Best Water Rowing Machines Under $1000 – Final List

Are you looking for the best options for water rowing machines under $1000 available out there? If you ever considered adding a water resistance rowing machine to your home gym and have no idea where to start, you are not alone. It can be overwhelming to choose from several options of indoor water rowings under $1000.

What are the health benefits of using top rowing machines? What should I consider before buying it? Why should I buy one? What are the options available? Is it a good option for my fitness goals? Having a water rowing exercise machine under $1000 at home helps you achieve your fitness goals, within the comfort of your own space and at your own pace, attracts mostly everybody.

Water rowing machines are great for several reasons. They provide a full-body workout, increase strength and endurance, and improve and tone several muscles in your body. Not only that, but these home water rowings types of equipment also help with cardiovascular health, weight loss, burns calories, and it can work as a stress reliever. It is considered a low impact exercise, which can be useful for pretty much anyone.

Considering buying one, it is a time-consuming task, requiring a considerable amount of research to find the best indoor rowing machine under $1000, to better suit your needs. No matter how familiar you are to these types of equipment, many questions will arise along the way. To help you with this process, we spent an extensive amount of time handpicking and reviewing the best-rated fluid rowing machines under $1000.

In this guide, you will find the ten best options available, including the pros and cons of each model. We hope, with this guide, you can find a better alternative to suit your needs.

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Best Water Rowing Machines Under $1000

Mr. Rudolf Water Rowing Machine For Home Use

If you are looking for the best water rowing machine under $1000, this is one to consider. Designed for home gyms, the Mr. Rudolf Water rowing machine is considered a lightweight model and easy to store. Made of solid oak natural wood features transport wheels for easy transportation from one place to another.

The Bluetooth monitor, with a 3-system personalized mode (manual, interval custom and target), allows you to manage your goals and set up your timer. It also displays calories, strokes, strokes per minute and the distance. The monitor features a phone holder for convenience.

Built and shaped like a real boat, this water rowing machine presents an ergonomic seat and an active recoil system, providing a smooth experience from the comfort of your home, which is what makes it one of the best home rowers for less than $1000.

The height-adjustable footplates with straps provide a more fun workout with low-impact feeling. It works with adjustable resistance levels by changing the water levels. You can monitor and adjust using the water pump that comes with it (USB rechargeable).

Cons: It is relatively spacious equipment, if compared to some similar available on the market (82 L x 22 W x 20 H inches), so make sure you measure your space before purchasing it.

Mr Captain Home Water Rowing Machine

As promised by the manufacturer, the Mr Captain rowing machine wants to offer the real outdoor workout feeling, shaped like a boat-style, given the sensation of rowing in the water.

One of the top home water rowing machines under $1000, you can adjust the resistance by changing the water levels, fitting your endurance goals, comfortable sensation and enhancing your fitness improvement with time.

Created to minimize discomfort, the seating and retraction systems perform softly. The water flows smoothly, contributing to the quiet workout time, allows you to share the room with someone else while using it.

To help you achieve your goals and follow your improvements, the Bluetooth monitor offers a customizable 3-mode system, letting you check your workout data, such as calories burned, strokes per minute, total strokes, distance travelled, timer and pulse.

Equipped with the transporting wheels, it is easy to move around with this machine. You can also fold it for secure storage (vertical or horizontal positions).

Cons: It is fairly large equipment if compared to others available for sale under $1000. Make sure you measure your space (82L x 22W x 20H inches).

First Degree Fitness Fluid Rower – AR Newport

With a more modern design, the First Degree Fitness Fluid Rower could be perfect for anyone, at any fitness level, because of the adjustable resistance system, which performs on several levels, allowing total control of the water fluid process.

Moving from one level to the next is pretty simple, with no hiccups in between. Because of the smooth water fluid distribution system, it is considered a pleasant silent machine. Adjusting to a perfect level is easy, just turn the dial without needing to pump water in or out. The electronic monitor connects to a USB port, featuring time, distance, 500M split time, strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts and heart rate, easing the improvement monitor for each workout. How about the comfort level? It contains adjustable seats, with a low friction roller system and adaptable footplates and straps, for a greater ergonomic and smooth experience.

It is considered lightweight equipment for this model, folding for safe storage in a vertical or horizontal position, fitting close to the wall if necessary.

Cons: Be aware of the size of this equipment (38 x 22 x 22 inches). The inseam of the legs is not the widest one available on the market (it can be challenging for a very tall person).

HouseFit Water Rowing Machine

The HouseFit Water Rower is built with solid materials, sturdy on most surfaces, due to its rear stabilizer system, for a steady workout. The non-slip handlebar provides a good grip while exercising combined with the adjustable straps, and non-slipping pedals guarantee a better ergonomic experience for users. To prevent blisters, consider wearing a quality pair of rowing gloves.

The console display monitors the timer, calories and distance. Another feature includes the large tablet support, for you to be able to read or watch your favorite show while working out.

This compact rowing machine comes equipped with transporting wheels, and it is foldable for a stable storage solution, in vertical or horizontal positions. The water system is adjustable to up to six-levels of resistance, reaching from beginners to a more experienced fitness level. It is adjusted automatically due to a plasma frequency and tension system.

One of its pros is certainly the price as it’s one of the best water rowers under $500, so great value for money.

Cons: The digital monitor is a more simple model, when compared to some others available. It does not connect on the Bluetooth and does not display strokes or strokes per minute.

MARNUR Water Rowing Machine

The Marnur water rowing machine comes with a double-track system, which slides smoother while exercising, helping with the structure’s stability. The material is also anti-corrosion, fitting outdoor or indoor use.

A large LCD monitor (9 inches) adjustable in several different positions, according to your height, for a more comfortable and ergonomic workout. The monitor can display a timer, calories, rowing frequency, stroke count, and distance to track your progress during exercise. This rowing machine comes equipped with an 18l water tank, resistance adjustable for fitting several fitness levels and goals. It also comes with a water pump.

One of the favorite rowing machines under $500, this equipment is easy to store, vertically or horizontally with the easy-grip system attached at the bottom, and comes with transportation wheels for easy moving around. This Marnur equipment comes with anti-slip and customizable foot-sized pedals (6 rowing shoe numbers), for a more adherent and safe workout.

Cons: The resistance adjustment for fitness workout is based on water capacity. You have to pump water in or out for more endurance results.

Merax Water Rower For Home Use

The water tank is adjustable for different fitness goals by filling the right amount of water for your endurance goals. It holds 6 different levels of capacity.
It is considered silent equipment, with the fluid system mimicking the flow sounds of splashing water. It is also equipped with base wheels, and it is easy to move around in most floor types.

This Merax water rowing machine is designed to provide an aligned and ergonomic comfort workout experience, with the large footrests, the foam seats and the 19″ multi-grip handle.

For progress fitness and tracking your improvements, this equipment is built with an LCD monitor, displaying exercising time, strokes, calories and distance. The QuickStart button makes it easy for the day to day routine. Developed within a more compact design, it is easily foldable for storage.

Cons: It holds a smaller weight capacity than most models (220lbs). Also, the water tank adjustment is based on pumping water in and out.

Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine (SF-RW5713)

The Sunny Health & Fitness water rowing is equipped with the adjustable resistance water tank, offering several different levels of endurance, by adjusting the water levels in the tank. With a hydro-blade technology, with the flywheel and 16 fan blades, it creates resistance against the water for better workout performance.

This model comes with the R2 Fitness Meter, with a large LCD monitor. It is compatible with the ANT+ heart rate technology, meaning you can wear a heart rate belt (sold separately) around your chest and have a more accurate heart rate and pulse measurements. The digital monitor also displays the time/500M, SPM, distance, total strokes, calories, pulse, calendar, temperature and clock.

The maximum user weight is 300lbs, and the slide rail length is about 42 inches. Transportation wheels are located at the front of the equipment, easing up to moving around and storage. This equipment comes with floor stabilizers and levelers, which means you can level the machine even on uneven floors for a more comfortable experience. The large seats and foot placements are aiming for a smooth ergonomic experience. Nylon straps on the pedals are adjustable.

Cons: To adjust the resistance levels, you have to pump water in and out for more endurance.

Koreyosh Home Water Rower

Built in with solid wood, the Koreyosh water rowing machine holds up to 330lbs weight capacity. The LCD monitor moves in several angles and directions, adjusting in height for a more comfortable visual. It displays strokes per minute, timer, calories and the distance, helping you track your improvements. The large foot pedals with adjustable straps and the comfortable designed seat are great for an ergonomic and more enjoyable workout experience.

The water tank is easy to fill out with water, meaning it can be suitable for anyone with different fitness goals. This machine is equipped with wheels for easy transportation, and it can be stored vertically or horizontally.

Cons: It is considered wider equipment if considered with some other models available. Check measurements (84L x 22W x 20H inches) before purchasing for perfect fitting in your space.

MaxKare Water Rowing Machine

The MaxKare water rowing machine is equipped with a large LCD monitor, tracking timer, strokes per minute, distance, calories and total strokes. It also features a challenging mode, “Man-Machine” for those who want to go on a more competitive endurance mode. The LCD monitor is adjustable to different heights for more comfortable visibility.

The water tank was designed to provide a more real rowing experience during exercising. It can be adaptable to several fitness goals, depending on the water level. The tank should be filled up to ⅔ of capacity.

The equipment is considered sturdy and durable, and it is equipped with transportation wheels for easy moving around. It folds for easy storage. Ergonomic design to comfortable workout with a bottle holder, large seats, adjustable straps and footplates size (up to 5 different sizes). The padded handles fully foam helps with the hand-grip, easing the upper body exercises to all levels.

Cons: Holding capacity is for a person up to 264 weight. The water tank adjustment is also based on water filling capacity, meaning more water, and more endurance.

Vilobos Water Rowing Machine

One very affordable option is the Vilobos water rowing machine with the adjustable water tank system for different needs and fitness levels. The Vilobos is fabricated using heavy-duty steel, and it is considered a very durable material. It is a stable machine with six wide points to support the frame and make it more sturdy for the workout.

This model is ergonomically designed with soft-cushion seats and adjustable footrests into different heights, for a smoother exercise experience. The LCD digital monitor displays timer, distance, 500M split time, strokes and strokes per minute, helping you track your fitness goals and improvements. Ease to fold and save space on storage, includes wheels for easy transportation around the house.

Cons: Its maximum capacity is for a person up to 265lbs. The water tank is adjusted by filling the reservatory with the desired amount of water, for the endurance level workout.

Why Should I Buy A Water Rowing Machine?

In case you do not know what’s precisely a Water rowing machine or the differences to other types of rowing machines in the market (Hydraulic, Flywheel or Magnectic Resistance), here is a simple explanation.

Water rowing machines are, as the name suggests, equipment that intends to mimic the rowing of a boat movement. Because they have a tank that needs to be filled with water, it simulated the rowing movements, and also it is relatively quiet equipment with the relaxing sound of the water flown.

This type of equipment has become more and more popular nowadays for several reasons:

  • Fitness-friendly workout: You can adjust the water levels at the tank; also, you can exercise on many different levels of difficulty, allowing people with any fitness goal to enjoy the workout.
  • Easy to use: It is almost intuitive to use the equipment, not requiring a lot of preview knowledge.
  • It works the lower body muscles and the upper body muscles at the same time.
  • Low Impact exercise.
  • Easy to store: Most of the home fluid rowing models under $1000 are foldable, meaning they can be stored in a vertical or horizontal position.
  • Price: You can find many good quality models of water rowing equipment well under $1000, making it a good investment (when compared with other home gym equipment and gyms memberships).
  • Stress relief: The sounds of the water flowing back and forth are proven to be relaxing, and when combined with the workout, it is a great way to relieve the stress of the day. It’s Fun.

What are the health benefits?

Rowing machines are a beneficial exercise for several health reasons. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends that “healthy adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week.” Specialists consider that using a water rowing machine (or similar cardio types of equipment) three times a week is enough for beginners to get a good workout, within moderated intensity, aiming to improve cardiovascular health.

Studies have shown that this type of workout operates approximately 85% of the muscular system in our bodies, without causing too much of a joint impact. It is, in fact, considered a low impact workout, ideal for those who would benefit from a more moderate intensity type of exercises. 

The main muscles you are putting to work when rowing are: upper back, triceps, lats, glutes, hamstrings, calves, deltoids, pecs, biceps, abs, obliques and quadriceps.

Not just that!

When you exercise your lower and upper bodies, you are not just burning calories, but also improving your endurance and strength.

The importance of boosting your body’s resistance is many. When you endure your lower-body muscles, you improve your balance and flexibility. On the other hand, working on your upper body muscles, such as arms, shoulders, back and abdominal, will help correct your posture, reduce any existing back pain, and work your core muscles for cardio improvement.

Another great benefit of rowing exercises is the increase of the oxygen circulation in your body. All your body functions, including heart and blood, will benefit from the strokes movements. It is an excellent exercise to improve your cardiovascular health.

Did you know that even when gripping the handles, the muscles of your hands and wrists are benefiting from the exercise?

In addition to all of that, water rowing machines are great for burning calories and helping your objectives of losing weight. It consumes an average of 600 calories in one hour of exercising. Using it consistently will help you to achieve your fitness goals.

What Should I Consider Before Buying A Water Rower?

Ok, so now you are convinced that water rowing machines are the perfect equipment for your home gym. And you are looking for the best rowing machine with water resistance under $1000. You know all the health improvements this type of exercise can benefit you.

So what?

There are several aspects you should consider before buying your home water rower under $1000, and here are some of them.


Before you go on, purchase the style you liked the most, make sure you measure your space first. Measure where you want to exercise and also the place where you are going to store the unit. There is a significant variation in sizes, even for home water rowings.

Storage space

Make sure your storage space will fit the unit folded (vertically or horizontally). Also, check the internal humidity or dry conditions, since some materials can deteriorate with time under some strict conditions.

Fitness goals

Make sure you have a plan in place for your fitness goals when looking for exercise water rowers under $1000. Some units do not have endurance for athletes or challenge harder levels of endurance.


There are several models of affordable water rowing machines under $1000, with an array of prices available to choose from. Set up a budget. Avoid falling in love just for a style. Do your research, make a list of yours “must-have”, “good to have,” or “not necessary to have.” With this in mind, it will be easier to narrow down your options for indoor water rowers under $1000.

Weight supported

Be aware of the weight limit supported for each unit of water resistance rowing machines under 1000 you are looking at. It can vary in almost 100lbs in some cases.

Product Warranty Policies

No matter if you are buying directly from the manufacturer or from a third-party seller, always check the product’s warranty policies. If it is not available online, message the seller to ask all the necessary questions before making your purchase.

LCD Digital Monitor

Most of the units come with LCD digital monitors, and most of them have the average display information available. However, if you want more advanced information, check out some models where you can connect your watch or a chest belt, using a Bluetooth, for more accurate heart rate information.

Water Tank Adjustable Levels

Pretty much all of the home rowing machine systems provide adjustable water levels, as a way to get you in your level of workout comfort and increase endurance as you improve your fitness.

However, in some models, this adjustment is made by the turn of a dial. You only need to add the amount of water indicated and not worry about pumping it. In some other cases, you have to use a water pump to pump the water in or out of the tank to adjust the endurance levels.

Floor Gripping

Pretty much all the models of fluid resistance rowers for home under $1000 are equipped with a floor gripping system, for a more safe and sturdy workout. It is essential to pay attention if you are setting up on a levelled floor, for a stable exercise.


Most water rowing units have standard accessories, or sometimes have slight variations, such as large footrests with adjustable stripes, cushion seats, anti-grip hand. However, some units have more accessory options that may be or not adequate for your needs, Bluetooth connection, bottle holders or tablet holders.


Always check rowing machines reviews under $1000 when researching. It’s important to be aware what others have experienced with some equipments.


Check water rowing machine with discount online or with the manufacture. There are always savings and promotions within these types of equipment.

Final Word On The Best Water Rowing Machines Under $1000

Overall, having a water rowing machine at home could be beneficial for pretty much everybody. It is a money saver option if you consider long term use, saving the gym membership costs.

Most of the equipment available are relatively similar in their general features, including water tank adjustment for endurance, the ergonomic features such as footrest pedals, large or cushioned seats, and hand-grip paddled handles and the LCD monitor displays (with some distinctness).

Sizes and weight capacities can be very different for some models, so it is essential to be aware of these particularities.

Most importantly, check your needs and goals before you go ahead and choose the best indoor water rowing machine under $1000 for your in-home gym.

And have fun!

Now it’s your turn

We are confident that you know what to do to make sure you find the best home water resistance rowing machine under $1000. 

Do not forget to research all the top-ranked water fluid rowing exercise machines we reviewed here, and also, leave your comments below with your own experience. We want to hear from you.

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