Best Spin Bike Pedals in Canada For Higher Efficiency

Enjoy a higher-performing workout with these top spin bike pedals

Throughout the world, spin cycling has seen a dramatic increase in popularity as a result of the myriad of benefits that it offers, both physical and mental. Spin bikes provide the user with a full-body workout, hitting not only your legs and glutes, but also your back, upper body, and even your cardiovascular system. This means you’re not only working on several muscle groups when you use your spin bike, but you’re also maintaining good heart health which will improve your blood flow, help your endurance, and will protect against several cardiovascular conditions including high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. Cycling doesn’t just have benefits for your physical health, but additionally, it can contribute to uplifted mood and decreased anxiety. Exercise has been shown to cause the brain to release endorphins and can promote positive changes in the brain in just one workout.

To get the most out of the many benefits offered by indoor cycling, it is imperative that your spin bike is trained with the best equipment. No matter how casual or serious you are about indoor bikes, finding the right set up is crucial in order for you to get precisely the workout that you desire. Oftentimes to boost the efficacy of their workout people turn to spin cycle clothing, such as cycling shorts or anti-chafe shirts, which are undeniably important, yet also important, and too often neglected, is a consideration of the indoor bike itself. You have the liberty to customize most all aspects of your indoor cycle, from the saddle to the frame, but an essential and often overlooked component which is indispensable for the best spin bike experience is your pedals. Equipping your bike with the best indoor cycling bike pedals will guarantee an easier and more comfortable ride, so that you can push yourself and your bike to full potential. Presented here are some of the best pedals for spin bikes in Canada, which will gear you up for the best riding experience possible.

Best Spin Bike Pedals In Canada – Our Reviews

Wellgo WPD-E003 Shimano SPD Spin Bike Pedals

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

If you’re a spin bike savant, you can do no better than SPD compatible pedals. SPD, which stands for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, is a system that is designed so that you can pedal with greater efficiency, control, and ease. Simultaneously maximizing comfort and performance, your indoor spin bike experience will be optimized through the use of these top-of-the-line spinning bike pedals with SPD.

One of the many benefits of the Wellgo WPD-E003 pedals is the combination of SPD compatibility and toe clips and adjustable straps. This makes the pedals accessible for both beginner and experienced riders alike. However, the Wellgo pedals do also come with a pair of SPD cleats, meaning the endeavoring spin cyclist who purchases these pedals has the choice. Along the same line of accessibility and ease of use, the Wellgo pedals also feature a 9/16” spindle, which is the most commonly seen on indoor spin bikes, so you likely won’t need to worry about compatibility with your bike. On another note, while not the majority, several reviewers have complained of difficulties getting SPD cleats to properly click into the pedals. Finally, although not particularly cheap, the price is affordable and sits comfortably in the mid-to-high range for SPD pedals, though this does include SPD cleats and a two-year warranty.

PROS: Well constructed design, which accommodates for both amateur spin cyclists and those looking to optimize their spin bike workout. SPD compatible cleats are included, meaning you only need to make one purchase

CONS: Some users have reported difficulty getting their shoes to clip into the pedals properly

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Venzo Spin Bike Compatible with Shimano SPD Pedals

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

A similar offering to the last, Venzo offers spin cyclists high quality clip on pedals for spin bikes in Canada. Venzo’s double sided pedals feature a robust construction which any indoor bike user would be happy with. The Venzo brand understands the importance of flexibility, and thus their pedals feature toe cages on one side and an SPD system on the other, with adjustable cleat tension so that you will always ride comfortably. These pedals are also well-suited as replacement pedals should you need them, as they feature the standard 9/16” thread. Additionally, Venzo’s pedals are compatible with all SPD cleats, and similarly come with a pair of SPD cleats which themselves are compatible with all SPD pedals.

Stability is one of Venzo’s focuses with their pedals, and a larger than average platform and their extra heavy-duty axle work hard to ensure you will have a smooth, comfortable ride every time. These pedals are built to last, with an aluminum construction that will stand up to the demands of spin cyclists of all experience levels and intensities. Venzo are a notably cheaper option, while offering a similar product to many slightly more expensive pedals, and would thus be an excellent choice for indoor spin bike users of any skill level looking to elevate their workout while keeping flexibility on the table.

PROS: Heavy-duty aluminum construction, two-sided pedals with toe cages and SPD compatibility, large pedal platform promises stability and comfort

CONS: A few reviewers have noted issues with the cage breaking after only a handful of uses, though they are a minority

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NAMUCUO SPD Pedals For Spin Bikes

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

One of the more expensive sets of pedals on this list, NAMUCUO offers one of the best dual-sided spin bike pedals in Canada. Built with multifunctionality in mind, NAMUCUO pedals are some of the most accommodating on the market. NAMUCUO equips their pedals with a 9/16” thread, making them compatible with most spin bike brands. Their pedals are also dual-sided, featuring toe clips and straps on one side and an SPD system on the other. Geared up with an aluminum alloy construction and nickel plating, NAMUCUO has prepared these pedals to withstand even the most intense workouts.

Perfect for users who share their bike, NAMUCUO’s pedals accommodate both those who wish to ride with SPD cleats and those who do not. Along with the pedals, NAMUCUO also includes an extra pedal strap so you’re always insured. One downside of the NAMUCUO pedals is that, unlike some of their competitors, their pedals do not come with a pair of SPD cleats, meaning you will have to make a separate purchase if you do not already own a pair. A bit on the expensive side, NAMUCUO offers a high-quality product, but the lack of SPD cleats and only offering a measly 6-month warranty make these pedals a hard sell.

PROS: Compatible with both SPD cleats or normal running shoes, compatible with a wide variety of spin bikes, robust construction

CONS: High price without the inclusion of SPD cleats and with a meager 6-month warranty

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Venzo Sealed Fitness Exercise Spin Bike CNC Pedals

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

Catering to the more experienced user, Venzo once again offers a robustly constructed pedal that is suitable for riders of all different preferences. As expected, Venzo offers a sturdy aluminum body with an oversized axle which guarantees that your workouts will be a smooth, comfortable experience every time. Venzo’s pedals feature a 9/16” inch axle which makes them compatible with nearly all spin bike brands. This offering from Venzo does drop the toe cages, but in their stead they offer compatibility with Look Delta systems, making them an ideal replacement for Peloton users. They also maintain SPD compatibility, making them an adequate choice for those who would prefer to ride with SPD cleats but also want to use a Peloton spin bike.

For all they offer, Venzo’s pedals will not break the bank. Hovering in the mid-to-upper range of prices, you not only get the dual compatible pedals, but Venzo includes a pair of ARC1 cleats and a pair of SPD cleats, so you can choose how you want to ride. The pedals fit any 9/16” axle, making them a good option for almost any standard spin bike brand, however, compatibility with Look Delta systems makes them an especially desirable choice for Peloton users. The lack of toe cages and straps make these pedals an unlikely choice for more amateur users, however, these are a premier option for experienced spin bike enthusiasts.

PROS: Strong, durable aluminum construction, dual Look Delta and SPD compatibility includes cleats for both Look Delta and SPD systems allowing maximum flexibility

CONS: The lack of toe cages and straps make these pedals inaccessible to less experienced riders

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Venzo Sealed Cycling Bike Clipless Pedals

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

As the name would imply, this offering from Venzo is intended for use with road bikes, making them an excellent option for road cyclists who wish to emulate road cycling indoors. Specifically designed for riders who wish to use a Look KEO pedal system, Venzo offers a well-made product at a quite affordable price. Though not quite up to the standards of the aluminum construction found on some of their more expensive pedals, Venzo has equipped these with a fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic body which is more than capable of withstanding heavy use. Along with three sealed bearings, these pedals are sturdy and made to last.

Venzo allows users to adjust the tension on the clip-in system, which lets users customize the pedal precisely to their liking. The pedals are fairly cheap, hovering around $60 CDN, for which you get the Look KEO compatible pedals, a pair of KEO cleats, and a 1-year warranty, which although on the short side is better than nothing for the low price. Of course, for such a low price you do also sacrifice flexibility, with the pedals featuring neither SPD compatibility nor toe cages and straps. However, Venzo still offers an excellent choice for road bikers who wish to train indoors and who use a Look KEO system.

PROS: Affordable price includes pedals, cleats, and 1-year warranty, durable fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic body, 9/16” axle will fit most popular spin bike brands

CONS: Only suitable for users of Look KEO systems, no compatibility with spinning shoes with SPD cleats, including the cycling shoes for women, or other athletic shoes

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Shimano PD-R550 SPD-SL Road Pedals

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

As is the case with the previous entry, these pedals from Shimano are also designed for use with road bikes, so they are a good choice for any road cyclists who are forced to train indoors. Predictably, these pedals are SPD compatible, and they do come with a pair of SM-SH1 cleats that can be used with them. You are able to adjust the tension of the clip-in system with a wide range of flexibility, guaranteeing that if you choose these pedals you will never be riding in discomfort. Shimano also offers the typical 9/16” axle, so these pedals are highly likely to be compatible with nearly all spin bike brands.
The pedals are constructed with a lightweight resin body, which although lightweight does not sacrifice strength or durability.

Shimano’s pedals also have a strong stainless steel body plate, which prevents flex in the pedals and ensures greater longevity. Sealed bearings are another feature of these pedals which guarantee that this product will be able to stand up to even the most intense workouts that you throw at it. The high cost is one of the only limiting factors on the Shimano pedals. Costing around $140 CDN, the kit that you get with these pedals is fairly basic. Of course, it will meet the needs of those who specifically desire SPD compatible road bike pedals, and will do that well, but without offering much more beyond the basic necessities it is hard to justify the high price tag.

PROS: Robust construction guarantees that the Shimano pedals will survive heavy use

CONS: Considerably higher price than other replacement pedals and for comparatively little advantage

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Look Unisex Adult Keo Classic 3 Bike Pedals

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as of May 10, 2021 7:59 am

Carrying on, another top tier option for clipless indoor bike pedals are the Look Keo Classic 3 bike pedals. The Keo Classic 3 pedals are another offering which although intended for use with road bikes are an excellent choice for any road bike riders who wish to practice indoors with a spin bike. Look’s Keo Classic 3 pedals are designed with 400mm square surface area, which is considerably more than many of their competitors. This increased surface area provides excellent stability, comfort, and ease of use while you are riding.

Look’s Keo Classic 3 pedals are constructed with a sturdy plastic-composite body that can stand up to heavy-duty use. Additionally, the Keo Classic 3 pedals are equipped with an oversized steel axle with miniature ball bearings, which stand to increase the durability of these pedals. Even further, Look has developed a new method of fitting the spindle into the body of the pedals, boosting the reliability of the pedals even more. The Keo Classic 3 pedals also include a pair of compatible cleats. The pedals and cleats are reasonably priced, sitting comfortably in the midrange, and would be a worthy investment for riders looking to utilize KEO technology on their spin bike/road bike

PROS: Midrange price gets you a set of high-quality pedals and a pair of compatible cleats, robust build can handle intense exercise

CONS: Clipless, meaning this is only a contender for those who only wish to use KEO technology

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DR BIKE Bike Pedals with Toe Clips/Cages and Straps

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Finally, we will take a look at DR BIKE’s bike pedals with toe cages and straps. These pedals are meant to be multi-purpose, designed for use with spin bikes and mountain bikes alike, making them a suitable choice for any cyclist. The pedals feature a 9/16” axle, which will make them compatible with most spin bike brands. The body of the pedals is constructed with an aluminum alloy, making these durable enough to withstand intense training regimens. The toe cages are adjustable, so you can tailor them to your specific needs. DR BIKE’s pedals are also equipped with an anti-slip design to guarantee maximum comfort while riding.

However, there is a downside to the DR BIKE pedals, which is that they do not feature SPD compatibility or compatibility with any other clip-in technology. Rather they only feature toe-cages and straps. To compensate, DR BIKE has included the anti-slip design, consisting of a rubber anti-slip belt which does help ensure your feet will stay in place while using, however, this is not comparable to SPD or similar technologies. Of course, this sacrifice does come with the upside that these pedals are some of the cheapest replacement pedals on the market. You can purchase the DR BIKE pedals for about $30 CDN, which includes a 1-year warranty.

PROS: Highly affordable, while including a 1-year warranty, limited though high-quality build

CONS: No compatibility with specialized clip-in cleat technology, limiting desirability for experienced riders

Buyer’s Guide

Anyone who is new to or has recently entered the world of indoor spin bikes would likely assume that the equipment that each bike comes with and standard athletic shoes are all that you need to get the best workout. However, investing in higher quality pedals and shoes which are more suited to your preferences is able to elevate your spin bike experience from standard to outstanding, allowing you to get the most out of your spin bike purchase. These upgrades can range from purchasing Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) capable pedals, designed so that your shoes can clip into the pedals, to sleek and adaptable pedals that accommodate a range of abilities, every rider should look for the pedals which will best adapt their bike to their tastes. Here are three important tips for finding the perfect pedal for your needs:

Spin or Bike?

Understanding what you want to get out of your spin bike experience is a crucial element in deciding what to invest in. Are you looking to incorporate a workout regime like Peloton, SoulCycle, Studio Sweat, or RPM, or are you hoping to maximize the intensity of your cardio workout? Those looking for high-intensity exercise will want to consider a double-sided pedal with more straps, clips, or cleats to give them better grip and stability as they rise up and down on the spinning bike, while indoor cyclists can look for a more relaxed single-side pedal with less built-in caging.

Invest in SPD and Cycling Shoes

Although the price of entry may be a turn-off, investing early in SPD equipped pedals and SPD compatible cleats will upgrade your workouts significantly. The aerodynamic incorporation of grip and pedal techniques that support the Shimano SPD design are unbeatable and have quickly become the industry standard for cycling and spin enthusiasts who seek the highest quality and the most benefit from their spin bike experience. Getting the proper equipment early on will make your resulting journey smoother, more enjoyable, and much more rewarding.

Count Your Thread Size

Most standard bikes use a 9/16” thread for the spindles that pedals screw onto, so both when you purchase or replace a bike pedal, you’ll want to know if your bike matches that pattern. The majority of pedals are 9/16” and will fit on a wide variety of spin bike brands and models, however not all will match this standard, so an ill-informed purchase could lead to quite the headache, requiring you to purchase another set of pedals entirely.

The Final Verdict

Before passing a final judgment, it should be noted that all the entries here comprise some of the best spin bike pedal replacements on the market, and would all be good choices. That said, among the options we’ve presented you cannot beat the Wellgo WPD-E003 pedals. These pedals are truly the whole package, offering you the option to ride with toe-cages and straps or with SPD cleats and being built with a robust aluminum construction that can withstand high-intensity workouts. The price point is higher than some other options, but that money goes towards not only a high-quality product but also a pair of SPD cleats which are included in the purchase and a two-year warranty.

However, if the price is still not justifiable, the Venzo Fitness Exercise Spin Bike Compatible with Shimano SPD Pedals with Toe Clips & Straps pedals are also an excellent choice. Offering most of the same features which make the Wellgo pedals great, the only reason for excluding Venzo from the top spot are the handful of reviewers who report that the toe cage may be faulty, and could be prone to breaking. Nonetheless, both Wellgo and Venzo are top contenders for best home spin bike pedals, and you cannot go wrong with either of them. Make the right decision and invest in your health and wellbeing today by purchasing a high-quality pair of spin bike pedals and getting the most you possibly can out of your spin bike experience.

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