Best Exercise Bike in the UK Reviews + Comparisons

Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body. Committing to constant, high quality exercise and fitness routines means you’re committing to a healthy body, consistent exercise routine, and boosting your endorphins and serotonin levels regularly, meaning you’re bound to experience a healthier body and a happier mind with every workout. Working out can span many different intensities of exercise and should be able to adapt to your comfort and ability level, and there’s no better flexible and exciting workout machine than an exercise bike.

Exercise bikes come in many different sizes and shapes and cater to all kinds of exercise preferences and adaptations. From recumbent bikes to upright bikes, exercise bikes provide reliable cardio and full-body exercise that you can scale to your immediate comfort level whenever you’re ready. Every part of an exercise bike, from its flywheel design to its handlebar and monitor designs, is meant to completely add to your customization and workout experiences. There are many different exercise bike models available on the market, so take your time and review each of their benefits and comparisons carefully to make sure you’re truly selecting the best exercise bike in the UK.

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Best Exercise Bikes In The UK – Top Indoor Bikes Models + Comparison

Sportstech ES600 Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Bringing comfort and practicality to your reclined exercise experience, the Sportstech ES600 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a phenomenal exercise machine for controlled and gentle yet powerful fitness. Your premium partner for fitness and health, the Sportstech ES600 is aesthetically designed and smoothly operating, with a self-generating system that means you won’t need to rely on a power outlet to plug in your bike.

The ES600 boasts a self-generating system flywheel that weighs just 14 kilograms and includes a belt drive system with optimum power transmission. The flywheel offers a three piece bottom bracket and high-quality closed ball bearings that create a smooth, quiet, and low-maintenance driving mechanism so you can pedal in silence and comfort. Pick from one of sixteen steps of resistance or work with twelve pre-installed training programs to design your own preferred workout routine.

Tracking your workout is easier than ever with the digital console complete with user profiles, a USB charging outlet, and more. Your digital monitor is completely app compatible, meaning you can integrate Google Maps function and Kinomap function if you’re looking to elevate the quality of your workout even higher. Track your heart rate and other important workout feedback throughout your workout and follow along on your monitor to make instant adjustments to your routine as needed.

Your recumbent exercise bike is a solid machine, but it takes up a good deal of floor space. Recumbent exercise bikes take up more floor space than general because they sit in a reclined position that reduces stress on your joints. However, even sitting you can still benefit from an effective and stamina-boosting cardiovascular workout. Perfect for rehabilitating athletes, older adults looking for a gentle workout routine, or anyone wanting casual and simple exercise, the ES600 is the perfect recumbent exercise bike for you.

Conclusion: This flexible and ergonomic recumbent exercise bike would be a great selection for anyone looking for powerful exercise that’s still gentle on the body. A clearly arranged multifunctional console provides key information and Bluetooth connectivity that sets up your device anywhere. Electricity free and built to be user-friendly, intuitive, and convenient, the Sportstech ES600 Recumbent Bike is the best recumbent exercise bike on the market for its affordable price point (659 pounds!) and features.

Pros: Bluetooth connectivity, pre-programmed workouts, sixteen resistance levels, Kinomap app compatibility, electricity-free
Cons: Takes up a bit of floor space

Sportstech ESX500 Upright Exercise Bike

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As a sleek and upright exercise bike, the Sportstech ESX500 is a sleekly designed home fitness machine that provides powerful exercise options with a whisper quiet flywheel and belt drive, so you can workout any time, anywhere without worrying about waking up or disturbing others in your home. A soft transmission belt drive system provides maintenance-free, quiet exercise, absorbing excess vibrations and making your workout practical, quiet, and convenient for you and your household.

The ESX500 is powered by a handy 12 kilogram flywheel that provides optimum power transmission. Designed with a three-part bottom bracket and high-quality sealed ball bearings to ensure quiet durability, your flywheel turns powerfully and softly with every spin. A built in magnetic brake system controls the speed and motion of your flywheel, and you can preselect from sixteen computer-controlled resistance levels to help you pick the perfect workout.

Your ESX500 also comes with twelve preinstalled training programs, so you can choose from one of these and get started right away on improving your fitness. Track your performance with ease thanks to the five inch digital monitor and follow along with statistics such as heart rate, pulse, watt training, speed, distance, and more. You can also connect your monitor to smart devices thanks to the bike’s Bluetooth connectivity, making it a great choice for the fitness tech savvy.

The ESX500 is one of the best exercise bikes to lose weight on because you can sync up with video events, coaching, and multi-user mode thanks to KINOMAP technology and Next Generation training. Experience home fitness in a new and innovative method with Kinomap subscriptions and follow along to pre-programmed workouts designed by personal fitness trainers and experts and set it up on your personal device or right on the digital media monitor.

Conclusion: This upright exercise bike is tech-savvy, user-friendly, and low maintenance, making it the perfect bike for anyone looking for simple fitness training and weight management from the comfort of their own home. Kinomap compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, and computer-controlled resistance flexibility make this bike a great selection for the tech-savvy and help you maximize the benefits of your bike while still getting a good workout in.

Pros: Bluetooth connectivity, pre-programmed workouts, sixteen resistance levels, Kinomap app compatibility
Cons: Non-adjustable handlebars, no water bottle holder for convenient hydration access

Sportstech SX600 Spinning Exercise Bike

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Designed for speed, flexibility, and maximum spin efficiency, the Sportstech SX600 Spinning Exercise Bike is a top-quality German designed spin bike that provides powerful spin exercise no matter what your experience level is with spinning. Featuring all the best modern technology of the spin world, including a heavy flywheel, low-maintenance belt drive system, SPD click systems, and electric magnetic brake systems, the Sportstech SX600 Spinning Exercise Bike is the perfect modern spinning exercise bike.

Designed to facilitate easy and user-friendly spin workouts from home, the Sportstech SX600 bike provides practical comfort and functionality while challenging your fitness ability and building your stamina and overall cardiovascular strength on one of the best value exercise bikes out there. A 26 kilogram flywheel forces you to pedal hard and tone and train your lower body, while a smooth belt transmission system keeps your pedalling quiet and your ride smooth and soft and universal, SPD pedals click into your shoes for safe pedalling.

Customize your workout depending on your complete workout needs by choosing from one of 32 predetermined resistance levels managed through an electric braking system that’s also computer-controlled. No more manually adjusting each of your resistance levels; your digital monitor takes care of it automatically, making your workout simple and adjustable to your own needs. Customize your workout by following along with the feedback tracked on your digital monitor, including time, speed, distance, and pulse rate, and take it a step further with Kinomap.

Kinomap technology helps you elevate your training capabilities by picking from preprogrammed workout functions or following along with all kinds of live and recorded workout tracks. Also compatible with Fitshow, your SX600 bike helps you synchronize your tracking details easily alongside their Bluetooth connectivity. Your bike is designed to work with you in every way, from its compact size to its tech savvy functions, making it a great modern spin exercise bike.

Conclusion: The SX600 is one of the best spinning exercise bikes in the UK. Because of its multifunctional technology components, computer-controlled extensive 32 level resistance system, and smooth pedalling drive system, this is one of the best designed upright exercise bikes around. Low-maintenance, affordable, and completely user-friendly to set up and use (as well as highly adjustable in the handlebars and saddle), the SX600 is one of the top rated exercise bikes and a consistent top choice for users.

Pros: Bluetooth connectivity, pre-programmed workouts, 32 resistance levels, Kinomap app compatibility, spin flywheel with smooth transmission belt, included pulse belt
Cons: Heavier machine, slightly higher price point

We R Sports Assault Air Exercise Bike

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Competition ready and designed with durable and innovative air resistance, the We R Sports Assault air exercise bike is another top innovation in the world of indoor fitness bikes. These dual-action upper and lower body mechanisms make the We R Sports Assault an innovative new air exercise bike in the UK that’s multifunction and the perfect full-body training tool. Rubber dipped handles allow you to pull or row as you pedal, similar to how you might pull an elliptical handle, and tone and train your upper body in addition to your lower.

The heavier base provides thorough support while you work all parts of your body. The heavy duty 24” fan flywheel provides air resistance that naturally slows and adds resistance into your workout. The harder you pedal, the more resistance builds, so your resistance adjusts intuitively to your pedaling speeds and needs. A sealed cartridge bottom bracket keeps your fan flywheel firmly set together and creates a comfortable riding experience on one of the best indoor exercise bikes.

Track your workout progress easily with a digital console program that tracks distance, speed, pace, calories burned, watts, and heart rate. With programmable interval functions that can track both work and rest programs, you can design the perfect workout based on your workout needs. Set distance and time tracking and select your own measurement to track your progress in. A unique Champion setting allows you to record only your best results and compare it with others, making it a valuable tool for motivating your fitness growth.

Your bike pedals softly and efficiently thanks to the steel fan wheel transmission system and belt driving system. Your belt keeps your transmission drive feeling soft and functional without requiring a ton of maintenance. Full commercial grade pedals are equipped that fit many modern fitness shoes but not cycling cleats. The padded and adjustable saddle means you can shape your seat alignment to what feels most comfortable for you, and the saddle is even extra padded for additional support. The multi grip handlebar makes upper-body rowing simple and fun, adding to the overall Air Assault experience.

Conclusion: The We R Sports Assault air bike is an innovative new take on indoor exercise fitness and one of the best stationary exercise bikes in the UK. Fan flywheels are not often associated with spin bikes, but the We R Sports bike makes it intuitive and a simple fit into the indoor exercise experience. Buildable resistance and upper body functionality mean you truly are experiencing a full-body workout on this bike, and the additional support through your digital console makes your bike easy to use and your data easy to record and store.

Pros: Ability to preprogram workouts, buildable resistance level, upper body workout functionality, heart rate tracking
Cons: Takes up a bit of floor space, no directly adjustable resistance levels, no Bluetooth tracking, no SPD functionality

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Leg and Arm Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Exercise bikes don’t have to just be about lower body exercise- the best exercise bikes manage to combine both elements for a truly inclusive upper and lower body experience. Versatile, reliable, and ergonomic, the Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic bike allows you to keep your workouts on track with adjustable and versatile functionality that’s customizable and personalizable to your own needs.

Your bike features a simple step-through design that allows easy access for quick seating and use of your recumbent exercise bike. Your step through design helps you easily situate in your bike without having to maneuver onto it, making this bike great for older athletes or people with lower body issues who need a more open design in order to sit comfortably onto your bike. Patented easy set adjustments make it simple to move your seat forward and backward until you have the ideal seat arrangement you’re looking for.

The adjustable resistance on your Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic exerciser is also a great add-on to the recumbent bike. Switch up the intensity of your workout with a conveniently included tension knob. With just the simple twist of a knob, you can increase or decrease your resistance so your workout stays challenging and functional based on your workout ability and needs and adapting to multiple users’ skill levels.

You can track your workout progress easily with the included technological digital monitor. The digital monitor display allowed time, count, total count, calories, and count per minute, including eight levels of magnetic tension that you can control through your resistance knob. Pulse grips fit onto the handlebars easily to allow you to track your own heart rate and while you spin your arms on the arm exerciser you can track your own heart rate at the same time.

Conclusion: As one of the most affordable recumbent arm and leg exercisers on the market, the Sunny Health & Fitness machine is a flexible and versatile piece of fitness equipment for your home. With a high weight capacity and a low overall purchase price, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with this bike. Adjustable magnetic tension and built-in upper body support make this bike stand out and is perfect for bikes on a budget or full-body rehabilitation plans that need gentle, low-impact exercise.

Pros: Adjustable resistance levels, arm exerciser, affordable price, adjustable seat
Cons: Takes up a bit of floor space, basic resistance adjustment, basic digital monitor, No Bluetooth connectivity, no SPD pedals

Exerpeutic Exerwork Desk Folding Exercise Bike

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Through innovative design and compact, portable storage, the Exerpeutic Exerwork bike is easily one of the best folding exercise bikes in Britain and the best overall foldable recumbent exercise bike. The large, fully adjustable sliding desktop on the bike still folds up neatly for storage along with the bike, condensing to a folded and portable storage option that tucks neatly into a closet or corner until you’re ready to use it again.

The patented XBike Desk and Exercise semi-recumbent bicycle is a great option for at-home employees or people who need to bring a little bit of exercise into their office. Designed for maximum comfort, the bike features a large AirSoft seat with extra comfort that’s completely adjustable to fit a wide range of height in its users and a heavy weight capacity of 136 kg. The desk top slides forward and backward, so you can use it as a standing or sitting desk as well as tilting it to meet your height needs.

Your bike is completely adjustable to your personal exercise needs. With an eight level magnetic tension control system, you can adjust the tension level of your workout easily and from home whenever you want, making your workout easier or harder. With a state of the art transmission system, your bike pedals smoothly and quietly so you can pedal while you’re on a work call or completing other desk tasks. The three piece torque crank system and heart pulse monitoring also makes your bike easy to use and your workouts simple to track.

A simple LCD computer underneath your desktop also indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, odometer, scan, and heart rate and is battery powered. Your entire bike is electricity free so you can set it up anywhere, and your resistance controls through a tension knob to help make adjustments intuitive and easy to access. With quiet operation and a simple crank system, this is a great work bike that’s simple and fun to set up and use.

Conclusion: For the work-focused individual, the Exerpeutic Exerwork folding exercise bike is the perfect office tool for your personal health and fitness. The Exerpeutic Exerwork bike’s adjustable desktop and flexible standing or sitting position allows you to use it anywhere and combine business and personal fitness at the same time. Battery-powered and free from electronic reliability, the Exerpeutic provides solid resistance and reliable exercise at an affordable and business-friendly price.

Pros: Eight resistance levels, flexible desktop space, LCD monitor, foldable recumbent bike
Cons: Small flywheel, limited resistance options, no pre-programmed workout options

Yo-Yo Desk Exercise Bike

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This award-winning exercise bike promises continual solutions to your health and productivity problems by creating the perfect work while you work-out exercise bike. As the best sit down exercise bike and home exercise bike, you can put this bike anywhere and get valuable work done while you pedal away for a healthy approach to office time. Convert passive time into active time by hopping on for a pedal during meetings, emails, or conferences while working in perfect ergonomic comfort.

Smooth and silent pedalling allows you to work out quietly and without distraction, so it’s easy to get on for a quick workout and then hop off whenever you’re ready for a break. The smooth transmission belt allows for almost silent pedalling, so you won’t have to worry about background noise while you ride. Adjusting your bike to fit your size needs is simple too, because you can just press a lever without leaving the bike to adjust your seat height as well.

The built in desk top moves easily forward, backwards, up, or down for total ergonomic comfort. Your desktop is perfectly accessible so you can read a book, join a conference call, or work on your laptop or desktop without feeling crowded or struggling to balance your work across the top. Silent motion technology keeps you focused and not a distraction, while you can also preselect from eight magnetic resistance tension levels that are battery operated so your bike is independent from the console.

Burn calories while working in moments thanks to this revolutionary design that’s soft, intuitive, and office friendly. With excellent cushioned and padded seat design that’s cushioned for the ultimate comfort, you can adjust to find the perfect height for your exercise bike that works for your body size and shape. The bike itself is also very mobile, so it’s easy to move from place to place depending on when and where you want to work out that day. For ergonomic and productive comfort, you can’t do better than the Yo-Yo Desk Bike.

Conclusion: Efficient, affordable, and ergonomic, the Yo-Yo Desk bike is the must-have office efficiency bike for workers who need to fit in gym time but can’t leave the office during lunch. Having this in your home or corporate office means that you can make time for yourself any time of the day. Regular exercise has constant and proven benefits on our work lives and productivity, so the more you can commit to exercise through this handy Yo-Yo bike, the better off you’ll be.

Pros: Adjustable desk height, adjustable saddle height, padded saddle, quiet silent motion resistance
Cons: No pre-programmed workout, no Bluetooth connectivity, basic monitor function.

A Buying Guide to Exercise Bikes

Spin Bikes

When you’re looking for a spin bike, you’re going to want to prioritize speed, fluidity, and adjustments to help make sure your bike fits comfortably to you. Magnetic resistance is the golden standard of spin bike reliability, so if you can select a flywheel that’s powered entirely by magnetic force. You’re also going to want a good monitor set up. Bluetooth is ideal, and a backlit monitor that tracks both speed and RPM tracking will help you keep track of your workout progress. Streamline your pedalling functionality with SPD pedals to make spin work efficient and multipurpose for yourself, and of course fore/aft and up/down adjustable handlebars to help you work out both standing and sitting with maximum comfort.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Seated recumbent exercise bikes will need flexibility and accessible controls all from your relaxed seated position. Make sure your bike has accessible controls on the handlebars so that you’re not constantly leaning forward and adjusting your position just so you can change the d backlit digital monitor. Pre-set programs are a big plus here so that you can just lock into a routine and go, as are Bluetooth capabilities so you can track and control your workout from your phone as well.

Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright stationary bikes or exercise bikes should be totally personalizable to your needs. Look for fore/aft and up/down handlebar and saddle adjustments so that your bike fits your preferred standing position perfectly, as well as an extremely cushioned seat to make your bike ride comfortable over a long period of time. You’re also going to want a backlit monitor with Bluetooth so that your workouts sync exactly to your phone and you can see your workouts clearly whenever you hop on for a ride. Pre-set programs are the other major plus; having them in place will help you pick out the perfect workout set for your needs.

Air Exercise Bikes

Air exercise bikes need to be stable and sturdy so that the force you generate by the fan flywheel doesn’t destabilize your ride. You’re going to want a great digital monitor, preferably backlist for clear reading, and where you can track your progress immediately so you know if you need to crank up the pedal speed and up your intensity. Pre-programmed workouts will also help you know when to pedal faster or harder and help you get to a good heart rate, and distance and time programs also let you tap into a tracking time to pace yourself. An additional foot peg to rest your feet on while you do targeted arm exercises is also a convenient and handy feature.

Full Leg and Arm Exerciser Recumbent Bikes

The biggest thing to look for in leg and arm recumbent bikes is independent or separately adjustable arm and leg resistance. Being able to work out parts of the body separately and together as well as change the level of resistance to whatever’s appropriate for that particular group of muscles is extremely important when it comes to mastering your workout routine. You’re also going to want a comfortable seat to pad your body while you work.

Folding Exercise Bikes

With folding exercise bikes, you’re going to want to lean towards a two in one design that can fluctuate between upright or recumbent bikes. A device holder is going to be a handy feature to have as well so you can watch exercise training videos or other entertainment while you ride. However you use the bike, whether fold or seated, you’re going to want resistance bands to help train your upper body and add in that extra layer of functionality.

Desk Bikes

Desk bikes are meant to be the perfect balance between functional and productive, so you’re going to need both functions to work equally well. Larger desks that can adjust fore/aft and up and down are a great start, as are an adjustable seat that positions itself around your larger desk. A cup holder built into the desk or bike is a great comfort feature that helps you hold water near by while you ride, and a performance monitor is a must so you can track your progress even as you ride and work.

The Final Verdict

All of these stationary exercise bikes and bike types are some of the best rated exercise bikes in the U.K. They each work well for different kinds of athletes, whether you’re an elite, well-trained spin cyclist or someone looking to add a little more movement into your workday, there’s bound to be a stationary bike for you in this collection of indoor exercise bikes. If we had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the Sportstech SX600. With all the indoor functionality of an outdoor bike on an indoor stationary model, a wide range of resistance levels, and full Bluetooth streaming and app compatibility, this is a top-of-the-line indoor stationary model that provides full-body fitness and powerful exercise for every age.

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