Best Rowing Machines In The UK 2021 – Final List

When shopping for the best rowing machines for home use in the UK, you may end up with several questions along the process. Choosing from different models of rowing machines can be overwhelming, even for someone familiar with rowing exercises.

Home rowing exercises are trendy nowadays, mainly because it can be done outdoors or indoors. It is suitable for mostly everyone, because of the lower joint impact it causes. Also, it is an excellent exercise overall to help improve cardiovascular health, endurance and strength. It works 85% of the muscles in your body, especially in the upper body and the lower body.

Why rowing machines? Why should I add this equipment to add to my home gym? What should I check before purchasing one? How to make the most of my equipment? Bear with us. We are going to help you, answering these questions and many more arising along the way. Here you also learn how choosing the right outfit can make a considerable difference in performance and your general fitness improvement. Consider adding rowing shoes, rowing gloves, rowing shirts and shorts, also rowing cushioned seats to your rowing gear.

But, what are the differences between air rowing machines, magnetic rowing machines and water rowing machines? Which type should I choose? What’s best suitable for my needs? What should I consider before making my decision? We spent a considerable amount of time reviewing the best home rowing machines in the United Kingdom, to bring you this complete guide to help you with the critical decision to purchase one.

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Overview Of The Top Rowing Machines In The UK

Best Rowing Machines For Home Use In The UK

Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower

Concept 2 Model D is one of the most popular indoor rowing machines in the UK available. Designed to perform in higher-levels, is ideal for those looking for athlete training performance. This equipment contains a damper to adjust the resistance tension levels. Also, the Flywheel generates resistance, with the air flowing, during the workout. It can be adjusted depending on how hard or fast you pull the handlebars.

It is equipped with a PM5 Performance Monitor for tracking your performance, displaying distance, speed, pace, calories and watts. It also offers five display options to choose from: All Data, Force Curve, Bar Chart, Large Print or Paceboat/Pacer.

With the ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the free Concept2 app ErgData, connecting to your device, receiving additional data and tracking your performance on your tablet or smartphone.

Some of the ergonomic features include large footrests, adjusting to your shoe size, and adjustable straps. Also, non-slip handlebars, featuring a 10-degree bend with a natural arm and hand positions. According to the user’s height, the monitor can be regulated in several angles for visual comfort.

Designed to minimize noise while working out, this equipment includes a smartphone cradle and transportations wheels. It is available in two colors (light grey and black). Also, it can be stored when you separate the machine in two pieces.


  • PM5 Performance Monitor with Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity
  • It holds a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs.


  • This model is not foldable, and you have to separate the equipment in two pieces for storage.
  • Price (not the cheapest option available).

Additional info:

  • 5-year frame warranty
  • Space Recommendations For Storage: 63.5 cm x 83.8 cm x 137.2 cm

WRX700 Home Rower – Premium water rowing machine

Designed to provide the real feeling of rowing a boat in the water, the WRX700 home water rower model generates resistance due to a 3in1 system. You set the level with the two-rotor system, and also, according to the amount of water in the tank.

Equipped with an LCD Monitor, including Bluetooth connectivity, the console displays time, total distance, speed, rowing stroke, rate, calories burned and heart rate. When connected to the KINOMAP App, you can integrate all your data, within your fitness training, tracking your workout improvements in your smartphone or tablet.

Built-in with durable real solid wood and heavy-duty drawstring, this model includes a starter kit containing the Sportstech pulse belt, an electric water pump and chlorine tablets.

Some of the ergonomic features of this good rowing machine in the United Kingdom include Non-slip V-grip handlebars, non-slip adjustable foot pedals, comfortable seats and transportation wheels.

Designed with a ball-bearing, low-noise aluminium rail system, this machine also comes equipped with gripping floor stabilizers, for steady workouts in almost any surfaces. It is also foldable for a convenient storage solution.


  • It holds a maximum capacity of 440lbs.
  • Starter kit includes Sportstech pulse belt, an electric water pump and chlorine tablets.


  • Price (not the cheapest option available).
  • Resistance level adjusted with the amount of water you pump in or out of the machine.

Additional info:

  • Dimensions: 208 cm x 55 cm x 56 cm

MorNon Home Rowing Machine

Built with real durable solid wood, sourced through a sustainable forest approach, the MorNon Home Rowing Machine is planned to cause minimal noise effect, with its construction design.

The resistance level is adjusted by the amount of water you pump in and out of the tank. You can control the endurance by how fast or hard you pull the handles within the right amount. A large digital monitor helps you keep track of your performance, displaying strokes, strokes per minute, distance, time, watt, calories burned and total strokes.

One of the best rowing machines under £1000 in Britain, it is also equipped with a fibre conveyor belt, adjustable footplates and straps, non-slip handlebars and large seats, all for ergonomic comfort while working out. Some other features include transportation wheels and secure foldable mode for storage space optimization.


  • Large digital monitor for performance tracking.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 320lbs.


  • It does not include a water pump to help adjust resistance levels pumping water in and out of the tank.
  • It does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

Additional info:

  • Dimensions 208cm x 56.5cm x 51cm.

Circuit Fitness 167 Hydro Rower

One of the most affordable water rowing machines in the UK, the Circuit Fitness 167 Hydro Rower is one of the best rowing machines under £500 in Britain. It is built to provide water resistance while you exercise, filling out the tank and adjusting the endurance level accordingly to how hard or fast you pull the handlebars.

A large computer monitor displays total strokes, strokes per minute, calories burned, distance and pulse. Including various modes to choose from, the Circuit Fitness Water Rower computer will help track your fitness improvements. Some are Countdown mode, Race mode or Recovery mode.

Ergonomic features are included in this machine, such as padded foam seats, foam non-slip handlebars and foot pedals with adjustable straps. It also allows the computer monitor to adjust to different heights for visual comfort. The pull cord is a woven nylon strap drive.

Holding a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs, this model also includes transportation wheels, and it is foldable for a storage solution.



  • No Bluetooth, ANT+ or wireless connectivity.
  • It does not include a water pump to help to pump water from the tank.

Additional info:

  • Dimensions: 81in x 23in x 41in.

Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine

The Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine is designed to provide a smooth feeling of rowing a boat in the water while exercising. The water tank within 16 hydro blades mimics the water’s dynamic movements while resistance levels are adjusted according to how fast or hard you pull the handlebars.

The R2 Fitness Meter digital monitor displays time, 500m time, strokes per minute, total strokes, calories burned, HR and ambient temperature. You can also connect a heart rate strap (not included) for precisely heart rate data.

Built on with a single-rail track, this machine features wide cushioned seats, non-slip foam handlebars, non-slip foot pedals with adjustable straps and transportation wheels, all for ergonomic comfort.

The floor stabilizers are designed to guarantee a steady workout in different surface areas, and you will have even more stability and safety using a rowing machine mat while working out.

Holding a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs, this machine is foldable for storage solution optimization.


  • Large water tank, including 16 hydro blades.
  • Large Digital Monitor displays a data track, with the option to connect with the heart rate strap.


  • Heart rate straps not included.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250lbs.

Additional info:

  • Dimensions: 80in x 22in x 34in.

JLL® Ventus 2 Air Resistance Home Rowing Machine

Built on an aluminum single slide rail, the JLL® Ventus 2 Air Resistance Home Rowing Machine, is designed with the Dual Resistance system, magnetic and air. The Magnetic system enables you to choose from one of the eight resistance adjustment levels. Meanwhile, the Air Resistance is adjusted by the intensity of your exercise, depending on how hard or fast you pull.

It is equipped with an 11-function LCD digital monitor, displaying time, total strokes, strokes per minute. The display unit can be adjusted in several angles for ergonomic comfort. A heart rate pulse band can be connected to the system.

This air resistance rowing machine is equipped with air vents to keep you cool during exercise. It also includes a tablet holder for convenience.

Some of the ergonomic features include non-slip handlebars, padded-foam large seats, and an adjustable foot platform with straps. The floor stabilizers allow the adjustment of the rear’s height, for a more stable workout.

Holding a maximum weight capacity of 265lbs, this air rowing machine is foldable for a secure storage solution. It also comes equipped with transportation wheels.


  • Dual Resistance System (Air and Magnetic).
  • Several ergonomic and safety features, including the rear height adjustment.


  • No Bluetooth or wireless connections available.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 265lbs.

Sportstech RSX500 Rowing Machine

The magnetic Sportstech RSX500 rowing machine is designed to offer rowing motion equipment within a smooth and quiet experience. With 16-level resistance adjustment, it provides higher endurance levels for advanced training. It also is equipped with a magnetic brake system and an extra-long padded rowing cord, ideal for taller users.

A 5.5” Digital Monitor helps you keep a track on fitness improvement, displaying SPM, distance, time, 500m time, pulse, heart rate, total strokes and calories burned. It also has a 12 preset training mode and 4X HRC mode for heart rate.

A smart training rowing machine option, with a wireless connection, includes the EHealth fitness App (to be downloaded in your device), integrated with the digital console, for workout optimization. It has an integrated tablet holder, USB charger, 5-user profiles and is pulse belt compatible.

Some of the ergonomic features are a comfort shaped seat with ball bearing on the aluminum rail, non-slip handlebars, non-slip footrests with adjustable straps and transportations wheels.

This equipment holds a maximum capacity of 265 lbs, and it is foldable for secure storage.


  • Large monitor and Fitness training program available.
  • Heart rate belt included.


  • Maximum weight capacity of 265lbs.
  • Not cushioned seat.

Additional info:

  • Dimensions: L 2015mm x W 570mm x H 830mm

Capital Sports Rowlympic Water Rowing Machine

The Capital Sports Rowlympic water rowing machine mimics the real feeling of rowing a boat on the water, due to the water flow in the tank while exercising. The adjustment is based on the tank’s water quantity, the more water you put more resistance you have and the power spent into each stroke.

A Digital Monitor displays speed, time, distance, calories burned and total count.

Accessories included are one water pump and hose, also one vial with lubricating fluid. Considered quiet equipment for rowing exercises, it comes with the height-adjustable rear for stability in uneven surfaces.

Ergonomic features include transportation wheels, non-slip handlebars and large footrests with adjustable straps.

Holding a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs, this machine is foldable for a vertical storage solution.


  • Maximum weight capacity of 330lbs.
  • Accessories included (water pump, hose and lubricating fluid).


  • Basic monitor tracking display. No Bluetooth or wireless connectivity.
  • Seat made of plastic material.

Additional info:

  • Dimensions: approx. 55 x 55 x 210 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions (set up): approx. 55 x 210 x 55 cm (WxHxD)

Skandika Nemo II Aqua Rower Liquid Rowing Machine

The Skandika Nemo II Aqua Rower rowing machine provides resistance through the water tank, with a triple blade impeller, including nine resistance levels to fill the tank. The power of your stroke motion will also adjust endurance.

A Digital Monitor tracks your performance, displaying distance, calories burned, time and total strokes.

Ergonomic features included transportation wheels, shoe size footrests adjustments with strap, non-slip handlebars and comfortable seats.

This machine also includes an extra-large aluminum rail, ideal for taller users.

Holding a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs, this equipment is foldable for storage optimization.


  • 9-level resistance water tank adjustment.
  • Extra-large aluminium rail, ideal for taller users.


  • The package does not include a water pump.
  • No Bluetooth or wireless connectivity.

Additional info:

  • Folded dimensions: 1195 x 505 x 1423 mm

XS Sports R310 Home Rowing Machine

The XS Sports R310 model is designed with a 10-level adjustment magnetic system, featuring a 4kg inner magnetic Flywheel, for better endurance results.

It is equipped with an LCD Monitor displaying calories burned, strokes per minute, total strokes, scan, and time.

Within non-slip handlebars, large footrests with adjustable straps, a large seat, comfortable large seats and transportation wheels, as ergonomic features.

Built on a single-slide rail, this model is foldable for vertical storage.

It holds a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs.


  • 10-level adjustment magnetic system.
  • Ergonomic features.


  • Maximum weight capacity of 220lbs
  • No Bluetooth or wireless connectivity.

Additional info:

  • Dimensions: 181 x 50 x 48cm (LxWxH)

Why Rowing Machines?

Home rowing exercises are great for several reasons. Not only does it provide a full-body workout, exercising 85% of the muscles in our body, but also, it increases strength and endurance.

Not only that, but indoor rowing exercises also help improve cardiovascular health, weight loss, burn calories, and it can work as a stress reliever. Causing less impact in the joints, this type of exercise can be done by pretty much anyone.

But what are the differences between Water rowings, Magnetic rowings and Flywheel (Air) rowings?

Water Rowing Machines

The best water rowing machines in the UK mimics the feeling of rowing a boat in the water, due to the water flow movement in the tank, it is considered less noise equipment when compared to other models.

Also, the resistance level adjustment, in most cases, is done by using a water pump to pump water in and out of the tank until the desired level.

Because of the water tanks’ size, this type of rowing machine usually takes a little more space than others.

Flywheel (Air) Rowing Machines

Air rowing machines operate with a flywheel to generate resistance. In some models, you have the option to set the tension level, with the resistance strength varying depending on how hard or fast you row.

However, some models do not have a tension level adjustment, which means, your workout will use only the air resistance work you put in, with the air flowing into the Flywheel.

The Air Rowing machines are considered to generate more noise if compared to other types. If this is a concern to you, look for models built-in with noise-minimizing materials (you can check the manufacturer’s product manual).

Magnetic Rowing Machines

Magnetic Rowing Machines use a magnetic resistance level adjustment system, meaning your exercise level can be set with the turn of a dial.

The resistance levels can vary from one model to another, with some machines offering up to 10-levels, while some other models offer up to 16-levels of endurance workout.

In general, good magnetic machine models are sturdy and made with high-quality aluminum, and require less effort to assemble (especially if compared to the water machine models).

Why wearing the right gear can improve performance

Wearing the right clothes and the right fabrics are essential for a good home rowing exercise session.

Not only will it make you feel more comfortable, but also, it will improve performance, gaining better results and maximise your indoor rowing exercise benefits.

We have listed here some of the pieces of clothes and accessories you should consider adding to your wardrobe to improve your performance while exercising with one of the best rowing machines in England.

Rowing gloves

Rowing gloves are an essential accessory to add to your wardrobe workout. Made with breathable quality materials, the gloves help hands not get moisture and sweaty while working out, avoiding losing grip of the handlebars.

It also prevents the friction created by the repeated movements between the hands and the bars, avoiding calluses and blisters to form on your hands, causing pain and compromising your performance.

Rowing shoes

Rowing shoes in the UK are an essential piece to add to your wardrobe workout. Rowing shoes are anatomically designed to support extra pressure (power) you put in your toe area, in each stroke movement.

Also, made with breathable and flexible materials, good rowing shoes will let the airflow in your foot, avoiding moisture from the sweaty body to accumulate and form odour or bacteria and fungus.

Overall, rowing shoes help increase your workout performance.

Rowing shirt and short

In general, workout clothes are designed to provide maximum comfort and absorb the sweat to higher fitness performance.

Rowing clothes are also essential to guarantee a better adherence in the rowing seat, avoiding moisture to form in the seat, turning it a slippery and unsafe exercise.

Rowing seat cushion

If your rowing machine does not have a cushioned seat, or even if it has but not the greatest one, consider buying a cushioned seat to add to your equipment.

It is useful not only for ergonomics and comfort but also, it will refrain moisture from forming in between your body and the seat, avoiding turning into a slippery area while you exercise.

How to make the most of your rowing machine?

Having better results with your rowing equipment does not rely only on the strain you put during a workout session. You have to keep your equipment well maintained.

Good rowing machines in the UK are designed to last a very long time, over ten years of use. Here are some tips for you to keep your equipment in good shape for longer:

  • Wipe the surfaces. Avoid dust or any other particles to go inside the equipment and damage the engine.
  • Keep the storage area clean.
  • Check the string regularly. It should move smoothly while you workout.
  • Lubricate the chain with mineral oil (check manufacturer recommendations).
  • Be aware of noises, inside the machine or while running the chain during the workout.

What do I need to know before buying my rowing machine in the UK?

Consider checking some of these aspects before buying your rowing machine in the United Kingdom, avoiding future problems and frustrations.

Sizes – Rowing machines in the UK can vary in sizes, so always check your space for placement, and the storage space too (in case you are using one).

Maximum weight capacity – Rowing machines can vary in holding weight capacity. We found models holding 220lbs to some that can hold up to 500lbs. If this is a concern, always check the product’s manual for correct specifications.

Endurance levels – Some rowing machines in the UK have athlete endurance levels for training, and some do not. Be aware of your needs and fitness goals, and check the product’s specifications.

Product warranty and policies – Buying directly from the manufacturer or a third-party seller, always check its warranty policies. If it is not available online or still have questions, message the seller before making your purchase.

Reviews – Always check the rowing machine reviews in the UK. Hear what other users experienced, including considerations about the product, manufacturers and sellers.

Final Verdict: What we think about the best rowing machines in the UK

The best rowing machines in the UK can vary in models, sizes, accessories offered and price.

One of the most significant differences we found is regarding the maximum weight capacity, varying from 220lbs in some cases to 500lbs in others.

Another considerable difference we noticed while reviewing home machines in the UK was the price. Several similar models are offering an array of prices to choose from. And some with great discounts too.

When comparing the LCD Digital Monitors, some offer basic tracking displays including distance, time, strokes, strokes per minute and calories burned. However, we found models offering Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity, pulse rate data and more.

When comparing ergonomic features, they have similar standards, although in some cases, seats are cushioned, padded or made in plastic. Also, footrests in some models are adjustable to shoe sizes; in other cases, they are large with the adjustable straps.

Do not forget the checklist we gave you. Consider all the aspects before choosing the best rowing machine in the UK to add to your home gym.

Also, consider adding the right gear while performing your home rowing exercise. It will help increase performance and have better results.

Overall, we can safely say that Rowing Machines in the United Kingdom are a great addition to your home gym. Not just because they are an excellent exercise, but also because they are fun!

What do you think?

Was this guide helpful to find the best home rowers in the UK? It is your turn to share your impressions with us.

Leave a comment below. We want to hear from you!

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