Best Magnetic Rowing Machines Under $1000 And Get Fit NOW!

Looking for the best magnetic rowing machine under $1000 and don’t know where to start? We put together this guide to help you choose a home magnetic rowing equipment to add to your gym.

But first, you have to consider a few aspects before making your purchase. Is it the best equipment for my fitness goals? Why the magnetic indoor rowing machine instead of the water rowing or air rowing option? What to consider before buying this type of equipment? What are the health benefits? We want to provide you with the best options for magnetic rowing machines under $1000 available out there, so we spent a considerable amount of time reviewing the top-rated equipment to make your life so much easier.

Considering that rowing exercises are for pretty much everybody, you must look at adding the rowing workout to your fitness routine within the low impact movements. Did you know? A quarter of an hour, rowing is the same as three-quarters of an hour running. Although there are several options for rowing machines under $1000, including magnetic, water and flywheel, we will educate you on some differences between the models and what to consider before making your decision.

Which are the significant features of the magnetic rowing machine that I should check? Endurance levels? Technology? The magnetic rowing machine uses a magnetic break in the flywheel to generate the resistance while working out. The resistance will not change based on how hard or fast you pull. Instead, the magnets are built into the flywheel allowing the users to preset the endurance level desired. With all this in mind, get ready to dig into this guide and know everything you need to choose the best magnetic rowing machine under $1000 to add to your home gym.

Best Magnetic Rowing Machines Under $1000 To Buy For Your Home Gym

Fitness Reality 4000MR Magnetic Rower

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as of May 10, 2021 12:53 pm

Within a 15 workout program (10 are presets and 5 are customizable), the Fitness Reality 4000MR has a chain-driven with a Dual Transmission technology providing strength for a more intense and challenging workout. The Dual Transmission mechanism is built within 16 magnetic tensions, varying from an easy to a more challenging resistance exercise.

This machine is equipped with a 5″ LCD monitor displaying time, distance, calories, RPM, total count, watts and tension level. You also have the option of setting a 3-workout goal – time, distance and calories burned. The monitor is adjustable to various angles, providing a more comfortable view while exercising.

This magnetic rowing machine provides a full upper body exercise, equipped with dual independent rowing handles, mimicking a full rowing motion, for better arm, shoulder and chest exercises. The ergonomic comfort is noticed with the large cushion seat, gripping handles, the elevated seats and the ball-bearing seating rollers for a smooth rowing slide.

This equipment holds a maximum weight of 300lbs, transportation wheels for easy moving around, floor gripping for stabilization in most types of floors, and is foldable for an easy storage solution. For more stability, you can add a good rowing machine mat to your fitness equipment.

Cons: This model of home magnetic rowing machine is relatively wide if compared to some similar models. Always measure your space before making your purchase.

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Women’s Health Men’s Health Bluetooth Magnetic Rower

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as of May 10, 2021 12:53 pm

One of the best budget rowers, the Women’s Health Men’s Health Rowing Machine is equipped with a large LCD monitor display featuring total distance, calories, time, total count, strokes per minute, total strokes, watts and split time.

It also comes with a smartphone holder and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect with the MyCloudFitness App (available on iOS and Android) for better tracking and planning of your workout goals. The basic workout track on the App is free for life. Within 14 levels of endurance resistance, this home magnetic rowing machine model is designed to suit everyone’s needs, from beginners to athletes challenge levels.

The Smart Power Dial technology calculates your power output, calories and speed, based on your resistance level, how hard you pull and the distance pulled, and adequate for HIIT-based workouts and endurance rows. Also, the No Lag Time Resistance, the resistance picks up immediately, and there is no need to wait for the movement’s change. The maximum weight capacity for this rowing machine is up to 250lbs, and it is foldable for secure storage, horizontally or vertically.

Cons: The maximum weight capacity is lower if compared to some other models available.

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HouseFit Magnetic Rowing Machine

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as of May 10, 2021 12:53 pm

The HouseFit Rowing Machine is designed with 15 adjustable resistance levels for a better endurance workout, ideal from beginners to people looking for a more challenging fitness goal. Built with high-quality solid aluminum, combined with the slide rail and a no-touch magnetic resistance, this home magnetic rowing machine model is considered durable, providing a smooth slide and quiet workout.

The ergonomic features include non-slip handlebars, floor stabilizers and protectors for a sturdy and stable workout, non-slipping pedals with adjustable straps and a wide cushioned seat. Equipped with a digital monitor displaying timer, distance, count, total count and calories for better tracking your fitness goals. This model also includes a smartphone holder for your convenience of watching a movie or maybe an online fitness class. Quite affordable, it’s regarded as one of the best magnetic rowing machines under $500 and it includes transportation wheels for easy moving around, holding a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs and is foldable for a storage solution.

Cons: The opening for this model is not very wide, could be challenging for a taller person.

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Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine

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as of May 10, 2021 12:53 pm

Within 10 magnetic resistance levels, manually adjustable, this rower machine model includes a durable nylon transmission, providing a quiet solution for your home. This equipment also includes a large LCD Monitor, ergonomically height-adjustable, displaying time, count, distance, strokes, calories, recovery and pules, helping you track your fitness goals.

Other ergonomic features include large footrests with adjustable sizes and straps, oversized seat, non-slip handlebars and floor stabilizers. The maximum weight capacity is 300lbs and when opened is about 93.1” wide. This model is foldable for a secure storage solution, vertically or horizontally.

Cons: This model is more extensive than some similar available on the market. Also, it is not a cushioned seat, which can be a challenge for some people.

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JOROTO Magnetic Rowing Machine

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as of May 10, 2021 12:53 pm

A pretty affordable machine, the JOROTO Magnetic Rower is one of the best rowing machines under $500 and is designed with magnetic tension, including up to 10 levels of resistance adjustment, suitable from beginners to those looking for more challenging workouts. This model also includes a digital monitor, with angle adjustment for ergonomic comfort, displaying count, total count, calories, time and scan. The double sensor structure guarantees more accurate data. It also includes a smartphone/tablet holder, allowing the user to exercise while watching a fitness class or a tv show.

Built-in with a high-quality solid aluminum flywheel, a non-touch magnetic resistance and aluminum slide rail, providing a smooth slide while working out, this rowing machine under $1000 is considered quiet, ideal for home use. Some of the ergonomic features include a foam-soft handlebar, large contoured cushion seat, sizeable anti-slip foot pedal, and a gripping floor protector for a more stable workout. This model also has a cup holder for convenience. This magnetic rowing machine model holds a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs. It is a foldable home rower for storage in a vertical or horizontal position.

Cons: Its maximum weight capacity is lower than some similar models available on the market.

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WEKEEP OVICX Magnetic Rowing Machine

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as of May 10, 2021 12:53 pm

The WEKEEP OVICX magnetic rowing machine is designed with high-quality solid aluminum, with a double slide track, providing a smooth and quiet workout experience in your home. The 16-level magnetic resistance adjustment provides a customizable workout that fits your home’s fitness goals. The Digital Monitor tracks your progress, displaying calories, time, count and time count, distance and scan. It also includes a smartphone holder, for the convenience of watching your favorite tv show or a fitness class while working out.

Some of the ergonomic features include large anti-slip foot pedals, adjustable based on the size of your rowing shoes and non-slip floor protections for a solid workout. It holds a maximum weight capacity of 242.5lbs, including transporting wheels for easy moving around, and it is foldable for easy storage.

Cons: It is the lowest maximum weight capacity we found while reviewing the 10 best magnetic rowing machines under $1000.

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ShareVgo Smart Folding Magnetic Rower

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as of May 10, 2021 12:53 pm

Unlike the other models of magnetic rowing machines under $1000 available, the ShareVgo Smart works effectively when you connect your smartphone or tablet with the Bluetooth LCD Monitor, tracking stroke count, workout time, distance and calories burned. Because the Bluetooth LCD Monitor works connected with the ShareVgo App, needed to be installed for full tracking, the calculation is considered more accurate, since it is based on your gender, age and weight. You can also share your accomplishments on the App among your community members.

Another feature of this magnetic rowing machine is the possibility of six-presets distance-based goals and six challenge goals, including 500m, 2000m, 10km, 5min, 30min and 60min options. Some of the ergonomic features include foam-grip handlebar, large tablet holder, comfortable seat and a sizeable non-slip foot pedal. This home magnetic rowing model holds a maximum weight of 300lbs, is built-in with a long and sturdy slide rail and is foldable for storage.

Cons: You have to connect to the App for accurate data, demanding you to download it on your phone or tablet. Also, the long 48-inches slide rail can be hard for small spaces.

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rower

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as of May 10, 2021 12:53 pm

The Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic rowing machine is designed with a magnetic tension system, including an 8-level resistance adjustable to suit your intensity workout needs. Within the turning of a dial, it is easy to increase your fitness level and track your improvement.

The Digital Monitor displays the time, count, calories burned, total count or scan. The 48-inches extra-long slide rail, with a 40-inches inseam length, allows this machine to suit rowers with long legs. The ergonomic features include foam grip handlebars, non-slip foot pedals with adjustable straps, wide cushioned seats and floor stabilizers for a stable workout. This home magnetic rower model holds up to a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs, including transportation wheels and folds for storage in vertical or horizontal positions.

Cons: This model is wider than some models available. Also, the maximum weight capacity is lower than some similar equipment.

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MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine

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as of May 10, 2021 12:53 pm

With a 16-level resistance adjustment system, the MaxKare Magnetic Rower allows you to customize your workout endurance level, for better fitness results. The multifunctional LCD Monitor helps you manage your fitness improvements, track your training data, display time, count, total count, and calories burned. Some of the ergonomic features include cushion seats, foam-padded handles and non-grip footplates with adjustable straps.

Some other features of this model are a storage box, for convenience of storing your phone or a water bottle, and transportation wheels, for easy moving around. This home magnetic rowing machine holds a maximum weight capacity of 243lbs, and it is foldable for convenient storage.

Cons: Its maximum weight capacity is one of the lowest for this type of equipment available on the market.

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ECHANFIT Magnetic Rowing Machine

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as of May 10, 2021 12:53 pm

The ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower model includes a magnetic 16-level resistance adjustment for effective fitness workout and better endurance tracking goals. The LCD Monitor tracks the workout data, adjustable in different angles for ergonomic comfort, displays time, RPM, distance, scan, calories burned and count. It also comes equipped with a smartphone holder for convenience, foam-grip handlebars, large pivot footplates with adjustable straps, and cushion seats for ergonomic comfort while working out.

Built-in with high-strength steel and durable power-coated paint for the longevity of the equipment. The high-quality steel ensures a smooth and quiet movement during a workout. Holding a maximum weight of 265lbs, this model includes transportation wheels and floor gripping for a stable workout. It is a foldable model for a storage solution.

Cons: It does not have a wide cushion, which can be a dealbreaker for some users. Also, the maximum weight capacity is low if compared with some other models.

Is the Magnetic Rowing Machine the best equipment for my fitness goals?

Before you consider buying new equipment to add to your home gym, take a moment to understand your fitness goals. Consider writing on a piece of paper or in your phone your short-term, mid-term and long-term fitness goals. What do you want to achieve? Having this in mind can be a life-safer and avoid frustrations in the future.

It is well-known that rowing machines can work up to 85% of the muscles in your body. It is excellent information to have. However, if you have some specific needs, you should check more in-depth the rowing machines options (magnetic, water or flywheel) capacity for your personal goals. If you are looking for cardiovascular endurance and strength, this equipment is for you!

Working out the upper body and lower body without affecting your joints because of the little impact, this type of exercise causes is substantially vital for your considerations. Are your goals just to be healthier? Or maybe you want to lose some weight? Or perhaps a more athlete endurance training level? Be aware that some home magnetic rowing machines under $1000 do not have higher athlete endurance levels, which means choosing the right model is essential.

Unlike other types, most of the magnetic rowing machines have resistance levels ranging from 1 to 10. The higher the number, the more endurance workout. For cardio endurance improvement, levels between 3 to 5 are considered excellent by experts. However, you can find equipment with higher resistance levels. If this is an important feature to have, make sure to check the differences in models you are looking into.

Because the magnetic rowing equipment operates in a magnet-based technology, where the magnetic breaks into the flywheels, users can preset the level, this essentially means that the endurance level will not change based on how fast or hard you pull. It is determined by the level you set before starting working out.

Health benefits

Rowing machines are excellent equipment for improving endurance and strength. Since it is considered a low impact type of exercise, it suits pretty much everyone who wants to improve health. Experts recommend 30 minutes of workout five times a week to keep good balanced health. Working up your upper muscles and lower muscles will help to improve your posture, your cardiovascular health, lower your back pain, burn calories and improve your fitness life. Mimicking the rowing movements, you will be able to feel the sensation of rowing a boat from the comfort of your home.

The average time a person takes to row a 500m is 2 minutes. This means that it can be used for sprinter training, a great way to set a new goal on your fitness challenge. Experts advise that keeping an average of 24 to 30 strokes per minute for beginners is a good start. Rowing workouts are excellent to improve cardiovascular health. This type of exercise, working up to 85% of the muscles in our body, helps increase the production of stamina, boosting our metabolism. Essentially this means more energy for you to go through the day.

We can’t forget about the mental benefit. Rowing exercises are excellent workouts for those who look to relieve some of the stress of the day.

Why magnetic rowing instead of water rowing or flywheel (air) rowing?

Magnetic Rowing Machine

Most of the home magnetic rowing machines under $1000 available on the market work with a magnetic resistance level adjustment system, which means you can adjust with the turn of a dial (or pressing a button) to set up your desired level. They can range in resistance levels available. Some models have up to 10 levels, and in others, you can find up to 16 levels of resistance adjustment. Be aware of those features, choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Magnetic rowing machines are sturdy equipment, and most models are built with high-quality aluminum material. These models require less effort to assemble, especially if compared with the water rowings (where you need to add or pump water to adjust the resistance level).

Flywheel (Air) Rowing Machine

The Flywheel (Air) rowing machine operates with the flywheel to generate the resistance as you row during the workout. In most cases, you are able to set the tension level, with the resistance strength varying depending on how hard or fast you row. However, some models do not have a tension level adjustment, which means, your workout will use only the air resistance work you put in.

In general, air rowing machines are the ones requiring less maintenance, if compared to the other types. These models generate more noise while working out when compared to the water rowing and magnetic rowing equipment.

Water Rowing Machine

Compared to the other types of rowing machines, the water rowers are the ones who have a more smooth workout, due to the water flow on the tank. It is also considered not noise equipment, mainly because of the sounds of the water mimicking the ocean. One of the most significant differences this type of rowing machine has when compared to others is the adjustment of the resistance level for an endurance workout.

In most models, this adjustment is made by using the water pump, being necessary to pump water in and out of the tank to adjust the levels. Also, this type of rowing machine can be relatively large if compared to others, because of the water tank, taking up a more extensive space than some other models.

What to consider before buying a magnetic rower


Be aware that home magnetic rowing machines (also water rowing and flywheel rowing) require regular maintenance to keep the equipment running smoothly, offering the best workout results. Always wipe the surfaces, even if you don’t think they look “dirty”.

Daily use or keep it in storage can cause the dusty to go inside the machine, damaging the equipment with time. Always lubricate the chain with mineral oil (check manufacturer recommendations). The string should move smoothly while you workout. If it does not run efficiently, it is time to check. Be aware of noises, inside the machine or while running the chain during the workout. It is an excellent way to detect some problems.

Noise level

The indoor magnetic rowing machine is considered a low noise level, and although it is not entirely silent, you are still able to exercise within a comfortable sound level.


Always check the size of your space and your storage place (if it will not be left open for use all the time). Some equipment requires a more considerable amount of space than others.


Before deciding which model of home magnetic rowing machine you want to purchase, do not forget to check the reviews. It’s important to hear what others experienced. Also, check the reviews of the manufacturer and the seller (if not the same).

Weight capacity

Most magnetic resistance rowing machines under $1000 hold an average maximum capacity of 250lbs. However, you can find some models holding up to 300lbs. If this is an essential feature for you, make sure to double-check its capacities.

Handlebars Vs independent rowing handles

Be aware of differences in some models of top magnetic rowing machines under $1000. Some models are designed with handlebars, which means they fold inside the machine when the workout is done. On the other hand, the independent rowing handles do not fold when the exercise is done, demanding a more extensive space for use and storage. Whichever you are using, wearing a pair of rowing gloves will help you enjoy a more comfortable and safer workout.

Final Words

When reviewing the most affordable magnetic rowing machine under $1000, we were faced with some differences and a lot of similarities. Most of the magnetic rowing machine models use a handlebar for rowing movements. However, we found one model equipped with independent dual rowing handles, meaning a more extensive space is used for the placing of the equipment.

Some models use a single-slide rail, and in other cases, we found double-slide rail models. In general, the double-slide seems to provide a smoother and quieter experience. We also found some differences in the adjustment of the resistance levels, with models having up to 10 levels, while some go up to 16. It means that some machines can help with those looking for more challenging endurance fitness goals. Always look for home magnetic rowing machines with discount since there is an array of options to choose from.

We want to hear from you. Have you purchased yours yet? Are you looking for the best option for an indoor magnetic rowing machine to better suit your needs?

Leave your comments below, share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you.

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