Best Rowing Machines Under 1000 – The Final List

Rowing machines are a great way to get fit! Indoor rowing machine gym equipment burns calories quickly and is an effective way to build muscle, without having to have many different machines. Having a rowing machine in your home means you can exercise when around your schedule and in the comfort of your own home.

Indoor rowing machines can be easily stored in your home, as many have portability options like wheels or the ability to fold it away. Within this guide, we will be reviewing the best rowing machines for under $1000 in the USA right now, so you can get fit on a budget!

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Best Rowing Machines Under $1000

Mr. Captain Rowing Machine

Mr. Captain Rowing Machine is a professional rowing machine for under $1000! The shape of the device itself has the design of a real ship, and the water resistance is realistic, so you will feel as though you are getting that outdoor experience from the comfort of your own home. Another physical design benefit is the comfort of the rowing machine’s ergonomic seat with an active recoil system and height-adjustable footplates with straps to secure your feet on this machine.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a customizable Bluetooth monitor, which you can utilize to set up three modes ( manual, interval custom, and target). This is a great rowing machine benefit as it will aid you in effectively managing your time and accomplish exercise goals quickly.

Mr. Captain Rowing Machine is perfect for home usage as it runs relatively quietly with just some swooshing of water. It can be efficiently stored as it has wheels, ensuring it is easy to transport to either the wall or closet you are storing it in. The oak finish to this excellent rowing machine gives it an elegant look that makes it look good in your home or gym area.

Additionally, this rowing machine has quick delivery, as it is dispatched within two days either from the California or New Jersey warehouse. It is easy to put together as you are provided with everything you need and a clear instruction manual. If you have any issues with this rowing machine, Mr. Captain has around the clock customer service (besides on holidays and weekends).


  • This product is quiet and will not disturb your household as you are using it.
  • This rowing machine is well designed and is visually appealing.
  • The delivery time is less than a week, and it is dispatched within two days of ordering it.
  • Generally, Mr. Captain Rowing Machine is easy to put together as you are provided with clear instructions.
  • Overall, this excellent rowing machine has fantastic reviews from verified customers on Amazon.


  • Unfortunately, this rowing machine does not show the distance – only strokes, time, and calories.
  • Despite being relatively easy to assemble, each screw is not labeled, and this can be quite an annoying process.
  • The machine comes in two separate packages, so all the equipment is not with you at once, and you could be waiting a couple of days before everything arrives.

XTERRA Fitness ERG700 Rower

XTERRA Fitness ERG700 Rower is one of the best home rowing machines under $1000, it accurately resembles the feel of rowing with 16 levels of air and magnetic resistance and an ergonomic rowing handle, which is modeled for comfort, especially if used with a pair of rowing gloves. This best value rowing machine offers a full-body workout that is hard to match!

Furthermore, you can observe your progress with ease as the XTERRA Rower has a monitor attached that displays time, distance, strokes per minute, calories, heart rate, watts, level and resistance over time. An authentic feature of this indoor rowing machine is the ten programs installed for a variety of different workouts to help you train, all with different goals, e.g. strength, fat burn, cardio, or even fun with a game. Another benefit of this rowing machine is the size of it (20″ frame height) as it is large enough for anyone to use with ease. The display screen is large (5.5”) and has sensitive touch buttons and is backlit with LCD, the screen can move around so you can find the optimal viewing angle.

XTERRA Rower is the perfect indoor rowing machine as it has a smooth aluminum rail system (elegant look), it can fold up for your storage convenience and wheel it away, and it has professional strength handle straps for safety and ease of use. All the features are user-controlled – so you can start at the resistance and time you are comfortable with and have the ability to pause anytime you need to.


  • This rowing machine is easy to put together, and it comes with a simple and straight-forward instruction manual.
  • XTERRA rowing machine is large – so it will be useful for people of all shapes and sizes.
  • This product is an affordable rowing machine and has all the features of a professional and high-end machine.
  • This rowing machine is very sturdy and robust.
  • It is quiet, so others in your household will not be disturbed.


  • The foot straps are hard to adjust.
  • This rowing machine does not accurately record the distance.
  • Customer services are not always responsive.
  • XTERRA rowing machine needs to be plugged in

Mr Rudolf Water Rowing Machine

Mr. Rudolf Water Rowing Machine is for indoor usage and looks masterful and has the impeccable features of the best water rowing machines under $1000. Overall, it is an affordable home rowing machine and has all of the features of a professional rowing machine. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rower, this is one of the best indoor rowing machines for under $1000.

This is one of the top rowing machines for home usage, it is equipped with a Bluetooth monitor which is customizable. There are three different modes (manual, interval custom, and target.) available so you can reach your fitness goals efficiently and with ease. This can be particularly useful as a beginner, as it may be difficult to figure out your initial goals and how to work up to them – this provides this service for you.

Furthermore, this rowing machine is perfect for a home gym, as it is great for everyday training use and is not too large. It is convenient to store as it has wheels attached, and it is 320 pounds so you can pick it up and move it to where you desire. It comes with an ergonomic seat, an active recoil system, and adjustable footplates with straps providing an optimal experience.

Additionally, Mr Rudolf Water Rowing Machine provides a realistic rowing experience as it is designed similarly to a real ship regarding the shape of it. So it will accurately replicate the outdoor experience, but in the comfort of your own home and at any time that suits you! Therefore making it one of the top rated rowing machines.


  • This home rowing machine is easy to put together.
  • Mr Rudolf’s water rowing machine is visually pleasing.
  • Great quality and quick customer service.
  • This rowing machine is under $1000 and is affordable while being high quality.


  • The device attached for monitoring purposes can cause some issues like not measuring distance.
  • The belt and straps can fray over time.
  • The instruction manual can be unclear at times, so you would have to consult customer services or online advice from other users.

ProForm PFRW58118 750R Rower – Hybrid Training

The ProForm Rower is a great rowing machine for under $1000 for home usage. It has many features that are desirable to both beginners and experts! It will give you a full-body workout (targeting up to 14 body areas), with a combination of cardio, strength building, calorie burning, and increased muscle while burning fat.

A benefit of this rowing machine is iFit coach enabled with a one year membership included. Whilst you do not need to have iFit to use the machine and get a lot out of it, it will optimize your experience.

This rowing machine is developed for indoor usage, as it is only 116.6 pounds so you can move it around with ease. Furthermore, this rowing machine is installed with SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance, so your workout will be quiet and not disturb anyone else in your household.

Regardless of where you are on your rowing or fitness journey, this product is great for you as it has 24 different resistance levels that you can adjust at any point during your workout. However, if you choose to complete the workout with a guide, it will automatically change the resistance levels so you can workout without any disruption. This rowing machine is personal trainer led but from the comfort of your own home and accessible any time of day, with one initial cost rather than paying for an expensive personal trainer or having to take a large chunk out of your time to go to a lake!


  • This affordable rowing machine is optimized for home usage as it is quiet and portable.
  • It is affordable while being of high quality.
  • Well designed with excellent features.
  • It can fold up for when you are not using it.


  • It is low and close to the ground which can be awkward for some users.
  • It does not have built-in fans to keep you cool.
  • This rowing machine does not have a cup holder for your water bottle.

HouseFit Water Rowing Machine

The HouseFit Water Rower Rowing machine is a great water machine that is both affordable (under $1000) and high quality. This affordable rowing machine has a basic design and can blend in with your home. It is relatively easy to put together, and if you are having any difficulties the HouseFit’s customer service is prompt and efficient in responding to any queries you have.

One of the best rowing machines under $500 even, This home rower is sturdy and solid, it has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, and is stable whilst rowing. Overall, it is a safe product to use and is steady on all different types of surfaces (laminate, carpet, or wood). For more stability and to protect your floor or carpet, check out the best mats for under a rowing machine. Also, it is designed with high-quality and heavy-duty materials with solid steel covered slide rail and magnetic resistance. Therefore, creating a smooth workout and being one of the best indoor rowing machines on the current market.

Regardless of your fitness level, this water rowing machine has settings for you! It has 6 different levels of water resistance and multitudes of different workout plans, depending on what your current level is and what your goals are.

Furthermore, it is fully adjustable with non-slip petals that can be changed to fit all different feet sizes and rowing shoe sizes. The digital monitor can be moved to an angle that is perfect viewing for you depending on your height. This rowing machine supports all different sizes of tablets (up to 10.2”) and mobile phones so that you can entertain yourself whilst rowing, eliminating any boredom you may get whilst on other exercise machines.


  • Easy to put together, it should take only 20 minutes (or less).
  • Moderately light before filling with water.
  • Affordable with high-end features.
  • Very sturdy and reliable.
  • Effective and quick customer service.


  • Does not have wheels to move it around.
  • Not as visually pleasing as other rowing machines on the market in the US.

MARNUR Water Rowing Machine

The MARNUR water rowing machine is an affordable yet excellent product, that is perfect for indoor usage and for your home gym! It is optimized for home use with the great features it has, and the overall design.

This is one of the best rowing machines under $1000 in the US right now. It is designed to be durable and sturdy with a double-track aluminum structure for stability and ease of movement. The seat movement is smooth, and quiet so no one will be bothered by the noise while you are using this rowing machine. The MARNUR water rowing machine can hold higher weight capacity (up to 300 pounds) therefore it is a bulkier and heavier product.

One of the best water rowing machines, it is generally heavier than others on the market – it has a larger water tank (fits up to 18 liters) so you can be challenged by this machine regardless of your fitness levels. The water is equally distributed which equates to a smooth rowing session. Due to the high capacity, it is extremely secure so that spillages are not an issue.

This rowing machine is equipped with a large LCD monitor to track your progress as you are rowing, it can be adjusted to the perfect angle for you too. The screen will show your exercise time, calories burned, rowing frequency, stroke count, actual rowed distance, and how near you are to your distance goal. This can be motivating and will help you keep on track with your goals.


  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • Affordable for all levels (beginners to experts) of users.
  • The LCD screen is easy to adjust.
  • The water gives resistance and the swishing sound can be relaxing.
  • Anti-slip bottom.


  • Some customers have had issues assembling the product, as the instructions are not always clear.
  • This product is quite large – so if you do not have the room in your house it can be inconvenient.

SereneLife SLRWMC50 Air and Magnetic Home Rower

The SereneLife Home Rowing Machine is a wonderful and affordable product on the US rowing machine market right now. It has a simple yet effective design and will fulfill all your fitness needs. It is an air and a magnetic machine that targets all your body for an intense and fun workout.

One of the best air rowing machines, it will allow you to have a low impact workout that targets all different body parts, such as your forearms, biceps, shoulders, legs, and thighs, that you would typically have to use multiple different fitness machines to target. It is easy to use and is suitable for all different fitness levels. It is perfect for your home gym and general indoor use.

The SereneLife Home Rowing Machine prides itself on being a fun way to get fit, as it offers a range of different benefits like sports training, cardio fitness, fat burning and muscle building, and weight loss. The built-in monitor will record me, distance, strides, and calories burned in the duration of your workout, so you can accurately track your progress and work towards your goals with ease. It has 10 levels of resistance so you can tailor it to any level you need.

This rowing machine is worth every cent! Not only is it affordable, but it is also durable and will last you for years to come. You should see this product as an investment, as it is engineered out of premium materials and is specifically built to last for a long time. It is stable and can hold up to 250 pounds of weight – so is suitable for all shapes and sizes!


  • Affordable whilst being durable and high-quality.
  • Adjustable for all your needs.
  • Perfect for indoor usage, as it can be easily moved around.
  • A fun way to get fit!


  • Weak levels of resistance.
  • Can be quite complicated to put together.
  • Instruction manual is not straightforward so you may have to refer to online tips or get in touch with customer services.

Women’s Health Men’s Health 1638 Bluetooth Rower

Women’s Health Men’s Health Rowing Machine is an excellent product on the US market right now, and it is affordable and of great quality!

Considered one of the best magnetic rowing machines, the resistance on this rower is incomparable, as it has no lag time providing a smooth and steady resistance pull as you are using it. Furthermore, it has 14 levels of different degrees of resistance, being within a range of total beginners (low) and hard enough to challenge professional athletes (high). Therefore, this top rowing machine has something to offer to everyone!

Additionally, this rowing machine allows you to keep on track with your goals and reach them in an efficient amount of time. It has SmartPower Technology integrated, which measures the calories you have burned, the time you have rowed for, distance (measured by combining flywheel RPM, resistance level, and pull length).

Besides the initial price, that is all you will have to pay. You will always have access to basic workout data on the MyCloudFitness App, which can aid you on your fitness journey and help you reach different goals in an optimal amount of time. However, there is an option to upgrade to professional coaching, which Women’s Health Men’s Health offers you a 30-day free trial of, so you can decide if it is for you!

Women’s Health Men’s Health is a trusted fitness brand that has been helping people reach their health goals for over 40 years! Their magnetic rowing machine under $1000 offers you flexibility with your workouts, regardless of your fitness level and schedule.


  • The capacity of up to 250 pounds, so it is suitable for people of all sizes
  • Full resistance and no lag time – leading to an effective workout
  • Smartphone holder so you can keep yourself entertained
  • Large LCD screen.


  • You need a steady surface to place this machine on as it does not have grips on the bottom
  • This machine is relatively loud in comparison to other products
  • Some customers have received faulty products that had to be replaced.

Marcy NS-6050RE Foldable Turbine Rowing Machine

Marcy Foldable Turbine Rowing Machine is another great air resistance rowing machine for under $1000, and is a great contender against some of the best rowing machines in the US right now! This rowing machine provides each user with a full-body workout that can burn fat and build muscle, burn calories, lose weight, and build up good stamina.

Additionally, this is a great indoor rowing machine due to the portability features. For example, you can fold up this machine and store it away in a closet until your next use and pop it back up with ease.

This rowing machine has 8 different resistance settings so that each user can customize their own workout, anything from easy to intense. If you are looking for a great air rowing machine under $1000 that allows users of all different fitness levels to reach their goals at their own pace, this is it! Furthermore, the computer display panel enables users to keep on track of their goals in terms of speed, distance, time, calories burned, and RPM.

Marcy Foldable Turbine Rowing Machine is built for comfort and durability, as it has an ergonomically designed injection molded seat, which will keep every user comfortable whilst exercising. Also, it has adjustable foot straps that you can change the tightness depending on your foot size, this allows optimal comfort and safety.

Despite the affordable price, this great collapsible rowing machine has a solid steel frame and is made out of high-end and good quality materials, which will ensure that each customer has years of use from this machine. Therefore, you should see this product as an investment!


  • Extremely portable making it one of the best home rowing machines.
  • Simply designed and not too extravagant.
  • Affordable and durable.
  • Customizable depending on your size.


  • If excessively used the turbine can become squeaky whilst in use.
  • Not as challenging as other products.
  • Great for beginner and intermediate users.

MaxKare Water Rowing Machine

The MaxKare Water Rowing Machine is one of the best value water rowing machines for home usage for under $1000 in the US right now! It is specifically designed to mimic real sailing, so it will feel like a real stroke on the water with each pull that you make. Which makes it more challenging than other rowing machines on the market right now.

Furthermore, this water rowing machine utilizes ergonomic design to the maximum, as it is easy to operate and hold the handle. It can hold a capacity of up to 264 pounds, so it is suitable for all shapes and sizes to work out on with comfort.

Even though this rowing machine is affordable, it has a sturdy steel mainframe structure made from high-quality products that make this machine durable and will allow you to have plenty of usage out of it (years and years in fact).

The large LCD monitor that is attached to this rowing machine will allow you to view your data at all times, like the time, strokes per minute, distance, and calories. This will be motivating when the workout gets tough, and will allow you to set realistic goals and meet them every time!

This rowing machine is perfect for home gym use, as it is equipped with pulleys, so you can move it around your home. Also, you can store it in an upright position if needed.


  • Extremely durable and made from high-quality materials.
  • Accurately replicates the rowing experience.
  • Targets your full body in a straightforward workout.
  • Easy to store away.


  • Some customers have had difficulties with assembling it due to the instruction manual.
  • Some users have received faulty products, which isn’t down to the company, but an inconvenience nonetheless.
  • Customer service is not always prompt.

Merax Indoor Rowing Machine For Home Use

The Merax Rowing Machine is an amazing budget rowing machine, specially designed for home and indoor usage for under $1000. It is appropriate for all fitness levels, as it has 8 different levels of resistance, which can be adjusted with ease on a selection knob. As anyone with any fitness level can find an adjustment on this rowing machine that will be perfect for them, it is great for the whole family!

This Merax rowing machine is reliably ergonomically constructed, as it has a three degrees angled saddle seat, so it will take the mould of your body. Another great design feature is the foot pedals, which can be adjusted to any foot size so you feel safe and secure whilst using. Furthermore, the foot pedals are slip resistance, which is another way you will not need to worry about safety – and you can zone out during your workout. The handle bar is padded for your comfort, and will help you grip on better and maintain good body posture.

This is a great magnetic rowing machine under $500 as the aluminium rail that is paired with commercial level plastic sliding, will allow a smooth stroke and close to silence! So others in your household will not hear a thing whilst this is in use. Also, it is great for home use as it is aesthetically pleasing and will upgrade the look of your home gym.

The LED display can help you track your time, distance, strokes per minute, and the overall calories you have burned whilst working out. This will aid you in setting and reaching your fitness goals. Another great design feature is the rack to put your phone or device on, so you can watch a video or listen to music whilst exercising, which will increase your productivity and make working out fun!


  • This rowing machine has a one year warranty.
  • Well designed – both visually and practically.
  • Fun to use and with features that will enhance your experience.
  • This rowing machine is quiet and will ensure others are not distributed while it is in use.


  • Some customers have reported that the seat can make noise.
  • The monitor is not perfect – it has computer chips and some wire showing.

The Final Verdict

All of the indoor rowing machines for under $1000 are excellent and we highly recommend buying them! However, our personal favourite is the HouseFit Water Rower! It is affordable, and offers all of the features you could possibly want from a professional and indoor rowing machine.

If you are a beginner, this is a great product as it is easy to put together, and any issues you have and raise with customer services they will respond promptly. It is safe and steady, and can be used on any surfaces with the anti-slip bottom and robust and high-quality materials it is engineered from.

Compared to some other products we have reviewed, it is not as visually pleasing, but we think we can let this slide with the overwhelming positivity surrounding this exercise machine.

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