviewed the best computers for spin bikes out there, and have carefully selected the top and best options for you. Let’s see what we have for our list of best cadence and speed sensors for indoor bikes.

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Best Spin Bike Computers To Buy Now

Spinning BIO Heart-Rate Wireless Computer

    The spinning BIO heart-rate wireless computer for indoor cycles made the top of our list for its unique qualities. This computer was built mainly for spin bikes. This implies that every design choice, features and programming that was used in building this console was specifically designed for indoor spin bikes. With this, you can monitor your fitness progress as it displays all your fitness data while in use.

    This spin bike computer is very useful for you if you prefer to time your workout to meet a distance goal. And yes, it displays your calories while you’re at it. With this indoor bike console, you can enjoy watching your calories counter go up, or be motivated to push harder when it goes down. I know I’d like to see mine go up. Why else would I be running without being chased? Judging the effectiveness of a workout routine by the number of calories burnt is a staple across all gyms and any other form of exercise.

    The device’s cadence display shows you the revolutions per minute (RPM). This means the rate at which you are turning the pedals/pedalling. This is a very useful means of measure for you if you are one of those committed to tracking their pedalling speed. With this tech, you have the option to display the distance or speed on the monitor. It can easily be swapped with the touch of a button.

    The stats provided by this indoor cycling bike fitness monitor are very useful for different exercise routines. The distance reader is useful for massive marathon rides capable of transporting from Florida to Ohio if you were on the outside. On the other hand, the speed reader can be useful for intense and shorter workouts. Meanwhile, if you are the type that prefers to base your workout progress on time, this tech also displays on the monitor that information.

    Among the best computers for a spin bike, the BIO computer is one of those spin bike computers specifically designed for front-drive cycling bikes. Another amazing feature of this bike computer is that it is built with a heart-rate monitor that is programmed to give users accurate readings. It comes with a 1-year warranty package. With the quality of this spin bike computer, it is hard to argue about the price.

    Additional details:

    2 AA batteries required (included), Heart Rate Monitor, Wireless Cadence Sensor, Automatic Start/Stop, Countdown Timer, Shipping Weight: 11 ounces.


    It has distance, speed, time, cadence, and calories reader all displayed during your workout. The BIO computer is specifically designed for cycling spin bikes. It is also designed to monitor heart rate. Carries all the best you can see from spin bike computers.


    The device is not backlit which makes it difficult to see your readings in low-light conditions. Some might say the price isn’t friends with their budget. It was designed specifically for cycling bikes and this might be a turn-off for those who buy indoor bikes from a different brand.

    Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer Console

    On our list of best spin bikes computers, we rank the high-quality Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS bike computer as the second. This tech was fundamentally designed for road bikes, but you can use it for your spin bike, you just have to attach it to your bike, then it serves the purpose as it does for road bikes. Aren’t we all just being handy?

    But, these sensors don’t come together. This means that they are sold separately. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t stop you from choosing to use it for your bike. The Wahoo bike computer comes with an app that can connect to your tablet or smartphone to get your workout data. The app uses an intuitive program to pair, configure workout pages, customize settings, and link your wireless sensors and popular cycling apps. Immediately after you finish with your workout, the bike computer sends the gathered data to your linked apps. With this, you can keep up with your social life while exercising. With the device, you can also pair your phone to receive text messages, emails and call alerts all while working out.

    The Quicklook LEDs can be used to monitor heart rate, power, speed, and incoming calls, email alerts or texts. The Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS bike computer allows you to choose from over 170+ data fields should you choose to configure them on your screen. The computer displays this much info to keep you in abreast of other important issues while on the grind.

    The computer also allows indoor cycling bikes to replicate your outdoor routes by using its GPS files to determine the distinct elevation levels of the real outdoor. You can choose about 10 various levels of progressive resistance, which implies that the faster you pedal, the more feeling of resistance you get. Also, the Strava Live Segments is useful for heads up before the start of the segment, a progress report when you are behind or ahead of your goal, and a final push when you are about to hit PR.

    You can agree that it seems difficult to find qualities that this tech lacks. The fact that the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT has Bluetooth, ANT+ and WiFi connectivity, is enough to justify this computer being on our list of best computers for spin bikes. You can also sync it with apps like Ride With GPS, Strava, Komoot, Best Bike Split, Singletracks and MTB Project. The only hesitation you might get is the price. Owing to the high quality, it doesn’t come smiling at your wallet. Also, the cost of cadence and speed sensor are not totalled with the price. The computer carries superb quality, hence it’s the deserving price.

    Additional details:

    1 Lithium Polymer batteries required (included), Charging Cable (included), Tactile Smart Buttons, 14.9 ounces of Shipping Weight, Weight – 2.24 ounces, Dimensions – 1.86 × 0.87 × 2.94 inches


    It can be connected to any of your devices and still display every single piece of data you want. The spin bike computer features are exceptional.

    The Cons:

    The price might scare some away. There are some of the route features that are irrelevant for an indoor bike. It’s so unfortunate that it requires separate speed and cadence sensors.

    Shanren Raptor II Pro Bluetooth Bike Monitor

    The Sharen Raptor II pro Bluetooth cycling bike computer is next on our list of best computers for spin bikes. This device was built to be able to sync with both speed/cadence sensors and the heart rate through Bluetooth. And like the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt computer, this bike computer is designed for outdoor bikes, yet it fits and works well with indoor cycling spin bikes once you find a spot to attach the speed and sensor holder. It monitors the normal type of statistics as you would expect. Speed, cadence, time and distance are all displayed by this computer.

    As earlier mentioned, the computer is originally built and customized for outdoor use, and for that reason, there can be few technical steps to follow for installation. For the full installation, you only need one magnet to attach it to your bike flywheel. The sensor holder must be attached to the rear fork arm to allow it to feel both the flywheel magnet and feel the pedal crank arm each time the flywheel turns.

    Another excellent reason this is one of the best spin bike computers is that it comes with some remarkable connecting technology in a way the computer pairs with the sensors nicely and instantly syncs with the computer on the next ride. The Sharen Raptor II is a nicely sized 2.1 inches featured with an adjustable backlight for visibility in all sorts of lighting. Another impressive part about this spin bike computer is the battery life/capacity. With this computer, you are sure of 2000 hours of use. Now, that is a lot of cycling. Like that’s not impressive enough; the battery is rechargeable. Let’s just agree that it comes with an endless battery.

    You should note that this particular computer has both the cadence and speed sensors that are attached. One faces the pedal crank arm. So, to be able to track both cadence and speed, you have to install the piece the holds together both sensors (being cadence and speed) on the rear fork. With this, on one side it can sense the pedal crank arm on every stroke of the pedal, while on the other hand, it can sense the magnet on the flywheel.

    To attach the sensor holder, note that most indoor spin bikes have a different spot in the back that road bikes do. This simply means that setting the sensor holder in the optimal place might be a challenge for you. However, if your spin bike has its flywheel located in front and you want to track the speed, you could easily attach the sensor to the front fork and then attach the magnet to the flywheel. With this, you can best fix this computer’s compatibility issues.

    Additional details:

    1 Lithium Polymer batteries required (included), Waterproof (IP65), charging: Micro USB, 4hrs, Weight: 120gram, Max brightness: 300LM, Shipping Weight: 10.7 ounces, Dimensions: 5.9 × 5.1 × 1.8 inches.


    Compared to some other options, it is considerably cheap. It displays your exercise stats for as long as you want.


    Some have rated this device as the biggest downside to the Raptor II series. The installation process of this computer appears to be a bit complicated on some bikes.

    CAT EYE Strada Cadence Wired Bike Computer

    Also on our list of best computers for spin bikes is the CAT EYE, Strada Cadence wired Bike Computer, and rightly so. And yeah you guessed right. Just like the previous ones, this is another bike computer that is originally designed for outdoor bikes. Although, it also works on front-drive indoor cycling bikes preferred by most. It tracks and monitors your current, average and max speed, two trip distance, total distance, elapsed time, cock, pace arrow, and cadence. The features of this computer for spin bikes go beyond the average ones you see in the market.

    This indoor cycling bike fitness monitor comes with an impressive CatEye’s ClickTec® interface. This allows you to switch among 8 different modes by simply clicking the bottom of the interface. It’s not like anyone wants to waste their time fiddling with the computer just to see different stats.

    Whatever mode you choose is displayed at the bottom of the screen, while your current speed appears at the top in easy-to-read numerals. This computer comes with a battery that goes just as high. With regular use, the device can last for 2 years without you bothering on replacing it.

    It might interest you to know that interface is a very important part of all cycling spin bikes computers. While exercising, being exasperated, you wouldn’t want an interface to make you squint to see your exercise data. The bike computer comes with a large screen, with huge numbers on display so that with a glance you can see your data while working out.

    This is by far one of the best computers for spin bikes, but as you now know it, it not originally designed for spin bikes. Still, a handy customer discovered a way to install his and make it work on a JOROTO health fitness bike. You see, the sensor needs to be attached to the fork arm and the magnet will need to be attached to the flywheel. This way, the sensor can feel the magnet each time the flywheel turns. This computer is top-notch and just happens to be cheaper than most.

    Additional details:

    2 Lithium-ion batteries required, Wire transmission distance: 55 inches, Fork mount size: 11mm to 55mm, 3.8 ounces Shipping Weight, Dimension: 1.8 × 1.2 × 0.6 inches.


    It is also designed in a way that is convenient to switch between data views, with all your data being visible on its large interface. This is a high-quality cycling spin bike computer that provides you with all the workout information that you need. Its quality is what it is popularly favored for.


    Perhaps, because of its lower price compared to other spin bike computers, the connection quality has raised concerns from some users. Installation of bike computers on some indoor cycling spin bikes can be a bit tricky.

    Planet Bike Protégé 9.0 Bike Computer Monitor

    Fifth on our list is the Planet Bike Protégé 9.0, another amazing computer with cadence and speed sensors for spin bikes. It has 9 unique functions: speed comparator, current speed, ride time, trip balance, average speed, maximum speed, dual odometer (for 2 wheel sizes), temperature, and clock. Using the combination of all these can turn a mediocre workout into an inspired and productive session. The 4-line LCDs up to 5 categories of data at a glance.

    With a long tap on the computer, you can reset your data. The touch screen responds even when you’re on gloves. The computer automatically starts when it senses motion on the bike, sparing you the need to turn it. And when you eventually stop, the computer doesn’t reset your data until you’re done.

    You might also notice that it shows over half the information it can display. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this computer is its “buttonless” design approach which allows the large macro-monitor LCD screen display most of your data on a readable page. Instead of constantly pressing buttons, with a simple tap on the computer you can switch displays, while on your ride.

    Since it is designed specifically for outdoor bikes, there are a few things to do to get this piece of tech running. It works with front-drive spin bikes. Just like the CatEye computer, you will need to attach the sensor to the fork arm and the magnet to the flywheel. Remember, this is simply because every time the flywheel goes around it needs to feel the magnet.

    Despite being one of the best computers for spin bikes, protégé 9.0 is extremely cheap. Even with the cheaper price, the device comes with a lifetime warranty. So, should something go wrong, you are backed-up by the warranty deal. And for such a cheap spin bike computer, this warranty is relatively rare.

    Additional details:

    1 Lithium Metal batteries required (included), Dimensions: 3.9 × 2 × 5.9 inches, Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces, Fits 25.0 to 31.8-millimeter handlebars. 82-centimeter wire mounting kit for the front wheel, Case size: 40 × 47 millimeters.


    Firstly, the lifetime warranty is the strongest bonus that comes with this device. If you’re interested in getting nice bits of data on your exercise performance cheaply, the device is highly recommended. Unlike other bikes on this list, it comes with a highly sensitive interface that doesn’t use buttons.


    It is also a bit fastidious to get working normally. The confusing installation process for some spin bikes can become a downside. The wire connector is also too long, almost annoyingly so.

    Wahoo RPM Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensors

    Finally, the last on our list of best computers for spin bikes is a combination computer from Wahoo. The most impressive thing about its sensors is its connectivity. They are designed to be able to connect to both ANT+ devices and Bluetooth. The computer can connect to different programs and apps, and that is the most pleasing part. It operates with more than 50 smartphone apps including Zwift, Wahoo Fitness, Trainerroad, Sufferfest, Komoot, MapMyRide and a lot more.

    Unique from most of the listed bike computers, the Wahoo RPM Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor are two separate devices. The speed sensor allows you to track accurate distance and speed and all times, while the cadence sensor, as you might be able to guess, tracks the RPMs and cadence of the cyclist.
    This indoor cycling bike fitness monitor can also connect to tablets and bike computers produced by Wahoo, Garmin, Polar, and more. It is their adaptability and connectivity that puts them on our list. By the way, you are not wrong to think that these sensors don’t belong in our best-computer-for-spin-bikes list since they are not technically a computer.

    With your tablet or phone, you can track your stats with a spin bike speed and cadence sensor. All you have to do, as usual. Is to attach the sensors to the crank arms and flywheel and connect your device (phone, tablet, etc) to the Bluetooth or ANT+ sensors.

    Wahoo is one of the most recognized giants in making sensors for bikes, and by buying their sensors, you are guaranteed you are going for the best computers for spin bikes.

    Additional details:

    2 Lithium Metal batteries required (included), Waterproof of up to 5 feet, Shipping Weight: 1.4 ounces, Dimensions: 1.2 × 1 × 0.8 inches, Third-party App compatible, Universal Fit, Bluetooth Smart and ANT+.


    The quality sensors can connect to almost anything. The sensors are compatible with several third-party apps that allow you to choose whichever one you feel most comfortable with.


    Note that unlike others in our list, this isn’t a computer. And yeah, getting them to work on another type of bike might be a serious challenge.

    Buying Guide To Help You Find the Best Monitor for Your Spin Bike

    • Price: obviously, the first thing to consider before buying anything is the price. These indoor bikes can be costly mostly for their high quality, so make sure you know what your budget is. And then when you see a good bike monitor console that comes with what you want, just go ahead and purchase it. Power metal pedals are easy to install compared to an indoor spin bike computer, so it’s a good consideration.
    • Design/Installation: most indoor bike computers are gotten from outdoor bikes, so always check the indoor bike computer parts before buying. The installation is a bit challenging, but if you think the required sensors aren’t in your spin bike, then you can buy them.
    • Wireless/Wired spinning computer: wired spin bikes are complicated to install so avoid generally. They can break, and running extra wires just makes your bike look ugly.
    • Its compatibility with various apps: if your spinning cycle bike monitor is already compatible with the apps, that makes it more comfortable for you. Some bike consoles don’t come with Bluetooth or ANT+, and without this, they can’t connect to your spinning apps. So be certain of what you’re buying.
    • Spinning data tracking capability: this is the most imperative feature to check when searching for the best computers for spin bikes. The basic purpose of getting a monitor console for your spin bike is to get feedback on your fitness progress, so look for bike consoles that can give you feedback on speed, distance, time, calories, RPM, and heart rate.

    Here’s a link to a video that shows how Spinning BIO monitor is set up on a spin bike:

    Here’s a link to an image that shows how this monitor is set up for spin bike:

    Here’s a link to a video that shows how a basic road bike monitor is set up on a spin bike:


    What should I look out for on a bike computer?

    Time, speed, distance, magnetic-sensor wired or wireless models with additional options such as cadence. Also, look out for advanced magnetic-sensor wireless models or basic GPS models.

    How do I set up a computer on my spin bike?

    You’ll find some instructions above to help in the installation process. A quick Google search should suffice. Or you can simply follow this link:

    Why do I need a computer for my spin bike?

    With a bike computer, you can monitor your exercise stats. It can help raise the intensity or quality of their workouts, leading to better overall health and quicker goal achievement. With easier and more convenient stat tracking and the ability to connect to many different apps, these computers can help with workouts.

    Is a spin bike computer necessary for a good workout?

    Not necessary, but highly recommended for improvements in your workout routines. If you are buying a budget spin bike, chances are that a monitor is not included, but if you want to better keep a note of your workout goals, you should consider investing in one of these monitors as they really deliver.

    Why is my spin bike computer not working?

    Check if the device is properly attached to the handlebar mount. After this, if you are still not getting any reading, raise a magnet around the sensor and check for any reading. If there is still no reading its means the wheel transmitter and magnet are likely misaligned.

    Which is the best spin bike to buy?

    Several models have been compared, and based on several facts the Stages SC3 is currently one of the best spin bikes to buy in 2020. It’s highly adaptable and has top-of-the-line ergonomics which makes the ride extremely comfortable and fun. Additionally, it has unique workout data tracking capability, thanks to its direct watt, rpm, and speed tracking system.

    However, if you don’t want to spend too much to buy machines like one of the top commercial spin bikes, there are some pretty interesting spin bikes under $1000, under $500, and even indoor cycles for less than $300.

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