Best Spin Bikes Under £300 In The UK – Get Fit For Less

Find your perfect spin bike under £300 and get fit in your perfect home gym

There is a significant push throughout the UK to encourage people to make healthy changes in their lives. One of the major ways is to get people to get more physical exercise. Unfortunately, not everyone can get outside and do more than they already are. One way to help those people would be to recommend an indoor cycling bike. That is the purpose of this best magnetic resistance spin bikes under £300 in the UK article.

We are hoping that by creating this comprehensive buying that we can share the knowledge that we learned about the spin bike. This type of personal exercise equipment can be set up in your own home. Home spin bikes provide a low-impact cardio workout and a lower body workout as well. We put together a buying guide in order to help people who are looking for a spin cycle under 300 for their home gym.

In order to be prepared to write an article like this, we had to do a lot of research. In order to do this we spent a lot of time looking over many different articles online to find 10 of the best belt-drive indoor bike under 300 British Pound. Our comprehensive guide includes some information that you might want to keep in mind when you are doing your own research before you select the spin bike that is best for you. The guide also includes some typical questions that are asked about spin bikes.

Below you will find our top 10 list of the best spin bike under 300 in Britain. You will find information on each indoor cycling bikes, which will include spin bike reviews under £300 in the UK.

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Top 10 Best Spin Bike under 300 in Britain

JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

Today’s indoor cycling bikes are much more advanced than those of the past. JLL fitness factory used a number of advanced technologies that are designed to make the JLL IC300 Pro Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike one of the top indoor cycles with magnetic resistance. It is made using high-quality materials and a number of advanced features combine to create a really good piece of exercise equipment for your home gym.

One of the best spin bikes in the UK, JLL seemingly had the comfort of the rider at heart when they were creating the IC300 Pro Spin Bike. The padded seat, highly adjustable seat post and handlebars are each adjustable in a number of ways; up, down, forward, and backward. By adjusting the seat post upward or downward it will accommodate riders who are short or very tall and everywhere in between. The handlebars can only be adjusted upward or downward (cannot be moved forward or backward).

One of the keys to a spin bike is for it to be very smooth to ride and it being quiet would be a bonus. Fortunately, the IC300 Pro uses a belt driven system and magnetic resistance with a heavy, all steel flywheel that weighs 30kg. The unique belt in the drive system transfers the pedaling motion of the 3-piece crank to the flywheel. By using a series of powerful magnets positioned just above the flywheel to produce an extra level of resistance.

Additional Information

  • User weight – Maximum user weight is 130kg
  • Height capacity – Accommodates riders from 137.16cm to 198.12cm
  • Dimensions – 131cm x 51cm x 112cm
  • Warranty – 12 months warranty
  • Bike weight – 45 Kilograms


  • The belt drive transmission system produces a very smooth and quiet ride
  • The built-in monitor keeps track of up to seven different functions during your workout
  • The built-in sensors in the handlebars allows you to easily check your heart rate as you are riding


  • It does not come with a mount to hold your phone or tablet

Dripex Indoor Cycle With Magnetic Resistance

The Dripex Indoor Cycling Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike is one of the best magnetic indoor bike under 300 Pounds on our list. The machine features an all high strength all frame and stabilizer supports which allows it to handle a rider up to 150 kg. It delivers a HIIT cardio workout that is also low-impact.

The heavy all steel flywheel (15.8kg) and exclusive belt drive system creates a very smooth and quiet ride. It features a manually adjustable resistance system that puts the power in your hands to raise or lower the resistance by simply turning a knob (emergency stop by pushing down on the knob. The resistance is created by a series of magnets placed directly above the flywheel. The current is raised or lowered when the knob is turned in a specific direction indicated on the knob.

Building one of the best budget spin bikes in the UK, Dripex built a whole lot of adjustability into this machine. This means that it can easily accommodate a wide range of riders since the oversized frame and supports are combined with a highly adjustable seat mount and post. It can be raised, lowered and moved forward and backward. The ergonomic handlebars can also be raised and lowered to adjust your comfort. The seat is a heavily padded saddle that is designed to make your ride much more comfortable. Adding to that, you can get extra comfort and longer spinning sessions by wearing padded indoor cycling shorts for men or for women.

Additional Information

  • User weight – Can support a rider of a maximum weight of 150 kg
  • Height capacity – Can accommodate a rider from 160.02cm to 190.5cm
  • Dimensions – Overall machine dimensions
  • Warranty – 1-year warranty
  • Bike weight – Weighs 48kg


  • Designed to be used by the whole family since it can accommodate riders ranging from 160.02cm to 190.5cm
  • It can be easily moved around the room using the wheels mounted on the front support bar
  • The large LCD display is really easy to read while you are working out


  • The manual tension knob does not indicate specific increments

JLL IC200 PRO Indoor Cycling Bike

JLL is a well known manufacturer of exercise equipment in the UK and they have created an affordable magnetic spin bike for home gym use. The JLL IC200 Pro Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is well designed and manufactured using only the highest quality materials and advanced technologies to create a well built home gym machine. The spin bike exercise machine is designed specifically to provide the ultimate low-impact cardio workout.

The key to any spin bike is to produce a smooth, low or zero impact cardio workout. What makes an indoor cycling bike or spin bike such a great piece of equipment is that it replicates the precise movement of an outdoor road or mountain bike without having to leave your home. With the JLL IC200 Pro, you get a simulated full cardio workout that can be varied every time you get on the bike. The resistance is created by pedaling the bike which turns the steel flywheel and you build momentum with every stroke. The belt driven system creates both a smooth and ultra quiet ride.

The resistance can be increased or decreased depending on your workout requirements and can be accomplished with a simple twist of the tension knob. It features 8 different resistance levels that can be changed on the fly during each workout. In the case of the IC200 Pro Indoor cycling bike in the UK, there are a series of magnets placed just above the flywheel. By turning the knob you increase or decrease the amount current that flows through the magnets. This in turn makes it easier or harder for the flywheel to turn. Your progress can easily be tracked using the large LCD display on the computer console.

Additional Information

  • User weight – handles a rider up to 100kg
  • Height capacity – N/A
  • Dimensions – 117 cm L x 60 cm W x 125 cm H
  • Warranty – 12 month warranty
  • Bike weight – weighs 35.5kg


  • The exclusive speed increasing technology generates a smooth ride despite having only a 7kg flywheel
  • The heavy-duty all-steel frame and stabilizer bars creates an extremely durable piece of exercise equipment
  • The easy to read LCD display on the built-in console makes it really easy to follow the progress of your workout


  • Seat height adjustment is limited so that also limits how tall a rider can be

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002C Studio Cycle

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002C Indoor Studio Cycle Exercise Bicycle is a heavy-duty piece of indoor exercise equipment that is made from only the highest quality materials. It combines numerous technological advancements to produce one of the best indoor cycling exercise bike under £300 in the United Kingdom. They obviously had the riders comfort in mind when they came up with a number of features.

The heavy-duty all steel oversize frame and structural supports provide an exceptional amount of stability that makes it possible for a wide range of riders from the very small (73cm) to the very tall and heavy riders (101cm and 125kg). To make it possible to accommodate the very tall riders the seat is highly adjustable, both upward and backwards. To ensure comfort, the handlebars raise and lower to accordingly.

The key to a spin bike is to provide a smooth, fluid ride that adds the right amount to resistance to challenge your muscles to help make them grow. The SF-B1002C features one of the heaviest all steel flywheel, sturdy three-piece crank and drive belt to produce the smooth ride. The magnetic resistance system features multiple magnets positioned just above the flywheel and by turning the tension knob to the right or to the left will add or reduce the amount of resistance.

Additional Information

  • User weight -Maximum user weight 125 KG
  • Height capacity – Accommodates riders Min 73 cm to 101 cm
  • Dimensions – 125.73 x 45.72 x 111.76 cm
  • Warranty – 3-year warranty on the structural frame and 180-days on all other components
  • Bike weight – 52.16 kg


  • This is truly one heavy-duty exercise bike top indoor cycle with magnetic resistance that we tried
  • The attached pedal cages help to keep your feet on the pedals even during HIIT workouts
  • The oversized contoured saddle is overly padded to make it much more comfortable for those long rides


  • The handlebar adjustments are limited to only up and down, they do not adjust back and forward

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1918 Indoor Bike

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1918 indoor exercise bike is one of the more affordable magnetic spin bikes. Sunny Health & Fitness has been building fitness equipment for home use for many years for people all over the UK. They include only the highest quality materials and many high tech features that make their equipment some of the best around.

The SF-B1918 Indoor Cycling Stationary Exercise Bike features an extra strong all-steel frame and support of the components that form a very powerful base, making it one of the best magnetic spin bikes in the UK. This allows it to support riders up to 100kg and they include adjustability into the seat post and the post for the handlebars that make it comfortable for riders with inseam measuring between 67.31cm to 83.82cm. The ride is extra smooth due to the incorporation on a 10kg chrome flywheel, belt-driven transmission and three-piece crank to create a smooth and comfortable workout.

The bike also includes a handy computer console that features a large, easy to read LCD display that keeps you informed on all of the important data associated with your workout. To help you keep your feet on the pedals during HIIT workouts, they each have a toe cage built into them and are perfect to use with top spin shoes for women and indoor cycling shoes for men. To make it easier to move around there are wheels built-in to the front support bar.

Additional Information

  • User weight – Supports riders up to 100kg
  • Height capacity – Accommodates riders up to
  • Dimensions – 106.93 x 54.1 x 130.05 cm
  • Warranty – 3-year structural frame and 180-days on all other components
  • Bike weight – 28.71kg


  • There is a very convenient holder for your mobile device situated between the handlebars
  • The large LCD display that is part of the computer console shows a number of the performance indicators
  • The manual tension knob makes it really easy to raise and or lower the amount of resistance being applied


  • The handlebars do not have forward, backward, upward or downward adjustability


RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE, while being one of the lesser known makers of indoor cycling bike in the UK, however, their Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike is a really good example of why they caught our attention during our research. They have put together a really high-quality piece of exercise equipment that is designed to be used in a home gym and it is being offered at a very reasonable price.

It all starts with the heavy duty, all steel frame and extra sturdy front and rear stabilizer bars that provides the basis for a really good indoor spin bike. Despite the weight, it can be easily moved around the room using the built-in transport wheels and stored in a corner or in a closet. It also has added features like a built-in water bottle holder and toe cages attached to the pedals so that your feet won’t come off the pedals during HIIT routines.

The key to this magnetic spinning exercise bike is the quiet, yet powerful belt driven transmission that is paired with a moderately weighted (6kg) flywheel. The combination produces an extremely comfortable, low-impact cardio workout. The magnetic resistance system is a big part of getting the most out of each and every workout session. By turning the knob you can raise or lower the amount of resistance.

Additional Information

  • User weight – Maximum user weight is up to 180kg
  • Height capacity – N/A
  • Dimensions – 108cm x 24.5cm x 81cm
  • Warranty – N/A
  • Bike weight – 25kg


  • The high strength steel frame and supports make it feel very stable even during very intense workouts
  • It comes with a water bottle holder so that you can keep hydrated during your workouts
  • Even though it is relatively heavy the transport wheels make it easier to move it around the room


  • Because of seat height limitations it is not designed for the very short or very tall

Gneric Limepeaks LMP-510 Home Studio Bike

The Gneric Limepeaks LMP-510 Indoor Fitness Cycle is one of the top magnetic indoor cycling bike under £300 in the Uk. Generic packs a whole lot of features and technologies into this machine in order to deliver the best workout at an economical price. It is highly adjustable in order to fit in a household with a wide range of users.

One of the benefits of an indoor cycling bike is that it was designed to closely simulate an outdoor mountain or road bike. The use of a flywheel and additional resistance provided by a magnetic resistance system is exactly how the LMP-510 is able to do it. The resistance can be dialed up or dialed back depending on your mood. By turning the tension knob either direction will either raise the resistance or lower the resistance. The weighted flywheel and belt-driven transmission delivers an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride.

Today’s home gyms are used by the whole family and in order to accommodate all members of the family, the seat post is highly adjustable (up, down, forward, and backward) and the handlebar post is also adjustable (upward and downward). It is also capable of handling riders up to 120kg. It also comes with a computer console and easy to read LED screen, so that you can track your specific performance.

Additional Information

  • User weight – Supports users up to 120kg
  • Height capacity – Max user height is 6ft
  • Dimensions – 104cm x 50cm x 107cm
  • Warranty – N/A
  • Bike weight – 32kg


  • It is really easy to keep track of your exercise product by looking at the built-in console with extra large digital LCD display
  • The unique professional style padded saddle is hollow in order to relieve pressure as you are riding in order to provide maximum comfort
  • Heavy-duty all tubular steel frame provides a very stable riding platform for even the most intense workouts


  • The handlebars do not adjust forward and backward, all you can do is raise or lower them

VIGBODY Magnetic Exercise Bike

The VIGBODY Magnetic Exercise Bike is one of the best belt-drive magnetic spin bikes under 300 in the UK. The magnetic resistance technology that is used by VIGBODY in this exercise bike is one of the most popular these days. It is really easy to use and produces a very smooth operation for your workout.

The unique triangular design of the frame and the supports form a very strong basis and provide a safe and stable ride. The frame and stabilizer bars are constructed of high strength iron which is coated with a corrosion-resistant finish. The front and rear stabilizer bars are extended wide on each side in order to provide the most stable ride for a rider who weighs up to 150kg (330lb).

This sturdy indoor bike under £300 features an LCD monitor displays speed, calories burned, time, distance and is completely adjustable with a 4-way adjustable seat and a 2-way adjustable handlebar.

Additional Information

  • User weight – Supports riders who weigh up to 150kg (330lb)
  • Height capacity – N/A
  • Dimensions – 100.33cm x 88.9cm x 24.13cm
  • Warranty – 12 months parts replacement
  • Bike weight – 24kg


  • The bike remains extremely stable as it has leveling feet mounted on each side of the front and back stabilizing bars
  • It supports heavy riders all the way up to 330lb in weight
  • The LCD monitor displays speed, calories burned, time, distance


  • Not ideal for tall riders Indoor Stationary Bike

The Indoor Stationary Bike was one of the first home spin bikes under 300 in the UK that we came across during our research for this article. We discovered that it has a whole lot of features that make it a solid choice as a home gym spin bike. It definitely makes sense why it has been so highly rated by the people who have purchased and used it for a period of time.

The overall dimensions and adjustability of the seat post and handlebars mean that you would feel comfortable knowing that it would be able to be used by most of your family. With that being said, there is a bit of a limitation to the height of the rider since the seat post can only be raised so high. The weight could be an issue as well since it can only accommodate riders under 120kg. The bike doesn’t come with SPD pedals, so you might want to invest in a better pair of pedals for spin bikes. definitely took the comfort of the rider to heart when designing this exercise bike. The multi-position handlebars give several different ways for you to grip the handles. A monitor shows distance, calorie, time, and speed.

Additional Information

  • User weight – Accommodates riders up to 120kg
  • Height capacity – Fits riders from 4’8 to 6’2 in height
  • Dimensions – 99cm (L) x 25cm (W) x 80cm (H)
  • Warranty – 12-month warranty
  • Bike weight – 28kg


  • It includes a place to put your tablet so that you watch your favorite video or listen to music
  • It would fit well in home gym of a family that has people smaller in stature as well as taller people
  • You move it around the room easily since it comes with transport wheels mounted on the front stabilizer bar


  • No SPD pedals

MEVEM Indoor Cycling Bike

After doing research and reading through many online magnetic exercise bike reviews we knew we had to include the MEVEM Indoor Cycling Bike-Belt Drive Indoor Magnetic Exercise Bike on our list. It has many exceptional features that are must haves for many people when they were looking for their first at home indoor cycling bike.

The whole thing begins with a high-strength all tubular steel frame, front and rear stabilizer bars. This allows it to be able to be ridden by a wide range of riders, from the very small to the very tall and everyone in between. To help facilitate this, there is plenty of adjustability with the 4-way seat post (up, down, front and back) and the 2-way handlebar post (up and down). The seat is also nicely padded to make it more comfortable for longer riding sessions.

The superior magnetic resistance system features a series of ten magnets suspended above the 8kg steel flywheel that adds or reduces the amount of resistance created. This resistance adjustment is handled manually using the multiposition knob that makes it easy to raise or lower the amount of tension on the flywheel. There is also an emergency stop by pushing down on the knob to stop the turning after you stop pedaling. The very helpful display console keeps track of your performance as you workout.

Additional Information

  • User weight – Supports riders up to 127kg
  • Height capacity – supports riders with inseam measurements between 71.12cm to 86.36cm
  • Dimensions – 99cm (L) x 46cm x (W) x 108cm (H)
  • Warranty – Covered by a one-year warranty
  • Bike weight – 29kg


  • The magnetic resistance and belt-driven transmission helps to create an ultra-smooth and quiet ride
  • The large display makes it much easier to keep track of your performance during your riding session
  • It is sturdy enough to handle riders large and small without worry if it will be stable


  • The handlebars are limited to only up and down adjustments instead of the typical 4-way adjustment

What to look for in a spin cycling bike

Sturdy frame and supports – It is extremely important that any indoor cycling bike has a heavy-duty and extra sturdy frame and support bars to ensure that it can handle the amount of weight that the riders weigh. The support bars are important as well to add an extra element of stability, especially during high-intensity workouts. The support bars should also have adjustable levelers to ensure that even though your floors may not be completely level, you can just them manually. To protect your floor while working out, check out the best spin bike mats in the UK.

Weight of Flywheel – The size and weight of the flywheel will directly affect the smoothness of the ride during your workout. So, it is important for you to look for the model of indoor spin bike that has a heavier flywheel. The size and position of the flywheel will also affect the overall operation of the bike.

Types of Resistance Systems – There two different types of resistance systems that are found on indoor spin bikes; magnetic resistance and friction resistance. By far the most popular type of resistance is the magnetic resistance. One of the primary reasons is that magnetic resistance is far quieter than the friction tyle.

Adjustability – Being able to adjust the seat and handlebars allows you to be able to control the amount of comfort that you feel while working out. The adjustability of an indoor spin bike refers mainly to the ability to raise and lower the seat height. It also refers to the ability to raise and lower the handlebars and move them inside and out. Adjustability comes together with comfort, and even though it’s important that the height of the saddle is adjustable, it’s also crucial that it’s matched with a padded and high-quality spin bike seat or seat cover to ensure a longer exercising session.

FAQ about spin bikes under £300

Question #1 Does the weight of the flywheel really matter much?

Answer: The short answer is yes, the weight of the flywheel most certainly does matter on an indoor spin bike. In general, the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the ride since it helps it to improve the momentum that is created as you continue to pedal.

Question #2 Can inexpensive indoor cycling be a good choice for a home gym?

Answer: This is kind of an interesting question, the answer is not as simple as you might think. The price tag of a piece of equipment like an indoor cycling bike doesn’t necessarily mean if you spend more money than you will definitely find the best spin bike for your situation.

Question #3 Is a magnetic resistance system quieter than other types of resistance systems?

Answer: How the resistance is generated on a spin bike is directly related to how much overall noise is created. Since the resistance in a magnetic resistance type of spin bike is added or reduced directly to the flywheel by increasing or decreasing the amount of electric current applied to the magnets, there is virtually zero noise.

Question #4 Is adjustability really that important in an indoor spin bike?

Answer: Adjustability is extremely important when it comes to an indoor spin bike since most home gyms are shared by the whole family. This makes it easier to be able to comfortably support riders who are very short (petite) to very tall ( over 6’ tall). The seat height and horizontal position (forward and backward) should be highly adjustable. The handlebar post should also be highly adjustable to make it possible to accommodate riders with long arms.

Final Verdict

After very careful consideration and much deliberation, we have decided that the Best Spin Bikes under £300 in the UK in our opinion has to be the Goplus Magnetic Exercise Bike, Stationary Belt Drive Bicycle. It ticks off most of the boxes when it comes to features and functionality and to top it all off it is also highly rated by consumers based on all of the reviews we have looked at online. So, in the end, we hope that we have provided you with enough information in order to help you make an informed decision.

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