Best Rowing Machines – Updated Deals + Reviews 2021

Are you a person who would just stay at home and have a peaceful workout? So what about a home rowing exercise? Let’s be clear, rowing machines mimic the movement of rowing a literal boat. If you’re capable of getting on a rowing machine, you are giving yourself a full-body workout! However, rowing outside in the rain or under the scorching sun is not everybody’s cup of tea. Even if you prefer to do so, you might not have a suitable river near you.

Eliminating all these issues, technology has shown us a way to have a complete rowing workout at home with some of the best rowing machines out there. What’s more, you’ll actually feel like you’re outside rowing in the water.

Buying a rowing machine doesn’t have to be a huge investment and it can also make for a fantastic gift for the fitness lover in your life. But, do you know whether you’re choosing the best rowing machine? Prior to choosing a rowing machine, you should keep an eye out for some special details. There are many resistance types, rowing machines that you can fold, and the ones with cutting-edge monitors that have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, etc. Getting a bit overwhelmed? Do not fret! We have compiled a list of the best rowing machines in the US, so you can sit back, evaluate, and choose.

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Overview Of The Top 10 Rowing Machines In The United States

10 Best Rowing Machines

NordicTrack RW Rower (RW 900 Rower)

NordicTrack RW Rower (RW 900 Rower) takes the first place in this list because of its smooth performance.

This might be a great way to test the waters before actually jumping into the water, this is why it’s also a very much appreciated gift for outdoor rowing fans. The reason is, this rowing machine is built to give you the real feeling of rowing on the water.

All the well factors including adjustable console angle, an ergonomic molded seat that is comfortable, and inertia-enhanced flywheel will make less noise that would prepare the atmosphere to get an effective workout.

There is nothing satisfying than looking at your progress from a screen. With RW 900 Rower’s 22’ (inches) HD touchscreen, you can see strokes per minute (SPM), total distance, time per 500 meters (split) Total time, avg. Split time, and avg. WATTS (power output) and much more. If you’re wearing a chest strap then you can see your beats per minute (BPM) as well.

Not to mention, you are able to follow iFit streamed rowing classes, and it’s like having your own personal trainer!

Regardless of your skill level, this rowing machine would cater to your needs. The reason is, it has both silent magnetic resistances and air. Likewise, there are 26 coach controlled resistance levels that you can choose from.

NordicTrack RW Rower is 120 pounds (54.43 kg) heavy yet quite easy to store. It doesn’t take up much room and when you don’t work out simply fold it up, and transport it into another space with its front-mounted transport wheels. The rower dimensions are 86.5′ x 22′ x 50.4′ with a maximum user weight of 250 lbs. This rowing machine often shows up in the rowing machine reviews in the US, usually proving to be one of the best.


  • The RW900 offers a Warranty of 10 years on the frame, 2-year warranty for parts that include electronics and 1 year Labor.


  • No Bluetooth connectivity.

Live Outdoor Reality (LOR) Rower

Live outdoor reality (LOR) rower is another one of the best rowing machines for home use in the US, brought to you by Hydrow. If you’re up to take a row with the rowers training for the U.S. National Rowing Team, then you’ll love this.

Sometimes, the rowing movement is a bit trickier to follow for beginners. But you can have these excellent coaches’ expertise all the way for maximum indoor rowing exercise benefits.

LOR is another magnetic rowing machine that has a powerful electromagnetic drag mechanism that leads to a smooth rowing experience. Not to mention, these mechanisms are computer-controlled which means more precision. Likewise, your resistance level can be changed from the touch screen.

Do you want to row in a serene river location with the sound of birds chirping, splashing water, along with the strokes of your rhythm? Then look no further than LOR 22’ touchscreen display! It will mimic the exact placid environment for you.

This HD display will also track your heart rate, total calories burned, and so on. The unique feature is, this has a flat nylon ribbon that won’t make much of a noise and make your rowing a lot smoother.

The set up is pretty easy too. All you have to do is, plug the machine in and connect to the wi-fi network. When you’re done you can fold the machine upright for vertical storage. Live outdoor reality (LOR) rower is 145 pounds (65.77 kg) in weight, 86’ long, 25’ wide, and 47’ tall when assembled. Hydrow guarantees that it will hold more or less 350 pounds (158.76 kg).

Compared to other rowing machines, LOR has a pre-eminent modern look. So, if you need a novel experience that suits your home atmosphere, LOR could be your perfect fit!


  • There is a warranty for the Structural Frame & Upright Storage Kit for 5 Years, 12 months warranty for components, Screen, & other Electronics and Labor.


  • You need to pay $38 per month for a membership apart from the machine cost to access rowing sessions. However, you can have unlimited user profiles with one membership.

WaterRower Gronk M1 – Hi-Rise – Limited Edition

WaterRower Gronk M1 – Hi-Rise – Limited Edition is built by WaterRower, a renowned company. In fact, they have been designing and producing rowing machines since 1988 which led to gaining its customers’ trust.

This is another example of one of the best rowing machines in the US. All of their rowers are handcrafted in a New England factory in Warren, Rhode Island infusing their personal touch.

This rower has a Series 4 Performance Monitor that displays your stroke rate, Intensity/ speed, distance, time, calories burned, etc.

With the Patented WaterFlywheel resistance method, the rower will nicely mimic the dynamic movement of the natural rowing. It has a Unique self-regulating resistance and infinite variable that is suitable for any user who is using the machine without the need for adjustment.

WaterRower Gronk M1 has a weight capacity of 700 lbs. Its maximum user height is 38’.

This rower is 28 ½’ tall, 88’ long, and 22’ wide, which can be stored without a hassle. When stored the machine will be 88’ tall, 27 ⅝’ long, and 22 ¼’ wide. However, the machine cannot be folded.

You can use this rowing machine with the minimum noise possible. Maintenance is pretty easy as well. All you need to do is add a purification tablet per 6 months that is available for free.

The warranty is available for Residential & Commercial use for 1 Year.
It is also Upgradeable to 3-year for parts and there is a 5-year warranty for the frame. However, you should register online to receive it.

When you row on this machine, it is guaranteed to affect 84% of your total muscle mass. Especially if you have joint concerns, this will be the ideal choice for you.


  • Has a weight capacity of 700 lbs.


  • There is no wireless connectivity available.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Concept2 Model D is another luxury rowing machine that is primarily built for home use. This product has been used by many Olympic and elite-level athletes for their training. This is why Model D takes a high place in most rowing machine reviews and is one of those top gifts for indoor rowers that will be super appreciated without a doubt.

Model D air rowing machine provides a top-notch Performance Monitor that is the PM5. The monitor will track your stroke rate (SPM), pace, watts, and Calories. These data are stored in the internal memory or you can use an optional USB flash drive. Moreover, PM5 monitor has Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity.

Moreover, there is a free Concept2 ErgData app that can track your day-to-day routine. Then, these data can be synced with the Online Concept2 Logbook.

Being one of the best air rowing machines, the spiral damper is there to help you adjust the airflow that is provided to the flywheel. Therefore, you’re in full control of adjusting the resistance.

The Model D’s special flywheel design dwindles the noise and smooths the movement. The frame lock mechanism lets you release the machine separate into 2 pieces for storage. Model D’s length is 96’, Width is 24’, and the Seat Height is 14’. The machine is 57 lbs heavy. As tested by Concept2, the machine can hold 500 lbs.

This machine’s maintenance is easy, predominantly because of its Nickel plated chain that needs less oiling. Model D can withstand rigorous use for a long time. They are often used in training centers, boathouses, health clubs, military bases, etc.

Concept2 Model D offers you a limited 2-year warranty and due to its price tag is also one of the best air rowers under $1000.

Then there is the Concept2 Slide that you can buy separately. This lets you assign multiple Model Cs, Ds, or Es to your routine for a group training.


  • Great monitor with Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity. This allows you to connect to several fitness devices, apps, and many heart rate belts.


  • The warranty is limited.

Mr. Captain Rowing Machine

If you’re into rowing machines that look a bit classic, Mr. Captain Rowing Machine is for you. One of the best water rowers under $1000, this rowing machine is built to give you the real ship experience with its sustainable oak wood design.

This water rowing machine’s resistance is created to cater to your outdoor rowing experience. You can adjust its footplates with straps to fit the size of your feet. This design also comes with an ergonomic seat and an active recoil system.

The customizable Bluetooth monitor lets you set up modes including Manual, Interval Custom, and Target that will conveniently take you to your workout goal while making you manage time. The monitor will also track your strokes per minute, distance, calories burnt, rowing strokes, etc.

Other than the swooshing sound of the water, the machine is decently less noisy. What’s more, the water tank is built thicker than ever. You can adjust the resistance depending on the water inside this tank.

When the machine is not in use, you can lift it up and transport with its wheels and store it preferably against a wall.

Mr. Captain Rowing Machine is 82’ long, 22’ wide and 20’ tall with a weight capacity of 320 pounds (145.15 kg), and guarantees a good home rowing exercise. The machine’s standard weight stays at 58.5 Pounds.

Some might have second thoughts about this water rowing machine because of its wooden design.

However, because of the rugged wooden build and the oak wood dual rails manufactured for everyday training, Mr. Captain Rowing Machine is pretty durable and the maintenance is minimal.

If you’re looking forward to creating a vintage atmosphere at your home while matching your exercise equipment with the other furniture, Mr. Captain Rowing Machine will do its best to live up to your dream.


  • Durable.


  • It cannot be folded.

MARNUR Water Rowing Machine

MARNUR is another one of the best water rowing machines out there you can opt for. This has a double-track aluminum structure design that will allow a smooth and quiet rowing movement. Not to mention, this makes the machine more durable as well, which means less maintenance.

You can fill the sealed, 22.63’ water tank up to 18 Liters and adjust your resistance level based on the water capacity.

The other crucial feature of MARNUR water rowing machine is the supplementary water pipe. Whenever you need to replace clean water to the water tank, all you have to do is refill it using the provided water pipe and the water injection port.

The Multifunctional 9’ LCD Monitor is adjustable to the preferred height and it can track your exercise time, rowing frequency, calories burned, stroke count, actual rowed distance, distance goal, etc. Because MARNUR is a double-track rowing machine, it can withstand a higher weight that is up to 300 lbs.

Anti-slip foot pedals assure a safe movement no matter how intense you choose to row, made even safer with a good pair of rowing shoes. You can adjust these Foot Pedals up to 6 Levels. Along with foot safety, this machine has a large comfortable seat that will further accommodate a comfortable rowing movement for your hips and buttocks. The machine can be stored upright and will be 82’ long, 20.5’ wide, 31.5 tall when assembled.

MARNUR Water Rowing Machine is perfect for many occasions. Say your goal is to improve flexibility, physical fitness, or release work pressure, MARNUR will help you achieve it. Especially if you or one of your family members is suffering from joint pain, this machine would be the ideal rowing machine for your home use.


  • Has a double-track aluminum structure design.


  • Cannot be folded, except the monitor adjustment.

Women’s Health Men’s Health Rowing Machine

Women’s Health Men’s Health rowing machine deserves a place on this list as well because of its appealing features as well as the price, being one of the best rowing machines under $1000. Women’s Health Men’s Health is a company that is trusted for over 40 years by letting its customers achieve the highest fitness goals in their lives.

This good rowing machine’s Zero Lag Time Resistance is prominent because it provides you a smooth, quiet, and steady resistance for each and every magnetic pull. Likewise, there are 14 levels of tension to choose for everyone from beginners to elite athletes. The smart power dial allows you to calculate power output, speed, calories, etc.

The large LCD lets you track your time, distance, total calories burnt, total count, strokes per minute, split time, etc. These are measured by 3 methods including Flywheel RPM, Resistance Level, and Pull Length.

This machine provides you Bluetooth connectivity as well. It has a smartphone holder so you can place your phone safely while you row. The MyCloudFitness App is compatible with both Android and iOS, so you can track each one of your workouts via mobile devices. You can also enjoy a 30-Day Free Trial of on water and in-studio coaching lessons.

When the machine is folded, it is 41. 5’ long, 23’ Wide and 57.5’ tall. When the machine is in use, it will be 80’ long, 23’ wide and 28. 5’ tall. The maximum user capacity of this rower is 250 lbs and the recommended user height is 4.9’- 6.6’. When you buy this machine, you will receive a manual and a tool set to assemble it properly. If you need to witness the maximum indoor rowing exercise benefits, then you should not overlook Women’s Health Men’s Health Rowing Machine.


  • The MyCloudFitness App is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • Has 14 levels of tensions.


  • Not that steady.

JOROTO Rowing Machine

JOROTO magnetic rowing machine is another fine choice if you need a super quiet rowing machine for your home use. It is built with a solid aluminum flywheel and a slide rail that will make your workout smooth. So, you won’t disturb your family members.

This machine’s digital monitor will track your time, total count, calories, etc. that comes with a phone holder as well. You can watch workout movies or classes via the monitor while doing your workout.

With the JOROTO Rowing Machine’s Double sensor structure, you can track your data more accurately. The more precise your workout data is, the higher motivation you are going to have.

One of the best magnetic rowers, JOROTO rowing machine comes with 10 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance. Therefore, you can adjust the resistance according to your strength. The pull cord takes a special place in JOROTO Magnetic Rowing Machine. It is made of nylon material that can withstand harsh pulling. This ensures your security during your workout, no matter how hard you pull with your preferable resistance.

You are able to adjust the non-slip pedals and the digital monitor’s angle and height as you prefer. Likewise, the machine will hold more or less 250 lbs. The product is 71’ long, 21’ wide and 36 tall. However, you can store it with the monitor slightly folded inwards. Then the machine will be 22’ long, 21’ wide, and 71’ tall. The dual caster wheels make you easily roll it anywhere you need to. If your workout gets heavy, you can keep your water bottle in the provided water bottle holder to keep you hydrated.

If you decide to buy this machine, then you get a 12-month free part replacement plan, instructions, and installation tools. The pretty cheap price makes this a favorite magnetic rower under $500.


  • Quieter machine.


  • Assembly is a bit tricky.

MaxKare Water Rowing Machine

MaxKare is another great water rowing machine for you to try out. This machine will also take you one step closer to the real experience of rowing on water. Better yet, it is one of the cheapest rowing machines in the market nowadays. If you’re a bit short on money, you can buy it for under $350. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easier to work out, hold, and operate this machine.

One of the best water rowers under $500, its large adjustable LCD monitor is extremely useful for keeping tabs on your time, strokes per minute, distance, calories burnt, etc. In addition, there is a competitive mode called the “Man-machine” that will break your boredom and motivate you to try harder.

You can hold on to the foam-padded handles that will accommodate a wide range of motion by allowing you to be comfortable with your grip. Even if you don’t have gloves, it won’t be uncomfortable for your palms and fingers.

Before you start to row, make sure to fill the water tank according to your workout goal. This will allow you to keep the desired water resistance level. Keep in mind to fill it less than 2/3 of the container. Same as the machine listed above, this comes with a bottle holder too. So you won’t have to break your workout to sip on water.

The Steel Main Frame is incredibly sturdy, hence durable. The maximum weight that can go in this machine is 264 lbs. When you don’t use the machine, you can easily store it in an upright position with the monitor folded. When in use, it is 79’ long, 22’ wide, and 34’ tall. The company offers a 3 months warranty for the frame and parts.


  • One of the cheapest rowers.


  • Has only a 3 months warranty.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Last, but definitely not the least is the SF-RW5515 magnetic rowing machine by Sunny Health & Fitness. The company has been in the industry for over 18 years, providing customized support for those who have unique fitness goals. One of the best rowers under 500, Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine is solid, simple and accurate and you will have a realistic rowing experience with it.

This machine comes with an LCD monitor that tracks time, calories, total count, and scan.

Furthermore, the magnetic tension system can cater to your level of strength. The tension knob can increase or decrease the resistance up to 8 levels. If you need a challenge, then, by all means, turn the tension up.

The handle is attached by webbing which allows you to have a smooth pull action while reducing the noise.

Unlike some rowing machines, you won’t have a problem conveniently folding this machine up and storing it wherever you like. In fact, this is one of the best rowing machines for tight spaces. So, if you’re living in a small apartment, there won’t be any issue for you to find storage space.

The machine is 82’ long, 19’ wide, and 23’ tall when in use, but when folded it is only 37’ long, 19’ wide and 53.5′ tall. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine has a 250 lbs weight capacity and a 44’ slide rail inseam. Upon buying the product, you acquire a warranty for a 3-year structural frame, 180 days warranty for other parts, and components.

Undoubtedly, this is a good rowing machine in the United States that you should consider when choosing a rower. If you’re on a budget, this is one of the best affordable rowing machines and might fit you perfectly, since you can buy one under $300.


  • Can buy under $300.
  • Folds better.


  • Doesn’t have the best monitor.

Buyers’ guide: Find The Best Home Rowers In The US

Are you looking into buying one of the best rowing machines in the US? Here are some of the things you need to pay attention to.

  • In order to withstand rigorous workouts, the frame of the rowing machine you choose should be strong. Keeping that in mind, It is good if you can opt for a foldable rowing machine too.
  • Think about your preference. Do you need a monitor that displays minimum stats or something fancy with more connectivity?
  • Keep an eye out for comfortable seats, handles, and footrests because some machines might not be comfortable for you.
  • Look if it has a reasonable warranty.
  • Confirm the weight capacity of the machine you’re buying.
  • The maintenance also depends on the resistance system of the rower. Therefore, decide what will be the best option for you also depending on your budget. If you are looking for something affordable, check out the best air rowing machines under $500.

Special clothing for rowing

Now you might have a crystal clear idea on how to find the best home rowers. Yet, choosing the perfect rowing gear can make your workout more effective.

Wear breathable, stretchy, and close-fitting clothing. Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes because they will get caught in the slides and injure you. Generally, a regular gym kit will do the trick. Wearing trainers is a good idea because you’re going to workout mostly using your legs. So, secure them. If you’re rowing for a long time, wear rowing gloves so it can prevent blisters.

When you first start to row, you might get rowing buttocks pain. So, it’s wise to buy an extra rowing seat cushion to have a comfy rowing session. Remember to choose high-quality foam material and the cushion size that is comfortable for you. And if you want to protect your floor, consider investing in one of the many inexpensive rowing machine mats available.

Final Verdict For The Top Rowing Machines In The US

Now you have 10 of the best rowing machines in the US that you can rely on. However, it’s always witty to do your own little research and scrutinize every bit of detail before plunging into buying.

As a buyer, you should be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Especially when it comes to online purchasing. Say you’re buying from Amazon, you can still return the machine free of charge after using it for a whole month.

The bottom line is, opting for the most durable, affordable, effective, and safe rowing machine is possible. If you want a good machine, silent and where you are able to endure long workout sessions, you can find it without spending too much, not only for equipment with air and water resistance but also magnetic rowing machines under $1000.

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