Best Budget Spin Bikes In The UK – Get Fit, Spend Less

No need to spend a fortune to improve your home gym set-up. Find great spin bikes in England on a budget

Welcome to our new guide on the best budget spin bike reviews in the United Kingdom in 2020. Spin bikes provide an excellent way to lose weight and keep your body on the shape while working out at home.

Exercising with spin bikes is often overlooked, yet they are ideal for those who cannot train on an upright cycle and those with back injuries. Many recumbent bikes promise to be the best budget magnetic spin bike in the market, but failed to meet some specific budget needs, especially in the UK.

But having done our extensive research, we’ve found the best budget spin bikes in the UK that you can buy without breaking the bank. Whatever your budget is, you’ll find an affordable spin bike that meets your need, ranging from mini bikes to the superior RE10.

In this review, we shall unveil some best affordable home spin bikes in the UK; we shall also talk about what makes them a fantastic addition to your home gym, and why each of the listed bikes made our list. So, whether you’re looking for a budget magnetic indoor bike in the UK or best affordable indoor bikes in Britain, this guide contains what is perfect for you! Let’s dive right in.

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Overview Of Best Budget Indoor Bikes In The UK

Top 10 Budget Spin Bikes In The United Kingdom:

ASUNA 5100 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

The ASUNA 5100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike from the Sunny Health & Fitness brand made our list of best budget-friendly spin bikes to buy in the UK. We have listed this bike because it is perfect for your home fitness and cardio exercise routine.

Apart from the convenience, they offer you in the comfort of your home; there are various advantages of indoor cycling machines that usually come with advanced technology and makes you understand your fitness needs. One of the best magnetic spin bikes in the UK, the Asuna 5100 indoor cycle comes with stainless steel, handles, and fasteners to assemble and adjust its seat to meet everybody’s needs.

Also, it comes with three main adjustment choices, main handle height, the height of the seat, and the distance between handle and seat. With the help of front wheels, transporting this unit is easy by tilting and rolling on the floor. To protect your floor from scratching while working out, check out one of the top spin bike mats in the UK.

This bike weighs 37.5 pounds, and the flywheel gives you a close outdoor feel. The construction is accurate, and there is no wobbling at all as it skims well underneath. The container holders are placed conveniently, so you don’t need to stop for a taste. The ASUNA 5100 could be your best choice for a spin bike.

The machine is built with tranquillity in mind, so you don’t need to adjust your TV volume. We recommend this indoor spine bike because of its built-in belt drive, tranquillity, and magnetic resistance.


  • Perfect for beginners and professionals
  • An exceptionally tranquil bicycle
  • Extremely low upkeep bicycle
  • Accompanies drop bars and hoods
  • Simple to assemble
  • The bike is steady and robust.
  • It offers intense exercises with no shaking.
  • Provides shield with the obstruction and flywheel from sweat
  • It tends to be balanced for a range of user sizes.


  • Doesn’t accompany a PC or preset exercises
  • It is expensive
  • There are no resistance levels stamped, making it hard to come back to a past setting.

JLL IC400 Elite Affordable Indoor Cycling Bike

Long days at work and being drained at home is something we find challenging to manage. Nonetheless, it ought to never stop you from working out and keeping your body fit. The JLL IC400 ELITE Exercise Bike is perhaps an ideal bike you should consider to buy if you’re looking for the best affordable indoor bikes in Britain.

The JLL IC400 ELITE Premium Indoor Cycling Bike has become very popular in the course of the most recent couple of years. For the most part, the JLL fitness brand offers premium indoor cycling bicycle features at an affordable price, making this one of the best indoor cycles for less than £500 in Britain. Because of this, we had no choice than to include it in our best indoor spin bike in the UK.

Read on, so you can find some of the astonishing features, usefulness and what makes this bike unique just for you. The bike is designed for everybody, from beginners to experts. Its features will give you a combination of comfort, fitness, and advance technology which makes it is one of the best inexpensive cycling spin bikes in the UK.

The JLL IC400 offers a 20kg flywheel for a smooth ride, with movable resistance. The enormous LED screen shows all the essential data, for example, time, speed, separation, calories consumed just as heartbeat and target pulse.

This feature will help tracks your exercise information during your cardio exercises and makes your workout more comfortable. The indoor cycling seat is entirely movable, it has rollers to make re-situating in the home simple, and a crisis stop framework for other fitness.


  • The bike is sturdy and has a fantastic build quality.
  • Does not wobble
  • The 20 kg flywheel added weight does make a difference when peddling
  • Provides the right workout intensity.


  • Basic Onboard computer.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714 Spin Bike

The Sunny Health and Fitness Evolution Pro SF-B1714 Indoor Cycling Bike is a mid-level spinning exercise bicycle designed by Sunny Health and Fitness. It offers cardio preparation at a moderate cost to a beginner, being one of the favorite spin bikes in England under £1000. This amazing bike offers you no adverse effect on the joints.

The bicycle is very fabulous, reliable and sturdy. It is heavier than the vast majority of the spin bicycles available in the market today. It weighs around 136 pounds and can last long. This bicycle can withstand the maximum user weight of 333 pounds and enable the user to practice from a beginner level to becoming an expert.

This bicycle makes you challenge yourself as you start building on your strength and stamina.

Even though this exercise bicycle isn’t being sold as a commercial-grade coach and also, it doesn’t have a commercial warranty, the bike offers the toughness and durability which can be found in a gym centre quality bicycle. Moreover, this bicycle can be compared to the Fitness Reality X-Class 520 when you consider the similarity in their construction and specification.

This bicycle has a flywheel that is uniquely designed with a large perimeter compared with other indoor cycling bicycles that offer steady momentum on the spinning motion. The bike also comes with a seat and handlebar, which can be adjusted to give you the comfort and convenience you need to satisfy your exercise needs.


  • The bicycle has a rock-solid construction with a steel outline
  • It accompanies a flywheel of 44 lbs, which guarantees stability in the bike
  • The bike has multi-hold handlebars with an elastic foam covering, which offers comfort
  • There is a 4-way, completely adjustable handlebar, and seat
  • The cranksets are strong
  • The pedals have a toe that gives convenience alongside adjustable safety belts
  • The rider can even pedal backward
  • The bicycle has a manual magnets resistance and belt drive framework, which are without support
  • The bike comes along with a water bottle holder.


  • This bicycle doesn’t come with a console
  • No tablet holder
  • No preset exercise programs
  • The bike has no restriction levels
  • The maker offers a limited guarantee on the edge and parts.

Sportstech SX500 Budget Indoor Cycle

This bike from the Sportstech brand is an exceptionally peaceful and relatively cheap spin bike in the UK, and you don’t need to bother about the maintenance in contrast with the chain drive framework. Apart from the leg musculature, you train almost all essential muscle groups.

Also, this bike provides a more viable and adjusted, joint-secured training. The SportsTech SX500 is a mid-level indoor bicycle with regards to its price range. The question is if it is worth the extra ££’s on its price range over less expensive models.

Well, if you look at the quality of its build, this is a big yes. You’ll get a superb, heavy bicycle with the smoothest ride ever. With its excellent features, we give this bicycle our vote. It offers a tranquil exercise experience, Stepless Resistance, iPad/belt, compatibility, and extra cushioning in the perfect places.

The SX500 gallery displays an unparallel electronic console and afterwards with a connected iPad on the top. The bike features a 25 KG adjusted flywheel, step-free resistance level modification plus sweat-protection- low commotion and less-support belt drive framework for maximum power transmission.

However, it also comes with a multifunctional console, coupled with an advanced digital display and diverse training programs. With Sportstech and Kinomap, you can start your Next Generation Training in no time.


  • Quiet when being used
  • Extraordinary generally speaking quality.
  • Different training alternatives
  • Durable when being used


  • Very costly.

JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

The JLL IC300 PRO Exercise Bike is an appealing bicycle that will be quickly regarded by anybody excited about a budget spin bike for home in the United Kingdom. It has good quality structure and capacity, and there is an assurance of high performance. The sturdy flywheel, resistance range, and molecular shape are sufficient to provoke numerous wellness fans’ curiosity.

Be that as it may, this bike does what’s necessary to urge fitness fans to use it every day. The JLL IC300 PRO is an upgraded model from the popular JLL IC300. It offers numerous similar features with just several upgrades. The bicycle comes with a cushioned adjustable seat, toe cages, and a movable handlebar to enhance your convenience in gripping it.

With a heavyweight of about 20 KG flywheel, this bicycle offers a vast range of magnetic resistance. Most users describe the JLL IC300 PRO Cycle as the “Most Comfortable” indoor cycling bicycle they had ever used compared to other bikes. Its large padded seat can adequately support the amplest of bottoms.

Furthermore, adjusting it can provide a more convenient and comfortable seat for individuals who had experienced discomfort on their backs while cycling previously. Most users who have tried this bike were delighted with the strength and stability of the JLL IC300 PRO. They were pleased with how stable the JLL IC300 PRO performed under tension.

Regardless of how hard they paddled, the bicycle remained solidly planted to the ground. So if you are someone who loves to maintain fitness and are serious about exercising with a spin bike, I gladly recommend the JLL IC300 PRO. You will like this excellent machine!


  • It is exceptionally flexible so that users can locate the best riding position and resistance level
  • It has an extraordinary look contrasted with the run of the mill practice bicycles
  • It has a minimal structure that shouldn’t occupy a lot of room.


  • Somewhat more cushioning and resistance which would support few users
  • A few issues with construction and strength

Dripex Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

Are you ready to experience the best exercise of your life on your schedule and your terms? If your answer is yes, then, the Dripex Upright Exercise Bike is the perfect choice for you! An inexpensive indoor bike to purchase in Britain, this flexible machine comes with complete exercise schedules from some of the top fitness and cycling tutors. One of the low-cost indoor cycling bikes for home in the UK, it will surely help you meet your workout goals and the results you desire.

Dripex Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Bike offers affordability and the entirety of the necessities for a stunning home cycling bike in the UK alongside everything at-home wellness devotees could want.

The Dripex Exercise Bike stands apart from customers for a couple of various reasons. Above all other, there is a massive, reliable design that suggests security and high performance. Its design and the colour looks more like a gym type exercise bicycle than some commonplace at-home models.

This machine has everything it needs to stand out among its counterparts in the UK! It’s so simple to set up and assemble. It can be adjusted to fit the specifications of everyone. It’s quiet and smooth. Furthermore, it gives different forms of training programs to focus on your particular muscle groups. What’s more, it’s very comfortable and designed with superior quality at an affordable price.

For satisfying results from professional work out, we recommend the Dripex Exercise Bike. Get one today and get close to accomplishing your fitness objectives.


  • Has a solid, sturdy, durable frame
  • Offers improved safety
  • The limitless flexible resistance handle
  • The various adjustments and height on the seat and handlebars
  • Provides comfortability


  • Noises come from the pedals.
  • The absence of programming for various exercises
  • There is no media rack for tablets.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002C Indoor Cycle

Undoubtedly, the SF-B1002C is one of the best budget Sunny spin bikes in the UK. The SF-B1002C and SF-B1002 are both powerfully-built indoor cycles that can offer a similar experience like the open-air street bicycle for a perfect cycling exercise in the comfort of your own home.

This bike is very reliable, and it features an incredibly looking, well-constructed indoor cycle with smooth activity. Another powerful feature of this bike is that it’s a chain drive version of the well-known Sunny SF-B1002 (which instead uses a belt drive).

The SF-B1002C has an enormous 49-lb flywheel that gives it a reasonable street riding energy and security. Also, it has attractive accessories that make using the indoor bicycle more straightforward and hassle-free. These include an utterly movable seat and handlebars, a jug holder, and wheels for moving the bike around. This Sunny indoor bicycle has low maintenance and rustproof with a rock-solid wrench.

Resistance is anything but difficult to adjust with the handle, and a press-down emergency brake stops the flywheel in a flash. The seat is flexible and very comfortable, and the pedals ensure a firm grip, made even more secure by wearing a professional pair of indoor cycling shoes for women or spin shoes for men.


  • Fabulous quality and long term performance
  • It supports a heavier flywheel of 49 Ib
  • The belt drive framework empowers users to take part in the smooth and calm exercise
  • Can support 275Ibs user weight
  • Provides toe-confined pedals for safety wellbeing
  • Provision of emergency brake for improved security
  • Accessibility of four-way adjustable seat for comfortable user experience.


  • There is no accessibility of an LCD screen for checking exercise measurements.
  • No means to look at pulse while exercising
  • No availability of Bluetooth and wifi on the bicycle
  • No arrangement of preset exercise meetings
  • No accessibility of inbuilt music framework.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1918 Indoor Bike

Another bike that makes our list of best budget spin bikes in the UK is the SF-B1918 Indoor Cycling Bike. We recommend this bike if you’re a beginner who’s enthusiastic about exploring into cycling for the very first time. So, if you’re looking for a budget magnetic spin bike that is suitable for you as a beginner to kick off your fitness objectives at the comfort of your home. Then, this bike should be your starting point, and before one says ‘Jack Robinson,’ you become a professional!

Regarded as one of the top indoor cycles under £300 in the UK, this bike is not only one of the best budget Sunny spin bikes in the country, but it is also one of the best low-cost indoor cycling bikes in Britain. Although you may not experience swift accessibilities like most of its counterparts but it sure will serve you more than you can ever imagine!

The SF-B1918 Indoor Cycling Bike features magnetic resistance, stability and superior flexibility with the 4-way adjustable seat and the soft ground levellers. It is designed to fit a broad range of users, regardless of their expertise.

The bike will also enable you to harness the smooth belt-drive instrument as you pedal against the 22 lb flywheel. Increase practice intensity or carry your exercise to a quick stop with the magnetic resistance UI, constrained by a simple to-utilize handle.

Furthermore, you can also keep your exercise information open when you check it on the included screen. You can track your time, speed, separation, and consumed calories. This affordable exercise bike created for enduring exercises; it has a durable steel outline that supports up to 220 lb. After your workout, you can utilize the transportation wheels to move this magnetic cardio machine over your home smoothly.


  • The seat is entirely movable
  • Handlebars are adjustable
  • Chain drive system for smooth and calm exercise
  • Designed with heavy-duty steel outline.


  • Peddles withholds for on-street bicycles.

Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Bike

Are you looking for the best budget Sunny spin bike in the UK? Why not try this new standard bike for home fitness! Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B901 offers the entirety of the necessities for a stunning low-cost indoor cycling bike for homes in the UK, alongside everything at-home wellness enthusiasts could want. With absolute portability and transportation wheels for simple set-up, your home will change into an exercise center and back in a matter of moments!

Practising in the comfort of your own home has never been so natural, helpful, or fun! The utterly movable seat and flexible handlebars offer an adjustable encounter for optimal user comfort.

The fully adjustable seat and flexible handlebars provide a unique experience for better user comfort and compatibility. The heavy-duty crank and steel frame provides quality and strength to go miles, no matter your fitness objectives.

The heavier flywheel causes a smoother ride! The bike creates more momentum for more extended periods to make you enjoy your long distance. Sunny Health and Fitness’ Flywheel is one of the best spin bikes in the market.

This cheap indoor cycling bike in the UK will give you the performance and comfortability you genuinely deserve: no wobbly movements, perfect construction, durability, strength and balance. Paying little to accomplish your fitness goals is ideally what this bike will offer you!


  • Smooth and stable chain drive instrument
  • A heavy-duty steel framework
  • Adjustable resistance framework
  • It is equipped with a peaceful and quiet felt texture brake cushion framework
  • The solid multi-hold handles can adjust to any biking condition
  • Designed for speed and dependability this flywheel.


  • Makes noise sometimes, and there is a shocking vibration that affects the entire edge.

Dripex UK Budget Indoor Cycling Bike

Dripex Upright Exercise Bike is one of the best, if not the best stationary bike in the UK. The bike is designed with a superb bidirectional flywheel that enables it to function in two different directions.

The machine offers different pressure levels, which gives you a unique workout experience as you will gradually burn more calories and keep fit while getting close to your fitness goals. The digital monitor will track and record your workout time, speed, distance, calories burnt, and heartbeat through the hand beat, it helps manage your workout plans and exercise progress.

We have no hesitation in recommending this spin bike for those who are looking for the best budget spin bikes in the UK to accomplish their fitness goals! Dripex designs flexible and top-notch exercise bikes that can satisfy an assortment of wellness objectives

Take part in an enjoyable wellness experience as tip-top coaches improve your exercise. Dripex Upright Exercise Bike (Indoor Studio Cycles) – gives you one of a kind styles and approaches that guarantee you the best workout of your life!


  • Comes with a reliable, durable frame
  • The improved safety features across the bicycle
  • Offers limitless movable resistance handle
  • The various heights and adjustable seat and handlebars
  • The information from the console is useful enough.


  • The noise from the pedals
  • The absence of programming for various exercises
  • There is no media rack for a tablet.

Buyers’ guide:

There are two basic kinds of workout bicycle: upstanding cycles and indoor cycles (otherwise called spinning cycles). Upstanding bikes are commonly the more comfortable ones. They’re frequently less expensive, and more recommended to learners.

How much do I have to spend?

In case you’re searching for an upright bicycle, there are several choices under £200, and some strong picks under £100 for those on a limited financial budget. You can get a standard spinning bicycle for under £200 as well, however here the costs go higher: for an exercise centre quality machine you’re taking a gander at closer to £500.

What kind of resistance would be advisable for me to search for?

One of the most significant features of an exercise bicycle is the level of resistance it offers, as this is the thing that determines the difficulty level of your exercise.

Most exercise bicycles produce resistance by using a flywheel driven by the pedals; friction resistance bicycles apply brakes to slow this flywheel, which the user can change by turning a handle.

What different features would it be a good idea for me to pay attention to?

The size of the bicycle is significant, regarding space it may take up and whether it’s sufficiently solid to take your weight and let you pedal serenely. Most exercise bicycles will have an electronic digit display giving details of your ride; some offer further developed details like force and rhythm. Other helpful features can incorporate a built-in fan and pulse observing handles. And obviously, you don’t want to lack in comfort, so if you don’t want to change your bike’s seat, you can opt for a padded indoor cycle’s seat cover.

The Final Verdict

Choosing the best budget spin bikes in the UK could be a daunting task, especially when you’re low on budget. With regards to picking an appropriate spinning bicycle, affordability and functionality are essential.

We believe that the best affordable spin bikes reviewed in the UK we’ve listed here are prime and can suit any of your budgets, giving you the best comfortability and performance you need within your budget. This fitness bicycles enhance your wellbeing and boost an impressive body build. Happy buying experience!

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