Best Commercial Spin Bikes For Your Pro Home Gym

Exercise is one of those aspects of life that is quite strange. Nobody seems to really want to do it except for fitness gurus, yet it is something that can benefit absolutely everyone. One of the most popular ways to get fit in recent years is the indoor cycling bikes, also known as spin bikes. The best commercial spin bikes are routinely occupied at the gym, have their own dedicated clubs and can now even be brought home, making also a pretty exclusive gift for indoor cyclists.

These commercial quality indoor cycles are some of the best on the market, allowing those who love the spin bikes at the gym to be able to bring that love and fitness into their own home. The issue is that there are all sorts of commercial quality spin bikes now available, but how do you know which one is the best?

That’s what we’re here to find out. Using a series of criteria (that we’ll go over in the buyer’s guide after the list), we’ve gone through and listed what we think are the best commercial spin bikes available on the market. These indoor bikes meant for studios can very well make their way into your home, letting you get all the advantages of a gym without ever having to leave. However, consider that whether you have an inexpensive bike or a commercial-grade one, you will still need a mat for indoor cycles to protect your floor and to ensure a lower-impact workout.

Now with all of that out of the way, let’s get right into our best commercial spin bikes reviews!

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Best Commercial Spin Bikes – Our Picks For 2020

Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle

Up first on our list is the Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle. This, quite frankly, is one of the best available spin bikes on the market. Period. Not just a good commercial bike, not just a good magnetic resistance bike. Thanks to that magnetic resistance and poly-V belt, you get some of the smoothest and most quiet workouts you will ever find. The IC7’s flywheel weight is not given, though it’s estimated to be anywhere between 8-15 lbs. The pedals offer the capability to fit with regular shoes and SPD shoes, allowing for both regular cyclists and those who prefer the SPD style to enjoy the ride.

As for the console on the IC7, it does its job splendidly. It shows a whole host of information; almost more than you need. You can see the calories burned, distance, heart rate, resistance level, watts, training zone/watt rate, and heart rate and more. The console has five different colours for different intensity modes, allowing the cyclist to almost be coached by the bike. This is great for newer riders who don’t particularly know what they are doing.

For those who want to connect to their Android or Apple devices at home, the IC7 can accommodate them as well. It has both ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility, allowing you to connect with a variety of different workout apps. There’s also the ICG training app that allows you to make custom workouts, share those workouts with friends and just generally allows more interaction with other cyclists and access to more workouts.

Additional Information

The max user weight is 330 lbs (150 kg). Life Fitness does not specify the exact weight of the bike itself. Its dimensions are 52 inches (132 cm) long, 20.5 inches (52 cm) wide and 40.2 inches (102 cm) tall. As for the warranty, there is a 5-year warranty on the structural frame, 3 years on the mechanical components and 1 year on other parts and one year on labor.

The Pros

There is almost nothing wrong with this bike. It is self-powered, has an excellent console, is Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible, customizable workouts, tons of different resistance settings and provides a smooth and quiet ride. The IC7 also has a very good warranty to go along with it.

The Cons

The only possible downside is the price. The vast majority of us cannot lightly drop $3,000-$3,200 on a piece of exercise equipment.

Stages SC3 Indoor Bike

In the second place, we have the Stages SC3 indoor bike. One of the slickest looking bikes on our list, the SC3 also has the features to match. Starting with the EcoSCRN console that comes with the bike, it displays a whole host of different statistics. It can show the Max, Average and Ride totals for the following: Kilojoules (work), Kcal (calories), watts, RPM, speed, heart rate (if wearing a strap), time and distance. It is also compatible with Android and iOS devices through its Bluetooth and ANT+ connection abilities. Overall, a very good console can be found on this spin bike. The SC3 also has the highlight feature of being able to change the resistance of the workout with only a push of a lever. The Stages SprintShift allows for easier transitions compared to the traditional spinning of the resistance knob over and over again. This makes it perfect for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routines.

For those who want these sorts of exercise sessions, but find themselves uncomfortable on many commercial-grade spin bikes, the SC3 has a solution for that. It has systems like the FitLoc lever to allow for quick and easy adjustment up and down for the seat. Meanwhile, the advanced fore/aft adjustments on the seat allow for (as the name implies) easier for/aft adjustment on the same piece of the bike. This can make it great for homes where multiple users intend on working out on the SC3.

Additional Information

The max user weight on the SC3 is 350 lbs (150 kg), while it weighs 96 lbs (43 kg). Its dimensions are 24.5 inches (62.2 cm) wide and 43.5 inches (110.5 cm) long. The height is not listed. It comes with a 15-year warranty on the frame, a 10-year warranty on the carbon fibre belt, a 3-year warranty on the mechanical systems and a 1-year warranty on the electronics.

The Pros

A smooth and quiet ride comes along with all the extra features that you’d expect of a commercial quality spin bike. The SC3 allows you to keep a close eye on exactly how you are doing with the workout statistics, connect to other apps and can be customized to just about any user. Toss in the extremely generous warranties and you’ve got a good spin bike.

The Cons

Like the IC7, the cost is a bit high. With a price of $2,800, it will still cost a pretty penny. Another small note is that the screen can seem to lag behind the actual workout, which might be disorienting for some.

Precor Spinner Chrono Power Indoor Bike

Coming in third on our list of the best commercial-grade indoor bikes is the Spinner Chrono Power from Precor. Similar to many of the bikes on this list, the magnetic resistance system combines with the Kevlar-reinforced cogged timing belt to help maintain a smooth and quiet ride for the cyclists. The 26 lb flywheel allows for a hefty resistance on the upper levels, enabling those who seriously want some challenge to get just that. Meanwhile, the Q-Factor (the distance between pedals) helps match hip-width in order to minimize hip, knee, or ankle discomfort. Both the seat and the handlebars are fully adjustable as well.

The computer on the Spinner Chrono Power is one of the main highlights. The SPINPower® LCD Console gives you accurate numbers about the workout session as you ride, such as the watts and kilojoules in order to see how much effort was actually expended and how it measures up in terms of calories burnt. It has a 5-inch backlit LCD screen that is powered by the bike itself, so there is no need for batteries or recharging. This console also allows for a connection to a library of exclusive Spinning® instructor-led rides. This can be great for those who prefer to have their workouts guided rather than coming up with them and doing it independently. A notable downside of the Spinner Chrono Power is the cost. This is a highly advanced and specially designed bike. That means that it is going to cost you a firm $2,900 to get its advantages. Fortunately, this commercial-grade spin bike does come with a pretty good set of warranties, meaning that it will last you a while.

Additional Information

The Spinner Chrono Power weighs 110 lb (50 kg) and holds a max user weight of 350 lbs (159 kg). Its dimensions are 48 inches (122 cm) long and 20.4 inches (52 cm) wide. The height is not given. It comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame and belt, a 1-year warranty on the console and labor, and a 2-year warranty on the mechanical parts.

The Pros

This commercial spin bike will offer you an excellent set of exercises that will be both comfortable and productive for cyclists of all levels. The warranties will also make sure that you can use the Spinner Chrono Power for a long while after you buy it.

The Cons

The price must be acknowledged as a weakness. It is nearly three thousand dollars, which is more than many people can afford. The bike also does not come fully preassembled, which might be an annoyance to some.

Keiser M3i Commercial Spin Bike

Now we come to one of the most welcoming spin bikes on the market. Thanks to the V-shape of the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle, anyone weighing up to 350 lbs and measuring between 4’10” and 7’1” can comfortably ride on it. Another large benefit is that the M3i really tries to capture the feeling of a real bike while also delivering the smooth and quiet experience that modern, magnetic resistance bikes can. Fortunately, it happens to be quite good at that. Considering how this bike is used for many cycling classes, the design inherently reflects this. One of the best magnetic spin bikes, the flywheel and many of the crucial bits are intentionally put away from the “sweat zone”, helping them avoid any sort of deterioration or excessive maintenance. Even the curve of the pedals is meant to eliminate any sort of pressure points on the feet.

As for the console and app compatibilities, the M3i does quite well in this regard. The suggested Bluetooth connection is the free Keiser MSeries app. It gives the option to freely track the standard statistics such as distance, calories, time and so on through Free Ride mode. It has a Functional Power Test (FTP) mode, which allows you to measure the amount of power that you put out over a certain amount of time. Finally, the app allows for Guided Workouts, which takes the data from the FTP mode in order to measure out the appropriate length and resistance settings for the workouts. Because this is such a quality bike, it does come with a little bit of a higher cost – $2,000. However, you certainly will be getting a quality piece of exercise equipment for that money.

Additional Information

The M3i has a weight capacity of 350 lbs (159 kg) while weighing 85 lbs (39 kg) itself. Its dimensions are 51 inches (130 cm) long, 26 inches (66 cm) wide and 49 inches (124.5 cm) tall. It has a 10-year frame warranty, 3 year all-inclusive warranty, and 90-day wearable parts warranty.

The Pros

This bike can adjust to nearly every person who would want to cycle, can help both beginners and advanced cyclists in their fitness pursuits, has a great warranty and delivers a smooth and quiet ride for all. Quite the package Keiser has put out here.

The Cons

The price is still a bit of a block for many. The seat can also be somewhat uncomfortable for some, though that can easily be fixed by replacing it with your own or using a cushion.

NordicTrack S22i Commercial Studio Cycle

The NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle S22i is one of the most expensive and advanced commercial bikes available on the market. This both works in its favor and against it. The first thing that you notice about this spin bike is its giant, 22-inch screen. This screen will allow you (with the 1-year iFit subscription that comes with the bike) to access thousands of cycling classes on-demand, as well as access to live cycling sessions. This is fantastic for those who want the experience of going to cycling classes and sessions without needing to leave their home. This screen and technology also allow for the bike to automatically change resistance and incline settings according to whatever workout you happen to be doing. No more having to be flustered by trying to change the settings mid-workout. You can also keep track of your heart rate through either pulse sensors on the handlebars or a Bluetooth-connected chest strap.

Getting away from the screen and connections for a second, the actual design of the S22i is quite a prime one. The magnetic resistance ensures a smooth and quiet workout, while the adjustable seat and pedals make sure that you are comfortable while you ride. If you are interested in upper body exercise while you cycle, the 22i comes with a pair of dumbbells

Additional Information

The S22i has a user weight of 350 lbs, while the actual weight is not given. In terms of size it is 55 inches (140 cm) long, 21.9 inches (55.6 cm) wide and 56.9 inches (144.5 cm) tall. It comes with a 10-year frame warranty, a 2-year parts warranty and a 1-year labor warranty.

The Pros

The overall design and technological feats of the S22i are brilliant. You get a smooth and comfortable ride regardless of resistance level. With the iFit subscription that comes with the bike, you can have so many ways to exercise over a year. Generous warranties are expected, but also welcome.

The Cons

The price is an issue. We feel like a broken record, but despite the quality, it seems a lot to ask $2000 for a bike, in addition, to further subscriptions to iFit once the initial year runs out. It also appears that NordicTrack’s customer service is below par according to many reviews.

Life Fitness IC4 Exercise Bike

Another entry from Life Fitness, this time we have the IC4. The first difference that you will notice between this bike and the IC7 is the lack of console on the bike. This is unfortunate, as it means that you’ll have to keep track of how much work you are doing some other sort of way. Whether that’s through an app or a different method, it is a tad annoying to have it not done for you. However, the lack of computers does not mean the IC4 is worthless. This bike is for those who don’t want to deal with all the setup or complications a computer provides and would just prefer to get on and ride. As it is a commercial grade bike, the IC4 is made to withstand thousands of hours of riding without any sort of decay. If there is any such problem, the warranties should cover it.

The actual design and build of the bike are exactly what you would expect from the quality makers at Life Fitness. The handlebars and seat can be adjusted to fit nearly any user, while the pedals are compatible with both toe cages and SPD cleats. It has some great ergonomics and comes with 2 water bottle holders for those who want to go on the longer rides.

Additional Information

The IC4 has a max user weight of 330 lbs (150 kg) while weighing 110 lbs (50 kg) when fully assembled. Its dimensions are 52 inches (132 cm) long, 20.5 inches (52 cm) wide and 47.2 (120 cm) inches tall. It has a 5-year warranty on the frame, a warranty of 3 years on mechanical components and 1 year on labor and other parts.

The Pros

Great design, fantastic feel of the workouts, highly adjustable pedals and seat with warranties to keep it all covered. Everything you could want in a no-nonsense bike that keeps the cyclist engaged in their work.

The Cons

The price of $1,700 is a bit high for a bike without any technology to speak of. Even a basic screen that helped keep track of statistics would have been a good inclusion here.

Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 7150 Spin Bike

Finally, we have the ASUNA 7150 Minotaur from Sunny Health & Fitness. As the name might indicate, this is rather a large and hefty bike. The magnetic resistance can be controlled by a knob on the bike, allowing the user to switch between a variety of different resistance settings. However, like the IC4, the user won’t actually be able to keep track of their statistics on any of these exercises since the Minotaur doesn’t come with any sort of spin bike monitor or display. Again, you’ll have to turn to some sort of third party app for that.

The actual design of the Minotaur is otherwise solid. It has got a 33 lb flywheel that provides plenty of resistance, the pedals are compatible with both toe-cages and SPD cleats, and the seat and handlebars are both adjustable for the user. Once again, there are bottle holders for those who are looking to go the distance on this bike. The price is also decent, coming in at just around $1,400.

Additional Information

The Minotaur holds a max weight of 330 lbs (150 kg) while weighing 132 lbs (60 kg) itself. The dimensions are 49 inches (125 cm) tall, 27 inches (69 cm) wide and 57 inches (145 cm) long. It comes with a 5-year structural frame warranty and 180 days warranty on other parts and components.

The Pros

The Minotaur is shaped and built in such a way that you will enjoy the workouts you have on it. It provides a challenge for those who are looking for it, while giving an easy ride to those who aren’t. The frame warranty and price are also solid.

The Cons

The lack of a monitor is certainly a con. It means that you can’t keep track of your statistics as you ride. The warranty on everything besides the frame is not very good either.

What To Know Before Buying A Commercial Spin Bike – The Buyer’s Guide

That concludes our commercial spin bike reviews. Now we’re going to go over some of the aspects that we used to rank these bikes and ones that you should keep in mind in your own hunt for spin bikes.

  • The price. Obviously, the price is a big point of any spin bike purchase. Since all of these are commercial level spin bikes, the price is going to be much higher than “regular” spin bikes. The cycles we reviewed here are not budget spin bikes and it is really up to the buyer on just how much they think the individual bike offers value for that money.
  • The warranties. Again, relating to price. Nobody wants their piece of exercise equipment that they just dropped thousands of dollars on to break down and be gone forever. Bikes with good warranties can save a good deal of money in the future in addition to their fitness abilities.
  • The resistance type. This is less relevant here since just about all of the top commercial brands have transferred to magnetic resistance. However, one should still keep it in mind when looking. There is also the friction resistance type that comes with other types of spin bikes.
  • The console/technology. Some of these consoles can do amazing things beyond simply keep track of statistics. Meanwhile, some don’t have consoles at all. It is generally up to the user to decide how important one of these consoles is to them. And if your bike doesn’t have them, you can invest in some quality speed and cadence sensors.
  • The customizability. Whether it is the seat or handlebars, the adjustability of a spin bike can be one of the key aspects in making it comfortable. It allows users of all shapes and sizes to appropriately get set and ready to go when riding. The pedals, too, can be customized. If they are SPD-compatible or have toe cages, this can make a difference in just how enjoyable it is to work out on them. To improve your spinning experience, you can also check out the best spin bike seats, seat covers as well as top indoor cycle pedals.


Q: Are these bikes easy to set up?
A: For the most part, yes. Many come pre-assembled or with absolutely minimal setup required. There are exceptions, such as the NordicTrack 22i. It has a slightly longer and more arduous setup process, but it is the exception rather than the rule.

Q: Can cycling really help lose weight?
A: Yes, it most certainly can! Cycling can be one of the best ways to lose weight if done regularly and with the correct intensity levels. It also happens to be easier on the joints than traditional cardio workouts like running.

Q: What’s the difference between commercial spin bikes and non-commercial spin bikes?
A: Commercial spinning bikes are those that are designed for either public gyms or cycling studios. They are made to be ridden for thousands of hours and by hundreds of users. These are typically the best spin bikes available and as such cost more to purchase individually. However, with the cost also comes an extreme level of quality.

Our Verdict!

These commercial-grade spin bikes can produce some of the best workouts you can find. There is a reason that they are used at the highest level of cycling and spread throughout the world as the standard for what a good spin bike is. If you are serious about getting into indoor cycling, this list is an excellent place to start looking. Now get out there and get cycling!

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