Best Air Rowers Under 1000 For Epic Home Workouts

With so many rowing machine options out there, choosing the right one is a challenge. We reviewed the eight best air rowing machines under $1000 available for sale.

Do you know the difference between the Flywheel (Air) rowing machine and the other types available, like the water rowings and magnetic rowings equipment? The Air rowing machines operate with the Flywheel to generate the resistance with the air flowing as you row during the workout. In most cases, you are able to set the tension, with the resistance varying depending on how hard or fast you row.

These machines are an excellent workout for mostly everyone, since rowing exercises are considered low impact, recommended for cardiovascular improvements, endurance and strength. Like Water Rowing Machines, the Air Rowing Machines can replicate the feeling of rowing a boat, more than other options available. Although the level of noise generated while working out it is considered a little higher than other options.

Some of the common questions you may face when researching for the best option to suit your needs are here: How to keep your air rowing machine running correctly? How long does it last? How about noise levels? And resistance levels? Why should I opt for rowing exercises?

Many more questions? We can help! We dedicated a considerable amount of time researching and reviewing the best indoor air rowers available. Here we are revealing everything you need to know about the best air rowing machines under $1000. From health benefits, maintenance and what to look for when purchasing your new equipment. It is a complete guide to help you with your decision to start rowing.

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Best Air Rowing Machines Under $1000 – Our Picks

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

One of the most popular models when researching for Air Rowing Machines under $1000, the Concept2 Model D is known for its commercial-grade use as well as home use. This model, equipped with an LCD Monitor displaying time, distance and intervals, is considered one of the best rowing machines on the market now. It also has Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility, measuring heart rate and connecting to apps, helping to track fitness improvements. Some other features include a USB flash drive, games, connect to free ErgData app from your smartphone, joining online challenges, also share your improvements online and more.

You can control the intensity of your workout, choosing from one of the 10 levels in this model. You can set the tension between 1-10 levels and adjust the resistance as you pull the handlebars. It is considered a smooth feeling workout, similar to rowing a boat on the water. It is considered easy to assemble (assembly manual is included). It separates into two pieces for storage solutions, vertically or horizontally. It has caster wheels for transportation around the room when fully assembled. It is built-in with a single rail slide, with some ergonomic features such as a large seat, non-grip foot pedals with adjustable straps and foam handlebars. It holds a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs, one of the most significant capabilities for this type of equipment.

Cons: This is not a foldable rowing machine, which means you need to separate the equipment into two parts for storage. It is more suitable for people who do not need to store the equipment all the time, and it can be inconvenient for some people.

RESOLVE FITNESS R1 Commercial Dual Drive Rower

Within a 12-level tension adjustment knob, the RESOLVE FITNESS R1 is another home air rower under $1000 and is designed to please everyone, from beginners to those looking for more challenging endurance levels. The resistance is adjusted accordingly to how fast or hard you pull. The steel fan blade design ensures a smooth transition in every stroke.

A 5.5 inch LCD Monitor displays 3-mode options according to your needs. Choosing from Manual, Race or Training modes, this model tracks time, splits, strokes, strokes per minute, distance, watts, calories, speed and heart rate (with a built-in heart rate receiver), helping you to achieve your fitness goals and follow your improvements.

Including a foam coated handlebar and large foot pedals with adjustable straps, this model also features an ultra-durable poly drive belt, for a more consistent and smooth motion with every stroke. This equipment offers the fold option, when not being used, for a convenient storage solution, in vertical or horizontal positions. It also includes transportation wheels to move the equipment around the room. Built for commercial use, this model holds a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs, with a 51” aluminum seat glide single-rail.

Cons: It is fairly wide equipment when compared to some other models available for sale.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5983 Air Magnetic Rower

Within 16-levels of tension resistance adjustment, combined with the rigid carbon fan blades, this model enhances the rowing experience for home users. From beginners to pros, the Sunny Health & Fitness Carbon Premium Air Magnetic Rowing Machine is designed to provide a smooth and consistent air resistance transition in each stroke, while improving your workout experience. The Digital Monitor displays time, pulse, calories burned, distance, total strokes and strokes per minute, helping you keep your fitness goals on track. It also includes a wireless pulse receiver to measure your heart rate accurately.

Within a 22-preset workout rowing program available with this model, you can adjust and target specific fitness goals, such as body fat, watts, heart rate and more. Some of the ergonomic features include a wide and cushioned elevated seat, large foot pedals with adjustable straps, non-slip handlebars, floor stabilizers and transportation wheels. It holds a maximum weight capacity of 265lbs, and it is built-in with a dual-slide rail track.

Cons: It is not a foldable model, ideal for people who do not have space problems and can leave the machine open for use all the time.

SereneLife Smart Rowing Machine

The SereneLife Smart Rowing Machine is built-in with steel metal alloy, including a dual-slide rail for a smooth-gliding experience. A Digital LCD Monitor, with Bluetooth connection, displays calories burned, time, total strokes and pulse rate. Including the FITSHOW App, you can connect to your tablet or smartphone to track your exercise data, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Within the 16-level tension setting, this Air rowing machine model is designed for home use, including griping floor stabilizers for a more steady workout in pretty much any floor type. Some other features include footrest pedals with adjustable straps, non-slip handlebars, flexible display in several angles for ergonomic comfort while using, and a smart device holder. Foldable for a convenient storage solution, vertically or horizontally, this is one of the best air rowing machines under $500.

Cons: This model holds a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs, one of the lowest when compared to some similar models available.

Stamina ATS Indoor Air Rower

One of the most affordable fan rowing machines under $1000 available, this model is designed for home users to make the most of their results while working out. The Electronic Performance Monitor displays speed, distance, time and calories burned.

Some of the ergonomic features include cushion seats, large footplates with adjustable straps, floor gripping for a solid workout. The foldable frame is perfect for secure storage, in vertical or horizontal positions. It holds a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs. With its cheap price, this Stamina model is one of the best budget rowing machines.

Cons: This model has no magnetic tension level adjustment available, meaning the resistance acquired is only by the flywheel air system, with the air flowing, depending on how hard or fast you pull the handlebars.

Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rowing Machine

With a dynamic air resistance system, the Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower 1405 Rowing Machine operates with the fan-powered endurance, the harder you pull, the more resistance you generate. The LCD Monitor displays distance, time, calories burned, strokes and strokes per minute and speed, helping you track your fitness improvements.

Built-in with a durable metal rowing chain, this model includes non-slip foam handlebars, large footrests with adjustable straps and contoured cushion seats for comfort during the exercise. Some other features include moving wheels, and it is foldable for secure storage, in vertical or horizontal positions. This model holds a maximum weight capacity of up to 250lbs.

Cons: No magnetic tension level adjustment available for this model, so the resistance is based on the flywheel air system. Also, the cushion seat is not large if compared to some similar models available.

EFITMENT RW036 Fan Rowing Machine

One of the most compact models of indoor air rowing machines, when compared with similar equipment, the EFITMENT Aero Air Fan uses a Dinamica Fan Air Resistance system, which means you will adjust the resistance level while rowing, implying the harder you pull, the more resistance you generate.

You can track your performance with the Digital Monitor displaying time, stroke count, calories burned and repetitions per minute. This model also includes a wide padded seat, large footrests with adjustable straps and a non-slip handlebar for ergonomic comfort during exercise.

Some other features are the floor stabilizers, a steady workout in almost all floor types, and transportation wheels. This model holds a maximum weight capacity of 245lbs. It has a 51” single slide rail, foldable for storage convenience.

Cons: No magnetic tension level adjustment available for this model, meaning the resistance is based on how hard or fast you pull the handlebars, causing the air-flown system to work with the Flywheel. Also, the monitor display is basic if compared to some other options available.

MaxKare Air Resistance Rowing Machine

With a built-in Display Monitor, displaying your speed, time, total count, count and calories burned, the MaxKare Rowing Machine also includes a tablet holder for convenience to watch your favorite show or a fitness class while working out.

You can adjust the tension resistance level with the turn of a knob, choosing from one of the 14 levels, super convenient for those looking for endurance challenges or improving fitness goals. Some of the ergonomic features include a large cushion seat, footrests with adjustable straps and non-slip foam-padded handlebars.

This model also has transportation wheels, and it comes with a replacement belt, included in the package. The maximum weight capacity is 220lbs. This model folds for convenient storage and with its low price, it’s one of the top rowing machines under $500.

Cons: This model holds a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs, one of the lowest available on the market.

Why should I opt for rowing exercises?

Rowing exercises are well-known for being a low impact option for most everyone looking for cardiovascular endurance fitness options, without compromising on the impact.

Working about 85% of the muscles in your body, rowing machines are a great workout for the upper body and also for the lower body. If you are looking for strength and endurance for your muscles, this equipment is for you. While rowing, you work many muscles in your body, such as upper back, triceps, lats, glutes, hamstrings, calves, deltoids, pecs, biceps, abs, obliques and quadriceps.

Another great benefit of the rowing machines for your health is that this type of exercise is excellent also for cardiovascular improvements. Many people think that cardiovascular exercises are suitable only for burning calories and weight loss. This conception could not be further from the truth. Although cardio exercises are good for burning calories, they are also vital to keep our overall health and mind in good shape.

Did you know?

Increasing your cardiovascular performance is not only beneficial for your general health. Some of the important benefits are: lower the risks of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, and strengthening your immune system. Some other benefits include better sleeping nights, lower the risk of respiratory diseases and many more.

Let’s not forget about the Stamina!

Cardiovascular exercises increase your stamina levels, meaning more energy to go through your day. Also, maintaining the right stamina level in your body helps you to keep a good mental health state.

Do not forget the hydration!

Cardiovascular workouts make you sweat, so you need to keep your body hydrated at all times. When working out, consider electrolyte-enriched water as a healthier alternative to help to replace electrolytes and salt you lose while sweating and exercising.

Now that you are aware of rowing workouts’ health benefits, let’s talk about the exercise air rowers under $1000, we reviewed in this guide and how to choose the best option for you.

How to keep your flywheel rowing machine running correctly?

Air Rowing Machines for home use are designed to require little maintenance. In general, you should keep your equipment clean, free of dust or any other particles that can go inside the gear and cause your machine not to work accurately.

Also, always be aware of any strange noise comes out of your equipment while working out. Sometimes a little attention can avoid more significant problems in the future. The main goal here is to make your equipment last as long as possible, so always read the manual and manufacturer’s instructions, following maintenance guidelines.

How long does it last?

Rowing machines, in general, have a great last life, over ten years or more. To make the most of your equipment, always check the quality of the material it is built-in. Equipment built-in with high-quality material is most likely to last longer.

Also, keep the maintenance up to date. Cleaning and taking care of the parts are essential to long equipment life. Last but not least, check the manufacturer’s manual and the steps recommended to keep your machine in good shape.

Maximum weight capacity

The top Air Rowing Machines we reviewed in this article compared to other types of rowing exercise machines, such as water rowings or magnetic rowings, hold a lower maximum weight capacity. The average maximum weight capacity is 250lbs; however, we found models holding as low as 220lbs. But why that?

The reason can vary from the manufacturer’s design to building materials. If this is a concern for you, make sure to check the product’s specifications. If not available online, always message the seller.

Double-rail or single rail?

It is a great question to ask yourself. The answer here is simple. It is more a personal preference than a real changing feature for your exercise. Overall the difference is little and does not cause a significant impact on your workout.

Equipment built-in with double-rail slides smoother than single-rail ones, causing a more comfortable experience during a workout. Some equipment built-in with double-rail can be a little quieter also.

Resistance levels and adjustments

Air Rowing Machines use the Flywheel air resistance system to generate resistance with the air flowing while working out. The harder or faster you pull the handlebars, the more resistance you make.

Some models are equipped with tension resistance adjustment, with a range of levels to choose from. It can help increase the tension, meaning the endurance results can be different for these models. The tension resistance adjustment option can vary from different models. While some models have up to 10-levels, others can go up to 16-levels to choose from.

Storage options

One crucial piece of advice we can offer to you is to measure your storage space to make your unit fit in, while folded, in vertical or horizontal positions. Also, always check the internal humidity or dry conditions, since some materials can deteriorate with time under some strict conditions. These small steps can avoid more significant problems for you.

Noise level

The Flywheel (Air) Rowing Machines are not the quietest option available when compared to water rowings and magnetic rowings. The air resistance flywheel system generates some extra noise while working out.

If this is a concern to you, look for models built-in with noise-minimizing materials (you can check the manufacturer’s product description for more info). When you compare the options available, the quietest options are the water rowing machines and the magnetic rowing machines.

Ergonomic features

Do you know why ergonomic features are so important while exercising in a rowing machine? Ergonomics is a science designed to create a safe working process, minimizing the risks of injuries during the activity.

In fitness, ergonomics is applied as a way to minimize muscles or skeletal injuries while working out. The eight best home fan rowing machines under $1000 we reviewed in this guide have many ergonomic features, and we will highlight some here.

Wide cushioned seats – Some models of home rowing machines with air resistance feature wider seats, and some are cushioned for comfort. The lesson here is: choose a seat that you feel most comfortable with. If you think that one seat could be too small for you, try to select another option.

Non-slip handlebars – some models are designed with foam, while some other models are created with a surface texture to avoid the sweat to accumulate, causing your hands to slip away from the bars, preventing possible injuries. To avoid any risk and work out safely, consider investing in good quality rowing machine gloves.

Non-slip footrests and adjustable straps – the same idea as the non-slip handlebars, the footrests with straps are designed to seat your foot secure, adjusting it to the size of your rowing exercise shoes, avoiding the possibility of injuries caused by foot slip. Some models only have adjustable straps; however, you can adjust to the shoe sizes in some cases.

Monitor displays angle adjustment – this feature adjusts the angle of the monitor display, according to the user’s height. It is possible to avoid back injuries or discomfort after the exercise by having the monitor in the right position.

Floor stabilizers – most models we reviewed of air indoor rowing machines, are built with floor stabilizers. This feature guarantees the machine is steady on most floor types, avoiding possible injuries due to not stable equipment. To make it more stable and protect your floor, a good rowing machine mat is your best option.

Transportation wheels – This important feature was found in all the rowing machines we checked. The transportation wheels are designed to move the equipment around quickly, avoiding injuries due to heavy lifting weight or pulling heavy equipment.


Accessories in air rowing machines can vary from bottle holders, tablet holders, Bluetooth, and ANT+ connectivity to wireless pulse belt receiver to measure your heart race accurately.

Some models also offer Apps to track better fitness improvements and goals, also the option to pre-set workout favorites and share improvements to the community of friends.


Do not forget to check the reviews for air rowing machine models you are choosing from. It is important to hear from other users who have experienced the equipment. It is also essential to check reviews about the manufacturers and sellers (if a third party seller).


Assembling exercise air rowers is considered relatively easy. However, some simple steps can avoid further frustrations or extra time.

Always check the manufacturer’s manual and specifications for assembly instructions. Before starting, check if all the parts are in. Sort them around for better visuals. When you have all organized, start the process. If questions arise, contact the seller right away. They will be able to help.

Product Warranty Policies

Most models of the best indoor air rowers under $1000 have warranty policies. It is possible to have different policies for the parts and the frames. Some sellers also offer extended warranties for parts. Do not forget to check if manufacturers offer warranties, or the sellers and to which extend.

If not available online, message the seller to have this information before you place your order.

Digital Monitor Display

All reviewed best flywheel rowing machines feature digital monitor display. In most cases, the displays track strokes, strokes per minute, time, distance and calories burned. Some of them offer extended features such as Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivities, apps, heart rate, and pulse rate tracking. Some models have basic displays options than others. If this is an important feature, check the product’s specifications.

Our final comments

After reviewing the best rowing machine with air resistance under $1000 available, we have our final considerations.

One of the most significant differences we noticed compared to other types is the maximum weight capacity these machines hold. It averages 250lbs; however, it can go as low as 220lbs. If this is an issue for you, make sure to check the product’s specifications before buying it.

Another significant difference we notice is that some models do not have the option of tension adjustment, operating mainly by the Flywheel air resistance system, meaning the endurance results can be different for these models.

Most of the models are foldable and can be stored in vertical or horizontal positions. However, we found one model with not a folding option, causing you to have to leave the machine assembled as it is. In other, you have to separate the equipment in two pieces to store.

Overall, the air rowing machines under $1000 are great equipment to add to your home gym. They are a fantastic workout exercise helping you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Start rowing your way to a healthier lifestyle!

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