Best Spin Bike to Use With The Peloton App

The best spin bike to use with the Peloton application is the Peloton Bike Plus and the Peloton Bike Original model. They are built and calibrated to work seamlessly with the Peloton application.

However, they come with a high price tag. Right now a Peloton Bike Plus costs $2499 which is not everyone is willing or can afford to spend on a spin bike for indoor cycling.

In this case, it’s understandable why many people are looking for indoor bikes outside of the Peloton brand to use with the Peloton application.

Thankfully the Peloton has a package referred to as “App Membership” which costs $150 per year and is a great alternative for those who have a non-Peloton bike and want to use the Peloton application.

The Peloton app can connect with a number of indoor bikes from other manufacturers, as long as the bikes have the right hardware and software.

From Echelon Connect Bikes to Schwinn Fitness Bikes, most of these indoor bikes are now compatible with the Peloton application.

Thanks to the QZ application by Roberto, you can now sync/connect a huge number of spin bikes to the Peloton app for indoor cycling or running.

How to see if my indoor bike is compatible with the Peloton app?

That is a good question. You need to make sure that your bike is compatible with the peloton app before you start using it. To do that, you need to check the following features:

  1. Bluetooth: Your bike needs to have Bluetooth connectivity; the peloton app requires connectivity in order to connect with a spin bike.
  2. Make sure the Bluetooth on your bike is not only for headphones and heart rate connectivity. It should be able to transmit data via Bluetooth to connect to the Peloton app.
  3. Resistance: Peloton app was originally built for peloton bikes. And peloton bikes offer a 100-level-magnetic resistance. So, if your bike offers magnetic resistance, then it is good to go. If it doesn’t, you can still use the Peloton app but you won’t be able to see your resistance level which is important when following Peloton classes.
  4. If your spin bike already has a touchscreen like the Nordictrack S22i, there is a 95% chance you won’t be able to use that screen for the Peloton application unless you jailbreak your bike’s screen. It’s because spin bike companies limit their bike’s screens to work only with their own application, just like what the Peloton brand does with its bikes. You can’t use a Peloton bike with Zwift for the same reason.

Pros of Using a None-Peloton Bike with the Peloton Application:

  1. You save money: The most important reason anyone wants to use an indoor bike outside of the Peloton with the Peloton application is to save money. After all the Peloton can cost up to $2500 while a bike like Echelon Ex15 only costs $499.
  2. Freedom to choose applications: When you buy a Peloton bike, you don’t have the freedom to use the bike with any application except for the Peloton app. But when you buy a non-Peloton bike, you can use it with the Peloton app, Zwift app, iFit app, Rouvy, Kinomap, Strava, and many other applications. So, you have the freedom to choose between indoor cycling applications.
  3. Structured workouts: The peloton application comes with more than 10 daily live classes and thousands of pre-recorded online spinning classes. Instead of jumping on the bike and not knowing what you are doing or simply getting bored on your own, you can follow an elite indoor cycling instructor to get better results.

Cons of Using a Non-Peloton Bike with the Peloton Application:

Just as we listed above, a peloton app and a peloton bike will always beat any other experience you may have with another bike. If you like the Peloton app and money is not a factor, do NOT buy a cheaper bike to use with the Peloton application. Here are the shortcomings of using a non-peloton bike with the peloton application.

  1. Resistance: I know I said so long as your bike has resistance, you could use the peloton app. But it is best suited with a peloton bike because the resistance level is perfectly synchronized between the app and the bike. Levels of resistance are not always the same in different bike brands. For instance, a Bowflex C6 and a peloton bike are not the same; a level 5 on Bowflex is a level 25 on a Peloton bike.
  2. Leaderboards: Peloton bikes have leaderboards for riders while riding and competing with one another. It allows them to get shoutouts from their instructors.
  3. Interruption during workouts: Some non-Peloton bikes have connection issues and disconnect during rides which is both annoying and can ruin your overall experience.
  4. Metrics Trackers: The peloton app has the metrics tracker, but with a non-peloton bike without this, it won’t record your speed and cadence because this same feature is not incorporated into your bike.
  5. Extra devices are needed: If your bike doesn’t have Bluetooth sensors, to connect with the peloton application, you will need cadence and speed sensors or Power meter pedals to send your metrics to the application.
  6. You need to use your own screen: Almost always, you have to use your mobile phone, tablet, or smart TV to install the Peloton application. You don’t need this if you have a Peloton bike because it already comes equipped with a touchscreen monitor to install the Peloton app.

Best Spin Bikes to Use with a Peloton App

Keiser M3i Bike

Image: Two images of Keiser M3i Spin Bike

Keiser M3i is one of the best bikes that blend well with the Peloton app under commercial ratings. It has a 24-level magnetic resistance and features a belt drive system.

Keiser builds all its products in the United States with highest possible quality. They are a household name, and they offer some of the best commercial spin bikes that you can trust.

Schwinn IC4

Image: Two images of Schwinn IC4 magnetic indoor cycle

The IC4 spin bike is compatible with the peloton app. Schwinn designed the IC4 to be very compatible with the peloton app. IC4 is one of the best indoor cycling bikes you can find with Schwinn. And it doesn’t only work with the Peloton app; you can also use the IC4 bike with other apps, like Zwift.

The Schwinn IC4 has magnetic resistance; it comes with a feature that allows you to stream the peloton workout during your cycling session. They have other features such as LB dumbbells, and it simply is very compatible with the peloton app.

Bowflex C7

Image: Bowflex C7 Spin Bike review

Just like the Schwinn IC4, which is basically the same kind of bike as the Bowflex C7, the Bowflex comes with a variety of features just like the IC4.

And it is very compatible with the peloton app as well as other cycling apps like Zwift and Sufferfest. But it is a little bit more costly than the Schwinn IC4 bike.

Life Fitness IC7

Image: Two images of Life Fitness IC7 indoor spin bike

The first outstanding feature of the Life Fitness IC7 is that it is of higher quality relative to some of the other bikes we’ve discussed. This spin bike has the features required to comfortably use the peloton app; it is very durable. So, you don’t have to worry about getting a replacement for it in a few years.

It is compatible with most kinds of biking apps because it was specifically designed for workout apps. The IC7 bike has a tablet holder, a cadence, and a speed tracker with reliable feedback.

Echelon Smart EX15

Echelon ex15 indoor bike review

The echelon EX15 is a very trustworthy bike, and if you’re looking for a reliable bike you can use with the peloton app or any other kind of riding app, the echelon is a good option. It comes with all of the key features you’ll require. As we’ve already mentioned, it works seamlessly with the Peloton app through the QZ application.

Bowflex VeloCore

Image: Bowflex Velocore 22 indoor cycle

The VeloCore bike 22 is one of Bowflex’s newest upgrades. It has the same features as the C7, but it also features an inbuilt HD touchscreen, as well as a compatible lean-in mode.

Sunny Health Magnetic Bike SF-B1805

Sunny Health & Fitness SF B-1805 Spin Bike

Sunny Health has a number of bike types you can choose from. They have the right features for a peloton app. The SF-B1805 is less costly than most other indoor cycling bikes. It has a nice heavy flywheel over 43lbs plus belt drive device and features magnetic resistance.

For connecting this indoor bike with the Peloton application you would either need to use cadence and speed sensors or a pair of power pedals. That is if you want to sync the bike with the application but if you don’t care about showing metrics on the screen, you don’t need any of that.

Joroto X2 Magnetic Bike

joroto x2 spin bike review

This bike comes with a belt for support and magnetic resistance. It has been chosen and used by many riders in place of peloton bikes, but with the peloton app. One area where it falls short is the cadence; you will need an extra Bluetooth cadence sensor to use the bike with the peloton app.

Setting Up the Peloton App with a Non-Peloton Bike

Peloton app is suitable for android and iPhone. To set up, simply create an account, connect the app to your bike and synchronize any trackers necessary. And that’s basically it; you’re all set.

We are Rounding off

Before you buy a spin bike to use with the peloton app, look out for the following features.

  • Monitor and tablet holder
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Tracker for cadence and other key metrics
  • Weight holder
  • A decent flywheel
  • Bluetooth and wifi connectivity
  • SPD pedals

There are lots of indoor bikes out there that are compatible with the peloton app. You just have to choose one that’s perfect for you regarding budget and the other factors we’ve discussed. And we hope this article helps make your decision-making easier.

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